The Pee-Effect- After AI, Now It’s KSRTC! Drunk Man Urinates on KSRTC Bus Female Co-Passenger Seat

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The Pee-Effect-After Air India, Now It’s Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)! Drunk Man Urinates on KSRTC Bus Female Co-Passenger Seat-the bus was going from Vijayapura to Mangaluru. In future, they should come up with a warning sign ‘`DON’T DRINK and TRAVEL’, just like “Don’t Drink and Drive’?

Mangaluru: As the saying goes- “When You Gotta Go!” – It means you have to go to the restroom/toilet badly. But you need to be careful when you are desperately looking to relieve yourself, you should see that you don’t pee wherever you feel like. As per a co-traveller, a man in his mid-thirties urinated on a seat that was occupied by a woman in her early twenties. The event happened after the bus stopped for dinner at a “dhaba” in Kiresur, close to Hubballi. Recalling the incident which had taken place on 26 November 2022, when a drunk male passenger in the business class of a New York-New Delhi Air India flight had reportedly urinated on a woman co-passenger, but in this case, the man had not urinated on the woman but on her seat, when she had got down for snacks/dinner.

Yes, yet another “pee-gate” event has come to light, this time on a public bus operated by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) when a 32-year-old guy reportedly peed on a female co-seat passenger in a non-AC sleeper bus close to Hubballi. The bus was going from Vijayapura to Mangaluru and had the registration KA-19 F-3554. It is learnt that when the woman shouted, the co-passengers and the bus crew rushed to help her and confronted the youth, who was drunk. When the man started to misbehave further with the co-passengers and the bus crew, and since he was uncontrollable, the passengers forced the crew to deboard him, and he was made to alight from the bus.

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Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Rajesh Shetty, the Senior Divisional Controller for KSRTC in Bejai, Mangaluru said, “Both the man and woman had no reserved seats, they were picked up on the bus journey. The man got seat number 29, while the woman was seated on number 3. During the dinner stop at the Dhaba, when all other passengers had got down, the man who wanted to urinate, and couldn’t control his bladder, as he walked down from seat no 29, started urinating on the empty seat no 3 of the woman passenger”.

“Except for the offender, no one was present on the bus when the incident occurred, after the vehicle had stopped at a ‘dhaba’ on the way. When the woman passenger returned to the bus, she noticed a youth urinating on her seat. She immediately informed the crew, who forced the offender to deboard. However, the bus crew carried on with the voyage because the female passenger declined to file a complaint. Since the male passenger had not booked the ticket, his name was not known, but he is a mechanical engineer and was travelling from Vijayapura to Mangaluru, we learnt. The bus crew helped the woman promptly and got the seats cleaned while ensuring her safety, as per those who boarded the bus. She got down at her destination, while the man was made to alight immediately after the incident”.

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