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To Appease Muslims Let CM Observe Abdul Kalam Jayanti – BJP YM

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Not Tipu Jayanti, To Appease Muslims Let CM Observe Abdul Kalam Jayanti – BJP Yuva Morcha

Chief minister Siddaramaiah is trying to appease the Muslim community by observing Tipu Jayanti. The entire country knows what Tipu Sultan did to the people. If the CM really want to appease the Muslim community let him celebrate Abdul Kalam Jayanti, because Abdul Kalam was a humble and righteous man. Kalam was the president of this country and he was a great personality.”

Mangaluru: The BJP Yuva Morcha staged a protest in front of the DC office, here on October 17 condemning the gruesome murder RSS worker Rudresh.


Addressing the protesters president of District BJP Yuva Morcha Harish Punja said, “On October 16, RSS worker Rudresh (35) was on his way home after attending an RSS rally in Bengaluru. When he reached near Shivaji Nagar, two men came on a bike and hacked Rudresh to death with a machete. If such a crime can take place in the heart of Bengaluru, what kind of safety will the people have in other parts of the state”? he questioned.

Harish Punja further said, “Becuase of the state government targetting members of the Hindu organizations, so many murders have taken place in Karnataka. In Mangaluru Prashanth Poojary, Raju in Mysuru, Kuttappa in Kodagu and now Rudresh in Bengaluru are the victims of the state governments anti-Hindu policy. The Congress is trying to make Karnataka a Goonda state. The BJP Yuva Morcha strongly condemns the murder of Rudresh and demands the arrest of the murderers. The state government should announce Rs 3 lakh compensation to Rudresh’s family”, he said.

Harish also said, “When the Congress came to power and Siddaramaiah became the CM, he said, “For the safety and security of the minorities I will appoint George as the Home minister”. CM should be ashamed of his statement because he is not worried about the majority of the people. Instead, he is trying to appease the Minorities.

Harish also alleged, “Chief minister Siddaramaiah is trying to appease the Muslim community by observing Tipu Jayanti. The entire country knows what Tipu Sultan did to the people. If the CM really want to appease the Muslim community let him celebrate Abdul Kalam Jayanti, because Abdul Kalam was a humble and righteous man. Kalam was the president of this country and he was a great personality.”

“In the name of Dalits and Ahinda, the Siddaramaiah government came to power but are they safe in the state? Do the IAS and IPS officers have and safety? DySP Ganapati committed suicide, in his death note he had mentioned that because of the harassment from the Home minister he was committing suicide. Why did the CM not take action after recovering the death note? Many IAS officers have resigned because of the harassment meted out to them by the politicians”, he said.

Harish alleged, “Siddaramaiah says that he will make the state number one in Development, but today I want to ask whether he is making the state number one in development or will make it number one in murders? We are not sure if any girl going to school, a woman going to work or a cow going out in search of grass, will come back safely! Under the congress government, there is no safety for women, girls or cows”.

Harish Moodshedde, Shivaranjan, Prithviraj Bangera, Mahesh, Sandeep Shetty Maravoor, Bharath Eshwaramangala, Kishore Babu and others were also present.

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  1. Congress opposed second term for Dr.Kalam!! As I have said before, Congress party can survive as long as minority ‘vote banks’ stay uninformed and uneducated. They are not interested in promoting good role models. Even now, see how they are very silent over uniform civil code for Indians. By proposing uniform civil code and promoting Dr.Kalam in the past, BJP has done more contribution to minority community than Congress and stenographers combined in the past 7 decades!!!!

  2. As per BJP APJ Abdul Kalam is a renowned Indian scientist key player in Indian space research/Indian missile programs appointment as 11th President to appease minority Muslims?

    Did this yuva BJP protesting group read the “Wings of Fire” is an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam written jointly by Arun Tiwari and Abdul Kalam?

    In the book we learn how Kalam started his career in Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) and was involved in the design of a hovercraft. Later he moved to Indian Space Research which was the brain child of Vikram Sarabhai. In 1963, Kalam went to NASA facility in Maryland(USA) as part of a training program on sounding rocket launching techniques. There he came across a painting which depicted Tipu Sultan’s rocket warfare against the British,
    Here, I saw a painting prominently displayed in the reception lobby. It depicted a battle scene with a few rockets flying in the background. A painting with this theme should be the most commonplace thing at a Flight Facility, but the painting caught my eye because the soldiers on the side launching the rockets were not white , but dark-skinned, with the racial features of people found in South Asia. One day, my curiosity got the better of me, drawing me towards the painting. It turned out to be Tipu Sultan’s army fighting the British. The painting depicted a fact forgotten in Tipu’s own country but commemorated here on the other side of the planet. I was happy to see an Indian glorified by NASA as a hero of warfare rocketry.

    Does it not amount to insulting Kalam who hailed Tipu Sultan who fought against British as the pioneer of rocket science?

    If this group can form ‘Rayana Brigade’ who also fought against the common enemy,why Tipu sultan only?

    Jai Hind

  3. Over the years I have said this several times, and I will never get tired of repeating myself as the truth is very bitter. Tipu was a bigot, a tyrant, and a mass murderer as described by many of the Hindu & Christian historians. But today his supporters call this butcher a “freedom fighter”. This I consider is a slap in the face of all genuine and real freedom fighters the world over.

    Tipu teamed up with the French to fight the British mainly to expand his kingdom, but he lost most of his fights, and then he had the last fight to keep his life and what was left of his kingdom. During the reign of Hyder Ali & Tipu Sultan father son combine they came into conflict with the Nizam of Hyderabad who was an Indian Muslim king. He then began his conflicts with the Marathas. He also had many conflicts with the Kingdom of Travancore that resulted in the King asking the British for help, and in total they fought 4 (four) Anglo-Mysore wars, and the last culminated in his defeat.

