This is how ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ Looks Like on (Sunday) Weekend Curfew?

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This is how ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ Looks Like on (Sunday, 27 June) Weekend Curfew? There were NO Officials from District Administration nor Mangaluru City Corporation Nor Law Enforcement Authorities to Crack Down on the Violators during this “NAMESAKE” Weekend Curfew

Mangaluru: If our netas and other concerned officials of Dakshina Kannada, including Mangaluru, think that by enforcing Weekend Curfew the spread of Coronavirus could be stopped to a certain amount-But they are all totally wrong because none of these officials nor law enforcement persons are out there to crack down on the violators. Yours Truly of was surprised to see a large number of people flouting the Covid-19 guidelines, like not wearing FACE MASKS and not following SOCIAL DISTANCE, which are specifically insisted to be maintained by the authorities in order to stop the spread of the Virus.

Looking at the people moving around who are supposed to be indoors on a Night cum Weekend Curfew looks like there is a little role in controlling the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Even though a bunch of the netas and officials have said that night/weekend curfew won’t help in breaking Covid-19 transmission chains but it might slow down transmission- but Not really? I do agree that as Covid-19 cases surge in DK/Mangaluru, the district administration has implemented restrictions to limit the movement of people through Night/Weekend Curfew as part of measures to flatten the curve. However, night/weekend curfew is not the answer to the second wave of coronavirus nor a complete lockdown.

Homeless/poor labourers gathered near Town Hall gate to receive Food packets

Auto-rickshaw drivers and people gathered near Mangaluru Central Railway Station

If you recall the lockdowns in 2020 which resulted in massive job loss and economic activities, here we have once again lockdown plus curfews to control the spread of virus-but in reality it’s not working. Given the current economic considerations, a complete lockdown or weekend curfew is no longer an option as it will only worsen the economic situation. So, what is the solution at this stage and how can the second wave be controlled? Educated citizens say that curfew will have little role in controlling the rising number of COVID-19 cases. They attributed this spike to a lack of adherence to mask-wearing, hand hygiene and social distancing rules. They are of the view that curfew won’t help in breaking the transmission chain but it might slow down transmission, adding that there is an urgent need to shift the focus on vaccination and ensuring that people are wearing masks, maintaining hand hygiene and social distancing norms are not flouted.


However, the people who decided to enforce the Night cum Weekend Curfew think that Curfew works, then they should impose a hefty fine on Covid-19 rules violators, which is very much lacking- and that’s the reason the people are taking this weekend curfew very lightly with no fear of the virus and also no fear of the police. So what’s the point in having this weekend curfew, where you are seeing people/motorists on the streets flouting the Covid-19 rules. Even though measures like wearing masks, hand hygiene and social distancing are of utmost importance to reduce disease transmission, unfortunately, people are not serious about it. While officials say that curfew along with day restrictions will not surely end Covid but the number of cases will definitely go down and that it reduces the burden on the healthcare system and deaths due to unavailability of hospital beds can be prevented, but something is not right here.

Migrants from Jharkhand who arrived by train, seen with no masks/not following social distance

May Sound Funny- Even No Social Distance between Auto-rickshaws near Railway Station??

Few others say that Covid-19 can be countered at a personal level, and the efforts to immunise the population is commendable given the enormity of the task. Only thing is that such a weekend curfew can help in conveying the seriousness of the situation and sensitise people on the need to follow all safety measures. Seems like curfew measures can help partially but not wholly help in controlling the rising number of cases, adding that a wider coverage of vaccination and RT-PCR tests could be critical in containing the cases. People who are at risk like those going out for work should be given a vaccine first. More focus should be given to daytime activities, especially in crowded areas like markets and enclosures to check if mask-wearing and social distancing norms are being followed.

Nandini Milk Booth opposite Colaco Hospital- People seen having coffee and smoking

Officials by just implementing the Curfew and not monitoring it won’t serve the purpose. It might slow down the transmission chain but it won’t break it. Following the Heave fines should be imposed on those who aren’t following the guidelines, which is not happening to an extent. More focus must be on creating awareness about COVID guidelines – social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing. Restrictions must be imposed on gatherings and people must adhere to rules, and fines must be imposed on those not following COVID guidelines, which is not happening here.

Even ‘Chaddi Dosth’ Can’t Stay Away From Each Other during Curfew!

The police are in FULL ACTION only around the early morning hours and a couple of hours in the evening- and rest of the time are seen chatting or browsing through messages on their Smartphones- and it’s a fact which many of you will agree with. Even though the government has issued guidelines for the people to abide by those, that has not been happening for some time now, as some people become lax about the situation. Implementation of Covid-appropriate behaviour and avoiding crowded places will only give a result. Covid spread is time-sensitive, the more exposed we are in public spaces, the chances of contamination also remain high. Though people are protected via vaccination, we need to strictly follow all the precautions to ensure our safety and security of and of the people around us, which is not happening and no officials are bothered to check on it.

While our beloved DC, DHO, Mayor and a few other top honchos went on a drive for a couple of days cracking down on Covid-19 guidelines violators, including a petrol bunk staff, and after that nataka/drama the things are the same. Has the concerned district administration officials nor the law enforcement officers who pass by the maidan/Lady Goschen Hospital on their way to their offices, noticed the pathetic scene where hundreds of homeless are wandering or squatting with no masks or following social distance. They even fall on each other when they get served free food by the NGO’s- and no action nor any solutions have been taken by our MP, MLA, DC, Mayor and other concerned people to end that behaviour. Just look at the photos in the report and you will know what I am talking about.

Therefore why only strict rules on only certain people and ignore these less fortunate who are bound to spread the virus by not following the Covid-19 guidelines. There was a huge group (around 50 of them) of migrants from Jharkhand who arrived by train this morning, and hardly anyone was wearing masks and walking/gathered with no social distance. When Team Mangalorean cautioned them about the consequences they would face for violating the Curfew, none of them knew what “CURFEW” was? Funny but true and sad, that these innocent migrants who have come in search of jobs or returning back to their respective workplaces, could face trouble with the cops for flouting the rules.

The main aim of the concerned officials in having the weekend curfew is to make people realize that we are still struggling with this pandemic and we need to keep up our guard. Having said that we must remember that the need of this hour is strict implementation of COVID appropriate behaviour. But that’s not happening here in Mangaluru, where many are not adhering to the rules and just don’t care about it. So what’s the point in having a lockdown or a Night/Weekend Curfew if people don’t follow and also if it doesn’t serve the purpose?.

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