The Fall of the Mighty One and More

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The Fall of the Mighty One and More

The damage was huge, the scene gory
The mighty one whispered a sad story
Of human greed for selfish gains
Not just heavy winds or thunderous rains

The trunk badly split and the boughs fell apart
The sight pulled at the strings of my heart
Growing from a humble seed to a huge green canopy
Now a mere wooden stump it hurts to be

A witness to different phases of life
Times of peace and those of strife
The matriarch has seen it all
Be it powers that rose or had a fall

A safe haven for all, a place of rest
She sheltered everyone, patron or pest
Home to myriad birds, insects and bees
Yet we called her just one of many trees

Now it’s all a thing of the past
Her life is ebbing away really fast

The green and the brown, will soon become grey
Before we know, another life will pass away

But should we keep watching her die?
Waste our time in regrets and only sigh?
No, we should pay her back for her fruits
Strengthen her arms and build her roots

We ought to show her our love and care
For life without trees is a real nightmare
Hug the tree, water her with love
Shower her with reverence and take a bow

She’s the Mighty One, for today and tomorrow
We can live only when she can grow

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