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The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy

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Name: Ronak Pereira
Date of Birth: 29/05/92
Father?s Name: Joseph Pereira
Mother Name: Violet Pereira
Native Place: Mangalore, Karnataka
School: St. Theresa’s School, (I.C.S.E. Board), Mangalore

Hi, my name is Ronak. I am a Class X student studying at St. Theresa’s School, Mangalore. My hobbies are playing football and cricket.  When I get free time  I scribble on papers. My mom encourages me a lot in everything I do.

When I was in VIth standard I began writing inverse. One day, my granny bought a bottle of 7-UP for the guests to serve. On that bottle, I found some words printed inversely and I tried to read it. At the beginning, I failed to read, but I did not stop my efforts. Suddenly I thought of keeping it in front of the mirror and I succeeded in reading it right! I tried to write inverse after reading that slogan. Now I can write 13 to 15 words per minute in 3 languages, i.e. English, Hindi, and Kannada.

Here is my poem titled “The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy” in a mirror image as well as in  normal text, I hope you will enjoy reading inversely!!

The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy

A place from here far in the North,
While writing a page,
Had caught my thought.

‘Tis now a place, of great historical grace,
For many an Indian’s, were
Killed in the freedom’s chase.

‘Twas then that General Dyer,
Had issued a proclamation,
To prohibit the gatherings and procession.

So laid together, the Indian
People a protest; that had
Put the Rulers wisdom to the test.

But had no heart, the history books said,
For the people by one voice,
Were laid to death.

Their deathbed, now a place,
Which has received historical grace,
For many Indian’s, hath died in this one place.



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