Team Mangalorean Makes Antony Waste Remove Carcass of Dead Stray Dog near Kadri Park

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Team Mangalorean Makes Antony Waste Worker Remove Carcass of Dead Stray Dog which was lying for Days near Kadri Park. Thanks to a group of morning walkers, I would call them as Good Samaritans namely- Dr Sachidananda Rai, Deepak Hegde, Dr Rajesh, Sanmath Melanta and Aravind Shetty who called Team Mangalorean to do the needful

Mangaluru: The life of stray dogs is miserable when they are ill-treated and harmed, and when they die, they are totally ignored and left to rot, which is nothing but CRUEL. On the other hand, when a homeless person or a beggar dies on the street or at a bus shelter, help comes soon to transport the body to the District Wenlock hospital, followed by funeral arrangements. Unfortunately, when a stray animal/dog dies people turn a blind eye towards it, allowing the dead animal to rot for days, and only after people can’t bear the stink, do they call the concerned officials to do the needful. One should know that even animals are like humans, and they too, have the right to live without pain.

If you have noticed when you enter the Kadri Park you will be greeted by a few friendly stray dogs, who look for some love and care from their human friends-after all it is said, “A Dog is a man’s Best friend”. But sadly, one of the furry friends of this group of stray dogs wandering in that vicinity had died a few days back and since no one cared to call or make arrangements to remove the dead dog lying on the footpath in front of the Park, it resulted in rotting and emanating bad smell, but still, every walker who passed by it had turned a blind eye or totally ignored it, until a group of walkers this morning who found pity called Yours Truly, and explained the situation.

This group of morning walkers, I would call them Good Samaritans namely- Dr Sachidananda Rai, Deepak Hegde, Dr Rajesh, Sanmath Melanta and Aravind Shetty after seeing the bloated body of the stray dog called Yours Truly and do the needful. Usually, this group walks on the other stretch of the Kadri Park, but since they had taken their walk on the footpath close to the Park, noticed the stinking body of the dog and quickly did the needful. Just imagine how many walkers might have passed by the dead stray dog for days, and did nothing? Bah humbug! My sincere thanks to Dr Sachi and his “Walkomaniacs” team for alerting Team Mangalorean, and a difference was made.

It was very saddening to note that a carcass of a dead dog was left there unattended for days. After Yours Truly reached the spot near the left side entrance of Kadri Park gate, and while clicking a few photos of the carcass, noticed an Antony Waste Handling Co truck passing by. Yelling out loud at my voice at the truck driver, made him stop and requested the workers to remove the carcass, but they came out with unwanted excuses. Not listening to any of their excuses, I forced them that they should take the carcass away, or notice their photographs on our web for not doing the job which they are supposed to do. With much fuss, a lady worker was kind enough to oblige, and removed the carcass and placed it in the bag and haul it away. Sad but that’s the life of a Stray Dog. Rest in Peace Buddy!

It’s sad to note many stray dogs die of starvation or cruelty to them. Even though cruelty against animals is a cognizable offence under Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian penal code, hardly anyone cares about it, when we have corrupt officials in the concerned departments. There is an urgent need to implement effectively the laws made for the protection of animals. Food and shelter should be provided to street dogs by government shelters and registered firms and NGOs to assure their safety, with a few animal activists/lovers at the helm. There is also a need to have stricter laws for the protection of animals. Apart from adults, the seed of kindness in students should be sown right from childhood as it is crucial to imbibe the quality in them.

If everyone starts to look at animals and not just dogs and cats as fellow animals, who share our planet, we will see far fewer cases of deaths or cruelty towards animals. Organisations such as the SPCA and PETA, which are working for animal rights, can achieve a lot if they receive help from local organisations and the public in general. There are rules and laws against the ill-treatment of animals that are rarely followed. We all need to develop an emotional attitude towards animals and try to instil the same in the coming generations to safeguard the lives of the animals, which are an important part of our ecosystem.

No animal attacks without reason. To understand the nature and behaviour of animals, one can observe them by adopting pets. Even if one feeds stray animals on a regular basis, the strays become loyal to that individual. The fact that animals cannot speak the language humans don’t understand should be taken into consideration before torturing or abusing them. Humans are the ones who need to understand the meaning of humanity and treat animals with respect. Animals roaming on the streets are a common sight. Humans have to understand that animals are also living creatures and we have no right to ill-treat them in any manner. Why is it that stray dogs seem untidy to us and we feel disgusted towards them, but pets are treated special? This difference has been created by humans and thus becomes their responsibility to educate their kids about the same. Children should be taught to respect animals right from their young days.

Animals are living creatures as well and should not be treated less than humans. Every year, many animals suffer violence and die at the hands of humans. Necessary steps need to be taken for the protection of animals. People, who own pets, should be responsible for the needs of their pets, else not adopt one. Any form of cruelty against animals, if and when witnessed, should be reported to the police or concerned authorities immediately. Parents must educate children to respect animals and treat them with kindness. There is also an urgent need to make strict laws against cruelty to animals at the hands of humans. If you see an animal in need, or dead call the animal care helpline or Animal Care Trust.


It’s nice to note that the Kadri Park vicinity is getting a face-lift by Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) by giving it an extreme makeover and making it a state-of-the-art venue. But unfortunately, if you happen to take a walk or drive by in front of the Kadri Park, you will be surprised, as to how MSCL could totally ignore an upcoming project in such a manner. There is garbage scattered all over the footpath area and other places. Brand new footpaths have been encroached by street vendors, and when they are done with their sales for the day, leave back a bunch of garbage- which if not cleared by Antony Waste Handling Co daily, will create a pile of waste.

Is this what we call the Smart City Development Project, which has turned into shambles at the moment even before the project is completed. You see more structures/stalls/buildings etc than some of the really needed Greenery or Eco-Friendly atmosphere. Street vendors’ stalls are taking away the beauty of the Park, and our officials give a damn about it. And we call this City a SMART CITY. Really?

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Shashidhar Pai Maroor, the President of Kanara Chamber of Commerce & Industry after his morning walk said, “Since the last few days, the whole area is scattered with garbage, which gives a bad look to this upcoming Kadri Park Development. The footpaths are encroached by street vendors, making pedestrians/walkers use the streets. Has anyone from MSCL or MCC noticed it, or just ignored it. Even the inside of Kadri Park needs some attention and development. We are looking for an Eco-Friendly Kadri Park, and not the other way around”.

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