    Here, what a great “freedom fighter” he was joined hands with the French, weren’t the French as foreign as the British. Then he bottled up the Wodeyar family and confined them to their palaces and he took over their kingdom to become its de facto ruler. Weren’t the Maratha’s, the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Kings of Travancore not Indians????? Time and again we see people like these constantly distorting history, as the truth will never go down the throats of Tipu’s supporters, as many of them are anti national and live here enjoying their lives but their hearts are in Pakistan.

    The head of Al Qayeda Ayman Al Zawahiri is writing a book on another terrorist Osama Bin Laden, and he is portraying him as a kind and loving man who gave his princely life, and went to Afghanistan for the sake of his Muslim brothers who were being invaded by the Russians. Once he liberated Afghanistan, he then began his fight with the Americans who had bases in his home country in violation of the tenets of what they believe. Less than 10 years after the death of this terrorist master mind, another local terrorist who said that “every Muslim should be a terrorist” considers OBL as a freedom fighter.

    • Tipu was a tyrant, a bigot…..& a mass-murderer – Jay

      Jay, unfortunately, not many have read about the atrocities committed by him on Hindus and Christians. And, well, it is only the mindless who think of him as a “freedom fighter”.

  4. “Unfortunately, not many have read about the atrocities committed by him on Hindus and…” writes a Pilikula Employee.

    I wonder why Beef Club members are opposed to Tipu Sultaana but stay very silent when it comes to Babar, Aurangazeb or one of those ‘kings’ who butchered Hindus purely based on religious hatred. Anyone who criticizes those atrocities are immediately branded as ‘hindu right wing’ and mocked. Why double standards? Well, it doesn’t surprise me at all. What else can you expect from these geniuses?

    • “Baaaabara, Aurangazebaaa or any one of those kings who butchered Hindus purely based on religious hatred” – Tooth Shekara Rampe.

      Well, Emperor Ashoka didn’t do it AGAINST people of his religion. He did it for loot.. kingdom..lust.. land..the works! Surely, he was NO religious bigot! They were his OWN people – Hindus (Ahem.. a WAY of life, as some certain jokes keep saying – depending on which way the wind blows!) HOWEVER, does it belie the fact that his own mates-in-religion were butchered mercilessly in some Kalinga war? And oh, I could give you plenty of other examples too!

      Such crap is not the prerogative of the invaders and their religion alone! Now, ALL you have to do is JUST take a look at your OWN land of evaporated MILK and Borrowed money!

      Rampa… nikk artha aanda, ijja.. mande’g kuda rudd bottodu?

  5. Not everybody is omniscient like you. Most people in South Kanara and Karnataka are not familiar with history of Babar, Aurangazeb, Shahs and Khans and other nameless and numberless rulers of North India. Besides the purpose of Mangalorean is to discuss issues of concern and interest to Mangaloreans.

  6. Most people in South Kanara are not familiar with history of Babar…..the purpose of mangalorean is to discuss issues of concerns and interest to mangaloreans” writes Roy from Beef Club.

    Isn’t it ironic that the same ‘mangaloreans’ express outrage over imaginary attacks on church in distant Delhi and other north indian cities? They also have plenty to say when it comes to Sri Rama temple that was destroyed by an invading king Babar many centuries ago. You probably know that there are hundreds of thousands of people living in dakshina kannada area whose ancestors suffered in the hands of your masters in Goa region. I guess, it doesn’t bother you, right? It is only Tipu Sultaana and nothing else!! LOL As I mentioned in my previous post, what else can we expect from these geniuses other than double standards?

    Intellectual honesty and integrity – RIP

  7. The same mangaloreans are doing their civic duty as citizens of the Indian Republic when they denounce the efforts of the RSS to destroy the Indian republic through religious hatred and communal violencein order to build a Hindu state.

  8. What is the point of opening old wounds by celebrating Tipu Jayanthi or building a Rama temple in Ayodhya? The Congress expects political gains from Tipu Jayanthi and the BJP expects political gains from Rama temple by using historical events to mobiliize muslims or hindus. But using historical events prior to the Indian republic to mobilize constituents risks awakening ancient hatreds or creating new ones.

  9. Let’s stick to the topic pertaining to celebration of Tipu Jayanti, but this is not to say that anyone is indifferent to the several mass Jihad attacks Akhand Bharath faced mainly coming from the north of the country.

    M. A. Khan a truthful Indian Muslim has done extensive research and written a great book called “Islamic Jihad” – A legacy of forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery. This book is available on Amazon and I would strongly recommend reading it. Another great book is by Bill Durant’s book “The take over of India” the largest single mass massacre of human beings in the History of the World with 80 million dead and counting. But Taqqiya artists, and “Jai Hind-ing” deceivers will start his summer salting the moment they hear the truth.

  10. @ Joker Praveena Pinto – Your reference to emperor ashoka proves why you are a puppet of your foreign masters!! When I was talking about foreign invaders, you are bringing up internal fighting within Akhanda Bharatha. Only a genius of your level would make such an incoherent point!! LOL When I talked about Baabar and Aurangazeb, I was specifically referring to atrocities purely based on religious lines. I understand that your foreign masters didn’t teach you this. They only taught you the history of Tipu Sultaana!! What a joker!!

    @ Roy from Beef club – Your hatred towards RSS and lack of respect towards Hindu suffering in the hands of foreign invaders is not accidental. The religious bigotry and cultural genocide engineered by your foreign masters came to an end only after native Hindu population formed a strong ideological opposition in the name of RSS. No wonder you and your masters despise RSS for exposing your double standards and games. Well, sad day for you!! LOL

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