Taxpayers Money Spent on Free Vax Ads, but Many People are NOT Getting Vaccinations

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Taxpayers Money Spent on Free Vax Ads, but Many People are NOT Getting Vaccinations

  • Taxpayers Money Spent on Free Vax Ads, like Full Page Newspaper Ads, Hoardings, Banners and other Publicity Materials, but People are Going Back with No Vaccination. Also, many opposition party leaders and activists have questioned that When People Die of Covid due to Lack of facilities, like Oxygen Concentrators, ICU Beds, Medicines, Covid Kits Etc, PM’s Photo Should be on the DEATH Certificate and NOT ONLY on FREE VACCINATION Certificate! If the Prime Minister wants to take credit for vaccination then he should also take responsibility for COVID fatalities? said an NCP leader. It’s peoples’ money that is being used for Free Vaccination and not the Union Government’s money, in order to boast and incorporate the PM’s photo on the Vaccination Certificate.

Mangaluru: A few days back, you might have seen CM Yediyurappa’s government had once again spent BIG money of taxpayers on front-page advertisements in leading newspapers, boasting about PM Narendra Modi’s “VACCINE FOR ALL-FREE FOR ALL”, as the World’s Largest Free Vaccination Campaign. The ad further said ‘ Corona Will Lose, India Will Win!, and Free Covid-19 vaccination for everyone above 18 years of age begins in India; So far, vaccines were free for people of 45 years age and above; Vaccines will be available free of cost in government-run vaccination centres. Together Let Us Defeat Covid-19. Get Yourself Vaccinated As Per Your Turn”.

The advertisement had further said, “Government of India is providing free vaccines to all states; Central government has provided 30 crore vaccine doses so far; Three vaccines approved in India so far, several new vaccines in the approval process. Get Vaccinated, Stay Safe. Vaccines are Safe, Ignore Rumours. Follow Covid-19 appropriate behaviour even after vaccination. It also carried a message from PM Narendra Modi stating, “The Central government is beginning the ‘Free Vaccination For all’ campaign for every Indian. The biggest beneficiary of this phase of India’s vaccination drive shall be the poor, the middle class and the youth of the Country. All of us should pledge to get ourselves vaccinated. Together we will defeat COVID-19”.

Well said by PM Modi and his Government in providing Free Vaccinations to the entire people of India, however, many people who had gone to various government-run PHC’s and Hospitals, including Wenlock Hospital faced hardships staying in the queue and then not getting vaccinated. They have even complained about the arrangements made and also not following any Covid-19 guidelines, including Social Distance. Even partiality and games were played by the health care fraternity at the vaccination centres, including Wenlock Hospital.

Why Do We Need Two Same Kinds of Hoardings with the Same Message Side By Side? After all, Whose Money?

Even during a press meet, Former MLC Ivan D’souza had said, “There are a bunch of hoardings, banners and even front-page advertisements in newspapers saying that vaccination will be given free to everyone. Unfortunately, private hospitals are charging enormous rates between Rs 750 to over Rs 1000, depending on the vaccination brand. In this regard, I want a genuine answer from MP Nalin Kumar Kateel and MLA Vedavyas Kamath about whether the vaccination is for the rich or poor. Why can’t the District administration take necessary steps in providing free vaccination for all, and not sell it for money since it is a life-saving drug? Therefore, each and everyone should get vaccinated free of cost, and that trading should not be done in the name of vaccination. This vaccination campaign by the Modi government is nothing but a lie, and fooling people”.

Subhash from Gandhinagar, Lady Hill in the City in his communication with Team Mangalorean regarding Non-Availability of FREE Covid vaccine in Govt DHO’s and in Cowin App said, “PM Modi proudly announced the FREE covid vaccine to ALL, but the public is still struggling to get their free doses in the Government Arogya Kendra. But surprisingly all Private hospitals are busy providing the vaccine with a paid amount? The vaccination scheduling app Cowin shows only the availability for the Private hospitals on payment. Cowin App is not updated by the Govt Health authority for the free vax. Thanks to the nexus between Private agencies and Government officials with the blessings of so-called responsible elected representatives”.

“On one hand the Government says scheduling in Cowin is not compulsory. Meanwhile, Private hospitals have hijacked this conveniently. Why are Government hospitals not displaying the availability of free vaccines, so that the Public can check & schedule as per their convenience before visiting the centre? If you believe the newspapers, all the health centres are busy providing the vaccination to the public, but in reality, we see NO vaccine board. Now the question arises, how come Private hospitals are getting the vaccines? Where is the Government quota of vaccines? Obviously, I can smell some shady acts at some level”, added Shubhash.

