To The Most Incredible Mothers-Happy Mother’s Day With Love!

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To The Most Incredible Mothers-Happy Mother’s Day With Love!

Mangaluru: The relationship between a mother and child is heartwarming because we see nurturing happening. Love is an abstract concept that needs proof all the time. The activity of nurturing is typically proof of love. So we need to ask no questions. A mother loves for sure. Nevertheless, the human mother and child relationship is a difficult one because there are expectations. A mother would be at a loss when the child simply is nothing like she wants it to be. And she gave birth to this character. In some sense, she made the person. A lot of parent-child interactions are quite stressful. They go to opposite ends. Yet the nurturing continues unblemished because it has to. Mothers do not take time off nor do they give up. So today, on Mother’s Day, say a BIG THANK YOU to your mothers.

We dedicate this day to you, dear mothers, who have children in need of attention. They consider you to be the centre of their world. To the mothers who have lost their own, your kids seek your happiness from their heavenly abode. To the mothers who struggle to make ends meet, they wish to give you all you deserve and more. To the mothers who ask you to look both ways before you cross the street, who make the most delicious kori sukka or mutton gravy or the greatest comfort food in the form of daal, rice and pickle.

A mother understands what a child does not say. Indeed there exists a dynamic between mother and children. Mothers can hear sentences in the silence of their children. God has given mothers the special gift of intuition because it gives them a strong sense of what is right for their children, what they are good at, how they may excel in the future, and what gifts and abilities she needs to make sure are developed in their lives as God intended. For every person, there is a mother behind who fostered her child’s sensibilities to their full potential.

There is nothing quite comforting as having our mother’s arm wrapped around us when we are sad, lonely, or afraid. Mothers teach us to believe in God. Mothers teach us the value of God’s word through their lives, personal prayer life and dependence on God’s strength and wisdom. Nothing is as attractive in a woman as the fear of the Lord. Knowing God, honouring God and worshipping God are the most praiseworthy endeavours a person can ever undertake. Mothers are one of the first indications of the sovereignty of God in our lives. Mothers have always made a difference and will continue to do so. Mothers have often shaped our world from the cradle by rocking, nurturing and instructing children who grow up to make life-changing and history-making accomplishments. For every preacher, president, volunteer worker, employee, technician, community worker, doctor, and caregiver among others, there is a mother behind them who fostered her child to reach his/her full potential.

Following are a few thoughts from Women Being a MOTHER :

Dr Malini Hebbar- who is currently the principal of Swastika National School, Mangaluru and Guest faculty at St Agnes Centre for PG Studies & Research, Bendore, Mangaluru

In a world that has roped in unrealistic expectations for motherhood, here’s to the mothers who prioritize their mental health and well-being. As a child, it is important to see their mother hale and hearty as opposed to overworked and weary. Personally and professionally, our society is growing to see mothers thrive. To not be misjudged for leaving their child home and building a career. To the mothers who rest, recharge and teach their kids to do the same. From Mother Nature to Mother India, motherhood is sublimated and is associated with unconditional love, patience and sacrifice. While these qualities of a mother are indisputable, what probably hasn’t received its due share of importance is the benediction of being a mother. From wiping off the smudged lipstick to forcing you to eat that extra bite, daughters show in so many ways that they care! When times are tough and days are dark, you know that there is a number that you can dial… For all the time spent on changing nappies and all the sleep sacrificed, isn’t this promising enough?

Dr Malini Hebbar was seen with daughters Ms Pratheeksha; Ms Manjusha (both working in the USA); and Ms Akanksha (employed in Bengaluru)

Our children also give us the gift of fun and pleasure. When we become grandmothers, we relive the joys of motherhood without the associated troubles. Kipling glorified motherhood when he averred, ‘God couldn’t be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.’ But isn’t it true that there is a little bit of God in every child? This makes motherhood divine!

