To My Brother with Love! ‘Mojea Bhavak’ a Men’s Clothes Collection Drive by Mlore Diocese

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After ‘Sadi Daan’ (Sari Donation Drive) the Environment Commission of Mangaluru Diocese Launched ‘ Mojea Bhavak’ ( To My Brother) a men’s Clothes Collection Drive

Mangaluru: Following the successful completion of the ‘Sadi Daan’ (Sari Donation Drive) on the occasion of the Nativity of Mary/Monti Fest, the Environment Commission of the Diocese of Mangalore launched a new drive called ‘Mojea Bhavak’ (to my brother). The drive was aimed at collecting men’s clothing (used/unused) in good condition to distribute among the needy. This drive is also an effort to recycle, thereby reducing the stress on the environment.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Committee Member/Coordinator of Diocese Environment Commission, Louis Pinto said “This is a small initiative to help nature. It was a weeklong drive that concluded on 19 March 2023. The drive was held to mark St Joseph’s Day, who is the patron saint of the Universal Church as well as the Diocese of Mangaluru. Noticing that there are a lot of men who have either never used the clothes they purchased or have worn them a few times, we came up with this men’s clothing collection drive. Such clothes were collected from nearly 80 parishes out of 125 parishes under the Diocese of Mangaluru. It was done under the leadership of the parish priest and coordinator of the Environment Commission, who were present in every parish”.

” A dedicated box was placed in each church, and parishioners were asked to place them in the designated area. We received a good response to our initiative. Currently, the collected clothes are being transported to a central location for sorting and packing. The clothes will be separated according to size, and some churches have already distributed the collected clothes to needy parishioners. Once the segregation and packing are done, the clothes will be distributed to the needy, and some of them will be shipped to different districts. The entire transport and other costs of the drive are borne by the commission. We are targeting orphanages, labour camps, and organizations involved in similar initiatives,” added Pinto.

The clothing, such as pairs of pants such as formal, jeans, shorts, T-shirts, kurtas, lungis, blazers, unstitched cloth materials, bath towels, hand towels, and others, were collected during the drive. It should be noted that during the first drive – ” Sadi Daan”, the commission collected 25,080 saris in total, and it was distributed in Dakshina Kannada and other districts.


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