Tips On How To Store Your Medical Marijuana To Keep It Fresh Longer

Tips On How To Store Your Medical Marijuana To Keep It Fresh Longer

When it comes to storing your medical marijuana, the rules are basic. However, the guidelines can be modified depending on your budget, living arrangements, geography, and aesthetic style.

Marijuana has no expiration date. It is an herb which can last long if it is stored appropriately. However, you can try the tips below to make it tasty and fresh for a longer period of time.

Avoid Storing in the Plastic Bags

You can surf the internet now and find various Canada Dispensary Online. But make sure that you do not store your medical marijuana in the plastic bags. You can potentially remove its trichomes and crush the buds. When this happens, it can make your herb become less potent.

Moreover, plastic is an ineffective place to store cannabis. Over time, it can affect the herb’s taste. The plastic cannot hold long the odor of the weed thus it is not the best discrete method. Finally, storing the weeds in the plastic is aesthetically inappropriate.

Do Not Store the Weed in the Fridge or Freezer

You can Buy Weed Online and keep it at your place. But make sure that you do not put the weeds in the freezer or fridge. This is because temperature and humidity can damage cannabis. If you freeze the bud, it can become brittle and break off. With this, you can have a weak weed.

Keep it Away from the Children

It is easy to buy Weed Online but hide it from children. This tip is essential and must not be forgotten. If you have children living with you, make sure that you put your weed away from them. If you do not follow this tip, chances are, the kids will be at risk of its effects. Make sure to outsmart the kids and always act with caution. This must not be difficult to remember.

Keep the Weed in a Cool and Dark Place

One downside of using Mason jars is it allows the light to pass through it. With this, it can possibly damage your medicinal herb. Thus, find a cupboard or locker where you can keep your jar. Make sure that the location is cool and dark.

If the jar gets too warm because of its exposure to sunlight, it can possibly sweat inside. Then, molds will start to appear and damage your weed. Make sure to keep the herb under 70 degrees of temperature. If you put it in a place with above 70 temperature, molds will start to grow.

Moreover, humidity is another factor to consider although it is hard to control. The general rule is to keep the weed at 60% humidity. If it’s above 65%, then there can be a problem in the end.

Opt for Airtight Glass Containers

You can visit the various website and find different brands of Cheap Weed Online. However, the best storing place is the glass container. You can find mason jars in almost anywhere. With the use of glass containers, your medical marijuana can stay fresh and consistent. Nothing will enter the jar not unless you open it and allow oxygen to get inside.

Moreover, the use of the Mason jars will not produce any scent on marijuana. What you put inside will stay the same as you get it out.