The excellent ICC T20 World Cup

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The excellent ICC T20 World Cup

The International Cricket Council organizes many competitions. One of the most interesting ones, which is present at 1xBet – your betting website, is the T20 World Cup. As it can be deduced from its name, this competition features the Twenty20 form of cricket. This means that all its matches are fast-paced and are a few hours long.

Since the Twenty20 format was so successful since its inception, it was decided that it was a good idea to create a world cup around it. Of course, this success that was exhibited from the first games of this format was successfully translated into the T20 World Cups. They are the cricket competitions with the biggest audiences and have managed to attract new fans from new generations. All these fans have enjoyed great editions, which have been at your 1xBet betting website, which have delivered epic matches.

Great editions

In general, all editions of the competition have been excellent. The first one took place back in 2007. It was celebrated in South Africa and India were the winners. Further editions of it, which have been present at the bookmaker 1xBet – online betting cricket, have seen many champions. Some squads that have claimed the trophy include:
● India;
● England;
● Australia;
● and the West Indies, who won the competition twice.

In general, all editions of the competition have offered excellent matches. The teams that participate include all the full members of the International Cricket Council. However, there are also other sports in the competition that are filled by teams that participate in a qualifier.

The tournament has been expanded many times. As a consequence, the number of teams at the online betting cricket area of the 1xBet bookmaker and access the cup via the qualifiers, has grown.

Many expansions

Since the popularity of T20 cricket and its world cup has been so great, it has been decided to expand the competition on numerous occasions. The tournament, which is present at, started with 12 teams. 10 of them qualified directly due to being ICC members, while the other two came through qualifiers.

In 2014 the first tournament with 16 teams was organized. On this occasion, six squads came from the qualifiers. It is expected that future editions will take place with 20 teams. This will give far more visibility to a higher number of squads. This will lead to increased audiences who bet on 1xBet and who enjoy each edition of the championship.

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