‘This Unscientific Weekend Curfew is NOT a SOLUTION in FIGHTING the PANDEMIC’ -say Traders

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‘This Unscientific Weekend Curfew is NOT a SOLUTION in FIGHTING the PANDEMIC’ -say Traders. “Instead of weekend curfew, Impose curfew on Monday, Tuesday”, said City merchants

Mangaluru: Various merchant organizations in Dakshina Kannada have demanded that the district administration allow them to conduct business on weekends.

They said that shops can be closed for the first two days of a week, like Monday and Tuesday, instead of weekends. They said that this will reduce their financial burden, as most of the textile, ready-made garment, footwear and mobile phone shops as well as beauty parlours and fancy stores do maximum business on weekends. Merchants also demanded that the expert committees that suggest Covid restrictions, should comprise representatives from merchant organizations and economists who have studied the problems businessmen face due to lockdowns and curfews.

During a meeting held on Friday, Karavali Textile, Readymade and Footwear Dealers Association president Santhosh Kamath told the media personnel that merchants in the coastal districts are not able to sustain their businesses, due to losses incurred during curfews and lockdowns. “Most of the medium and small businessmen are struggling to repay bank loans, pay salaries to employees as well as rent and electricity bills. This unscientific weekend curfew is not a solution in fighting the pandemic, and businessmen are affected, who are already facing a financial crunch. Though political gatherings, festivals and elections are allowed, on the one hand, merchants are punished in the name of weekend curfew and night curfew,” he said and suggested that merchants are ready to close down their shops for two days, at the beginning of every week.

Speaking during the meeting, Social activist M G Hegde said, “The district administration should invite representatives of merchant organizations before taking decisions regarding weekend curfew and lockdowns. We will have to launch a protest if the district administration continues to take decisions without taking into consideration the problems faced by merchants”.

Also, Mangalore Ladies Beauticians Association president Babitha U Shetty said that beauty parlours are also affected due to the weekend curfew. “Beauty parlours do a lion’s share of their business during weekend holidays. Closing down beauty parlours on Saturdays and Sundays has caused several women entrepreneurs to sustain losses,” she said.

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  1. Reducing servicing hours — in any manner – will increase congestion on other days as per queing theory. It is common sense, especially when applied for essential goods.

    Night Curfew may not increase the congestion for shopping to a significant during the day time, but many transportation and shelving activities that happen during the night help the transactions during the day time plus the authorities have to unnecessarily increase the deployment of police during the night which increases their burden and decreases the efficiency. The solution is to keep all activities as in regular times but enforce strictest physical distancing especially in ques outside shops and more importantly in the market. Announce this in advance so people minimize the trips to the shops or market.

    The public should cooperate with the authorities by buying more and storing to the extent possible (not too much) and make a list of items to buy and buy in one trip rather than multiple trips to the shops.

    A lot of people think the immunity increases if they go out frequently. This is a big myth as per my understanding.

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