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Team Mangalorean Recognized during Majorda Carnival Blast-Goa

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Team Mangalorean Recognized during Majorda Carnival Blast-Goa

Yours truly, as part of Team Mangalorean was simply overwhelmed with joy when the compere Nelwyn during the second day of the “Majorda Carnival Blast 2017”-Goa, made a surprise announcement thanking Mangalorean.com for being kind enough to join in the celebrations and also for covering the event on our website. That was indeed a kind gesture of the organizers to recognize the contribution by Team Mangalorean, which we don’t find it often in Mangaluru, where the media are simply forgotten by the organizers once the event is over. For that matter, Goans are always grateful, friendly and fun-loving people-period! To the compere, Nelwyn and the friendly members of St Sebastian Youth organization a big thank you- your heartfelt appreciation and kind words of wisdom of our presence at the event meant a lot to us.

With the BJP government ruling Goa, implementing all the restrictions on night time celebrations, the fun and frolic loving people of Goa and also other revelers from outside Goa had less choice to celebrate the Goa Carnival fever late in the evening, since there were hardly any Carnival dances/live bands. But luckily we had only one option to celebrate the late evening Carnival spirit at the “15th Carnival Blast 2K17′ organized by St Sebastian Youth Organization at Musson Ground, in the picturesque village of Majorda-Goa. On 26th February, the event comprised of Jonhhy B Gud with Bushka – Goan Enchanters, Dj Ryan Nogar + Dj Navin and Premium Set Players.

“The Syndicate” Band

27th February is the day we all had fun, joined by many other Mangaloreans- Joined in the Team Mangaloren group were Terrence D’Souza, Naresh, Ajith, Mahaveer, Loy D’Souza, Anil Lobo, Jossie Rego, Suresh, Suzie, Sharon, Marian, Loy Roche, Sajith, Nelson and others. Dj Shania Tashya, and Goa’s two bands- The Syndicate and Forefront enthralled the crowd with their superb live performances. Thanks to the St Sebastian Youth boys for making it happen, and make our night out a special one! On 28th February Dj Shania Tashya and Goa’s Band Frontline were the grand finishers- but sorry we left that morning to Mangaluru. The event also featured mouth smacking Goan delights and the finest thirst quenchers you’ll find around. Also, a lot of surprise prizes were given away from 8:30 p.m. onwards.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Royson Da Costa, Gen. Secretary, St Sebastian Youth Organization -Majorda, said, “St Sebastian Youth organization was founded in 2005 by a group of 10-12 boys surrounding the St Sebastian Chapel in the picturesque village of Majorda. It was founded with a motive to give back to society from which we learn so much. An entire gamut of activities is organized by the club to unleash the talent that exudes from the budding artistes of the village and Goa at large. The club takes on challenges to safeguard our environment organising cleanliness drives in collaboration through the local civic bodies.”

Band “Forefront”

“The Annual Cultural Festival of the club resides in the Carnival fete, where the artistes of national repute are invited to present a musical festival, which is enjoyed by the guests. Prior to this several smaller events are organized at the community level to promote the spirit of friendship and posterity. Carnival Blast is an annual three-day extravaganza of art and culture. We intend to promote a vibrant experience through organizing the event Carnival Blast, bringing people from all walks, interests, and ethnicity come together in ways that stimulate lifelong memories, and community interaction. And this time Carnival 2K17 was even bigger and better”, added Royson.

Yes, they say music is in the blood of every Goan. And there are many talented Goan musicians. Most of them play in four/five member bands, dishing out popular Indian and Western hits. When they play the crowds go crazy enjoying the foot stomping music. You’ll find the Goan bands playing at almost every social occasion be it weddings, beat shows or feasts. These bands are real entertainers knowing how to add life to any party. Especially for weddings, they play the popular Goan mandos that get everybody to the dance floor.

Dj Shania Tashya belted out some groovy hits from Western, EDM, dance, Reggae and Bollywood which sent the crowd to shake their hips. Following the Dj session, it was time to rock with two of Goa’s finest bands “Syndicate” and “Forefront”. Formed over two decades ago, Syndicate is still going as strong as ever. With the arrival of the Syndicate, Goan audiences have witnessed for the first time an emphasis on sound and lighting. They were the first to give a modern and western dimension to the music scene in Goa. They play all kinds of music from jazz to rock and are able to satisfy the crowd to a great extent. Today their name commands a lot a respect and admiration. People are willing to pay a heavy price to get the Syndicate because they are simply good.

The Syndicate performed at Majorda Beach Resort as resident band for many years. All I can say is that “The Syndicate” band members know how to entertain the crowd with their superb music. They simply Rock!- and we Mangaloreans at “Carnival Blast” were lucky to have them play for us live! Performing live on the stage were Diego on Bass Guitar, Darryl on Keys and Vocals, Adrian on Lead Guitar, Cliffy on Drums and Vocals and Sharon on Vocals. The crowd grooved to some of the amazing Retro Jive Salsa and baila numbers. The Band shared a truckload of talent and what they all have in common is a knack for getting the crowd on their feet and they did get the crowd on the dance floor.

Yet another Goa’s Best and India’s Hottest Dance Band was “Forefront” which has taken off into the music world for over a decade and from then it was no looking back for them. The band took off right from the start by performing for all the top shows in Goa and across India and abroad. The success story of Forefront lies in the music they play, with strong stage presence and a distinct ability in sensing the pulse of their audiences. Their extensive repertoire of music such as English retro, Bollywood, latest from billboard charts and Rock music is what makes every party a big success. The band is powered by five top musicians with a tight musical combination which attracts the attention of everyone at a party or at a concert.

When the band comprising of five talented musicians with sensational Agatha on vocals, Savio on drums and vocals, Brendon on keyboards and vocals, Melvin on guitar and vocals, Seby on Bass and vocals (also Melvin playing the Punjabi Dhol) takes centre stage, they are lethal show stoppers and can set the dance floor on fire. The crowd shouting out for more and not wanting to leave the floor is a common feature for every show – and that was the scene at Carnival Blast, where the crowd called for encores even after the band stopped playing. It is learnt that Forefront is the only band in India who can play a wide genre of music with perfection.

Among many other credits to their performances nationally and Internationally, but their performance in Macau China was a feather in their cap. They represented Goa for the “15th Lusofonia Festival” which was held in Macau. Their performance earned them the 2nd place among nine countries including Brazil and Portugal. Forefront has blazed the music world with their sensational blend of vocals, instruments, rhythm, visual technique in trend and showmanship. The musical history of Forefront reveals amazing performances in India and abroad with several awards winning live concerts that have virtually cornered them at the vertex of billboard graphs. Once again we were lucky to have such a band play live for us during our Carnival days spree in Goa.

And finally to the Compere Nelwyn, Royson Da Costa and the team of St Sebastian Youth Organization, Dj Shania, Band members of Syndicate and Forefront- you all made our Carnival fun days special on this special night of 27 February at “Carnival Blast 2K17”- Long Live Goa Carnival! Long Live the Fun Loving Goans!


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