‘Though ruined My Shirt,but I Stopped the Fire from Spreading the Factory’- Mohammed Asif

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‘Though ruined My Shirt, I am Happy That I Stopped the Fire from Spreading the Factory’- Mohammed Asif, the Founder of Apathbhandava Psycho Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) in Muky, and also a social activist, and above all, a Good Samaritan. The fire had started at the Land’s Flavor: Bonda Factory in Adyar, Mangaluru (Naturals Ice Cream) selling cheap tender coconut water!

Mangaluru: Before going further into the incident, I want to praise and compliment Mohammed Asif aka ‘Apathbhandava’, the Founder of Apathbhandava Psycho Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) in Mulki who has been doing yeomen service in taking care of the destitute and mentally troubled people, most of them found on streets or abandoned by families. As the evening sun casts its long shadows on Mulki, you can hear the faint strains of singing emanating from a building in Karnad. Walk closer and step into the Apathbhandava Psycho Rehabilitation Centre (APRC) and the singing jumps into focus. On the dusty verandah, amidst the shadows, you will see a group of elders, lost and confused, but happy.

The inmates all have smiles on their faces since they are well taken care of by Mohammed’s team. Watching all of them is Asif ‘Apathbhandava’, who runs the Maimuna Foundation, which oversees the APRC. Residents who do not know religion are like gods,” he says, watching them dance without a care in the world. Apart from caring for these less fortunate people, Mohammed also does lots of social services. He is like a Good Samaritan-call him anytime, day, night or during the wee hours, he gives no excuses but is always ready to help someone in need.


Unlike a few places that run such rehabilitation centres in the City or in the outskirts, when you call them for help, they have their reasons and stay away. But not in the case of Mohammed, since I had called him twice late at night, and he came from Mulky to help the destitute who needed shelter. May God bless Mohammed Asif, for all the good work he does to help the suffering humanity.

Now coming to the incident which took place late in the morning of Thursday, 20 July 2023. Mohammed Asif and his team who were heading towards their new rehabilitation centre coming up on a 2-acre land near Adyar, saw thick smoke coming out from the Land’s Flavor: Bonda Factory, located in Mangaluru. Without wasting any time, they took a diversion and headed to the factory, and quickly went inside the building and put out the fire that had started inside a refrigerator. If they had waited till the fire personnel arrived, the fire could have spread across the building and there could have been more damage.

Anyways, the quick action by Mohammed Asif and his team, along with a few factory staff succeeded in dousing the fire, and they shifted the smoking refrigerator out of the building to a safe place. Good job by the Apathbhandava team. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Mohammed Asif ‘Apathbhandava said, ” When we noticed smoke coming out of the bonded factory, we quickly rushed to the spot, and did our best to put out the fire which had started inside a refrigerator, and was producing huge smokes. Not wasting any time I went inside and put out the fire, and with the help of my team members and others moved the fridge out of the building to a safer location”.

“Even though I ruined a brand new white shirt due to smoke and dirt, I am happy that I was able to stop a fire from spreading across the building, if it was delayed. My humble request to everyone is that if you see such incidents, don’t think of your clothes or belongings, instead go ahead and help in the situation to bring it under control, like I did. I am grateful to Allah who has been my source of inspiration in all the community service and social work I do, and this incident was taken care of under the guidance of my Almighty. Feel proud of my service along with my dedicated team members,” added Asif.

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