‘Taking Vaccination is Entirely VOLUNTARY & Should Not be FORCED on People- Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya

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‘Taking Vaccination is Entirely VOLUNTARY & Should Not be FORCED on People. Stop Criminalising the Unvaccinated- Mangaluru’s Renowned Physician Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya

Mangaluru: Following the orders by Dakshina Kannada Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra and Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner Akshy Sridhar that people entering theatres, and malls should carry documents proving that they have been vaccinated, and if found that they haven’t been vaccinated action will be taken, and in response to that Mangaluru-based renowned physician Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya has questioned Dakshina Kannada District Administration and Mangaluru City Corporation’s (MCC) rules for entry into public places like theatres and malls, and directions to college authorities to identify unvaccinated students.

Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya

Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya, while pointing out that the Union ministry of health and family welfare had made vaccination entirely voluntary, said a person’s healthcare choice should not lead to criminalisation or ostracisation. He further said , “Orders like these, which contravene state and central government directions, may lead to a situation where an infected person will only have to stay in quarantine for a fortnight, while an unvaccinated person may be ostracised by society for months”.

In a letter to the DK Deputy Commissioner and MCC Commissioner, Dr Kakkillaya said there are many reasons for a person not taking the shot — ranging from Covid infection, which prevents one from taking the dose for three months, besides other diseases and being ineligible due to age. With experts saying the country is unlikely to see another wave as devastating as the second one, this order is unwarranted and should be withdrawn, the doctor said.

Quoting an October 13 order from the DK Deputy Commissioner and the October 22 from MCC, he said these were not in line with the Centre’s directive. He said no residential society office bearer has the right to demand the vaccination status of an individual as it violates individual freedom. “This may lead to altercation and threats,” he said. Pointing out that this is not the first nor the last time people are being vaccinated, Dr Kakkilaya said the government should spread awareness and get people to take the vaccine voluntarily instead of threatening them.

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