36-year-old Joanne from Mannagudda in the City said, “Even though I had taken my first dose of the vaccine at KMC, Mangaluru paying nearly Rs 1250 for Covaxin, but when the Free vaccination at government-run hospitals and PHC’s was advertised by the Union government I went to Government Wenlock hospital, for vaccination, and unfortunately was sent back twice-once since they were vaccinating people over 45 plus only, and the second time they were out of stock. The third time I was lucky to get the vax, after staying in the queue from 9 am until 3 pm. I also noticed the hospital staff allowing a group that arrived from the district commissioner’s office to get in and get their Vax, while we were made to stand in the queue. This is total discrimination, and games played by the hospital authorities giving preference to their known persons or government employees. Are we not tax-paying citizens? The arrangements at the hospital for vax was terrible, with everyone flouting the Covid-19 guidelines, including social distance. If they are advertising spending our money on the publicity of this free vaccine campaign, they should also see that the vaccine is available under proper arrangements”.

Naresh K from Jeppu said, “I was made to visit Wenlock hospital three times, since every time I went they had their reasons, like no stock, today vaccination is only for people over 45 plus, etc, and me being only 28 years old, was not taken care of well. I could have gotten both my vaccinations at private hospitals, but with no income due to job loss, I couldn’t afford to pay for vax at private hospitals. Finally, on the fourth attempt, I got my vax at Wenlock hospital after a bunch of hassles and arguments with the hospital staff. That’s the beauty of government-run health care facilities. Anyways, thanks to PM Modi for the free vax?”

Picture For Illustration Only

And regarding including PM Modi’s photo in the Vaccination Certificate many opposition party leaders and activists have raised their voices on that matter. Former CM and Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) chief Jitan Ram Manjhi has questioned the use of PM Narendra Modi’s photograph on the Covid vaccination certificate. In his tweet, he wrote, “If one is so fond of having his photograph on the vax certificate, then the photo should also be carried on the death certificate of people who died of Covid. This will be justifiable.” Meanwhile, BJP spokesman and former MLA Prem Ranjan Patel said he did not have anything to say on the observation made by Manjhi. However, he said those who are objecting to the photograph of the PM on the certificates should “improve their knowledge”.

The much-castigated decision to print the photos and a message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on crores of Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates was taken by the Government of India. A Pune-based activist Prafful Sarda had filed a RTI query in May 2021 seeking details and circumstances that culminated in the PM’s photo plus message figuring on all the privileged, but provisional, Covid Vaccination Certificates (CVC), issued in the name of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW).

“Since India is the only country in the world currently known to print its PM’s photos on the CVCs, there must have been a due procedure followed, a proposal by some authority, its approval by an authorized panel, and other subsequent norms, before it was cleared. Who were the individuals/authorities in the huge ‘Government of India’ behind this crucial decision remains in the dark,” Sarda pointed out. The MOHFW’s CVCs have a printed strip with Modi’s photo, along with slogans in English and Hindi – “Together We Will Defeat Covid-19” and “Medicines As Well As Rigour” (Davai Bhi Aur Kadai Bhi”), with the National Emblem of the Lion Capital of India at the top, left.

Sarda said that as per the RTI reply, if the “due procedure” was indeed followed, then, were there any other alternatives suggested, “like the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhiji, Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan who is a renowned Otorhinolaryngologist and currently WHO Executive Board Chairman, or the two Vaccine developers, Bharat Biotech International Ltd Chairman Krishna Ella and Serum Institute of India CEO Adar C Poonawalla, or a completely neutral one like the Indian Tricolour, etc”.

In the past few months, all major Indian Opposition parties have severely slammed the move to affix the PM’s photos on CVCs as “a publicity stunt” while West Bengal is now issuing the CVCs to those given the jabs with the picture of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee! Meanwhile, slamming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the rising number of Covid cases and deaths across the country, Maharashtra Minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik on Saturday said that if the vaccination certificates carry Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo, then the death certificates of the COVID victims should also carry his image. He further stated that if the Prime Minister wants to take credit for vaccination then he should also take responsibility for COVID fatalities.

“The way PM Modi’s photo is put on vaccination certificates, we demand that PM’s photo should be put on death certificates also. If they are taking credit for COVID19 vaccination, then, they will have to take responsibility for deaths too,” the NCP leader said to the media. “As the number of COVID cases are rising in the country, the number of deaths are also increasing on a large scale. The way videos are going viral that funeral sites are running out of space to accommodate the dead, and people are in queues. The Centre is answerable for the present situation arising due to the circumstances and it cannot run away from answering it,” Malik added.

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