The Kings of Freddies – Mangala Restaurant and Bar

On September  18th The 3 Hungry Men will complete 3 months of food reviewing therefore we would sincerely like to thank all the hungry people out there and of course for your continued support! We have changed a lot in the past 3 months. But we can assure you that our passion for food has remained the same! We like to salute our readers for their continual support and love. We love you too and promise you more and tastier reviews!

For our 10th review we decided to give our readers something special. Yes, that?s right we are talking about the Legends of the Mangalorean cuisine! ?Mangala Restaurant and bar? located at Valencia.

We were craving for some authentic Mangalorean food! And the only response we heard from people was… ?You guys should go to Mangala, Their food is AWESOME? so we headed there to see or rather to taste for ourselves!

The entrance was pretty shady, so we were slightly depressed about that but the welcoming scent from the kitchen besides the entrance made us forget about it! And we headed in!

We saw some of the real deal Mangalorean specialties. And we were hungry too! Coincidence? We think not! As we browsed through the menu, we saw a tempting  Rs. 100/- cocktail menu. So we ask the bartender for the best 3! Pat came the best 3! Mango Mojito which is a spicy drink and well prepared followed by the cranberry special which was another good mix..followed by the drink which won our hearts.. The long Island Ice Tea. This cocktail was made to perfection. It was so well prepared and the taste so was authentic and smooth that we challenge a better replica of this! All this prepared by a bartender trained in the art of making cocktails from Goa.







All that drinking had made us hungry! So we choose to eat the Paneer Mushroom Chilly, Squid Tava Masala and Prawns Ghee roast! Along with some sannas and appams for a kick start!

These dishes had floored us! The paneer and mushroom was so well spiced, the squid unusually were awesomely soft and not rubbery! And the prawns big and juicy just as we love it! It was the prefect Mangalorean food we were looking for! This is the life, we say!

Despite the decent quantity the starters had vanished in a jiffy! Then it was time for some main course our tummies said! So we went for some varied biryanis one of each we demanded! i.e fish, chicken and veg. now we r pretty selective about our biryani! These biryanis had their own unique incomparable taste to them! There was an awesome touch of Mangalorean masala to it! This surprise was worth the wait!

Our tummies were full but our hearts were not full! So this time we decided to listen to our hearts! And we were sitting right in front of a poster that read ?FREDDIE? now I?m sure some mouths are watering as we said that word!

Since none of us were willing to share we ordered a chicken, fish and veggie FREDDIE each!

Now some of u might be wondering what a ?Freddie? is! Sorry we are not going to tell you as we want you to taste this godly creation YOURSELF! (but we will give you a picture to drool over!)

This was by far the awesomest dish we had that day! This one made a tattoo in our heart! Never did we eat something so nice in between a bun! Which is why The 3 Hungry Men like to call it a FINGER LINKIN? FREDDIE (its so good that once u finish eating you can?t break the link made by your fingers, you just want more of it in your fingers!)

STRICT WARNING: Don?t leave Mangala unless you?ve tried a FREDDIE!

We had no place for desert so we were forced to leave!
Personally, we never believed in first impressions! Today was proof! We entered slightly disappointed but we left on cloud 9.

A week later someone from London asked us where he could get some authentic Mangalorean food when he came to Mangalore? The reply from us was ??You should go to Mangala, Their food is AWESOME!?

The 3 Hungry Men rate the Legends Mangala like this:
Ambience: 6/10
Value For Money: 7/10
Food: 10/10
Hygiene: 8.5/10
Service 8/10
Location: 7/ 10
Overall 7.5/10
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Author: Colin DSouza- Nikhil Pai- Rajat R