Thanks for Your Support & Prayers- Our Children are Back to School Again

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Thanks for Your Support & Prayers- Our Children are Back to School Again

Mangaluru: Thank you for your support and patience. Like a great mind that once said it’s never too late to reach out and when it’s my family on the other side it makes everything so beautiful.

I’m Fr. Sibi Kaitharan, the new director of Snehasadan who took in place of Fr. Teji, our former and beloved director who is now the director in one of our institutions in Krishnagiri. He is leading an exemplary life committed to fulfill the deeds of his calling. Words fall short in expressing my gratitude to all of you for your kind and sweet gesture of supporting and taking care of the needs of this centre. It’s your thoughtfulness that led us till here and all your lovelies are in our prayers.

In great hope that there is always a lesson in any experience we go through, of our 54 children, 23 of them were tested positive for the Covid-19.

By His Grace, all have recovered. At most care and medical support have been given to them for their speedy recovery. With required rest and maintaining self quarantine, all of them are back to living life to its meaning. It’s your prayers and support that strengthened us. Thank you for being a constant support and member of Snehasadan family.Our children are now embracing the normalcy of going to school with double joy and enthusiasm.

Finally, we are welcoming all of you to our lovely abode. By following the Covid protocols, you all are more than welcome to our house. Please visit us, whenever time permits!

With unfathomable happiness I would like to inform you that like birds that wait for their mothers to return upon a quest, we have welcomed three little sweethearts to Snehasadan. May they find their purpose on earth soon.

I pray in His Name, Our Lord! Our God may he bestow his blessings upon us and all of you.

Hope you all are taking care and keeping yourself safe.

God Bless You and Your Family

Fr. Siby Kaitharan M I

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