From Mrs Pragathi Shetty, the ‘Kantara’ movie actor, designer, and wife of film director Rishab Shetty

Mrs Pragrathi Shetty with her Son Ranvit (4 Yrs) and daughter Raadya (1.3 yrs)

Motherhood is a transformative journey of selfless love, sacrifice, and growth, shaping the lives of both my children. being a costume designer, where crucial skills of creativity, attention to detail, and bringing characters to life are intertwined with the beautiful fabric of nurturing, guiding, and also encouraging the growth of a child are all intricately woven together.

From Mrs Divya Kamath (homemaker) the wife of Mukund Kamath-the Managing Director of Ideal Ice Cream

I feel that motherhood is a life-altering experience. My life has changed for the better, and it has been exhilarating to love so unconditionally. Motherhood has also made me far more responsible and driven with what I do and how I do it because I am aware that I am a role model to my daughter and son. I make gratitude, kindness, compassion, integrity and discipline a part of my everyday life. There is a huge responsibility, and I feel that I am incredibly blessed with a son and daughter, and I do have a great caring and loving husband who supports me and encourages me in my day-to-day life as a mother to my children. As my mother has always been the pillar of my strength to me, I will follow in her footsteps.

L-R : Ms Manya Kamath (daughter) Mrs Jaya Kamath ( Mukund Kamath’s Mom), Mohith Kamath (Son) & Mrs Divya Kamath

I believe a good mother is someone her children can approach without hesitation, someone they can rely on. And I strive to ensure that I am always there for my children when they need me. I believe that having some fun and laughing with your children every day despite the pressures of life makes one a good mother. As there is so much competition to be the “Best Mom”, women should realize that there is no competition and there is no trophy to be won. The idea is to be the best mother that she can be and enjoy her time with her children. I also believe that children should not be given everything on a platter as this will not let them grow into strong individuals.

As a mother, I would like to inculcate many good values in my children- being humble, helpful and honest are some of them. Everyone has a story to tell, especially mothers as their stories don’t often get told. Much of who we are is thanks to how we have been brought up. I think every mother is the best mother to her kids. I believe in each to their own and one should never judge another parent, or anyone for that matter, as everyone’s situation is different. I am no expert, just a regular mom learning everyday-often from my kid. Happy Mother’s Day!

Dr Viola D’Souza- former Radiologist at Father Muller Hospital, Mangaluru, now working at a hospital in Las Vegas, USA

The relationship between mother and daughter is like an intense love affair – veering between passion and pain. From talking to scores of mothers and daughters and analyzing their conversations, I’ve come to understand why we get it so wrong – and what we can do about it. A girl’s best friend is the person to whom she tells everything. A man’s best friend is the person with whom he does everything. I know being a mother is a remarkably frustrating role, which in turn is also immensely rewarding. I see my daughters become their people every single day as they grow up and nothing in this world comes close to the smug satisfaction that I get from being a mother. Every mother wants to be the “Best Mother” that her kids will ever have. And I hope to get a sweatshirt or a T-shirt from the daughters which would say ‘ World’s Greatest Mom”!.

L-R: Dr Viola D’souza (Mom), Ms Annabelle and Ms Alexis (Daughters) and Mrs Florine D’souza (Grandma)

As a mother, we should show our love, kindness, affection and compassion towards our children, which is something we all need in this world. I teach my daughters discipline, good manners, respect elders, and say their prayers- I want them to grow up and continue to believe in their faith. I want my daughters to be successful and happy. I want them to do things their way, not make themselves over in anyone else’s mould. I want them to resist the templates that other people will try to set for them. We are one happy family – we laugh, we play, we cuddle, we kiss, we hug, we have petty arguments, and we chat with each other endlessly and cherish every moment. Because everything else will be left behind, this love between me and my daughters, Annabelle and Alexis, will carry us through life and beyond. I know as a mother, all the jobs we do are the toughest and most satisfying. And without mothers, this world would come to an end. Long live the Mothers- and “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the readers of

“A Mother’s Love: Celebrating Mother’s Day” by Mrs Shanthi Veena Vas- the Nursing Superintendent at Father Muller Hospital, Mangaluru, and wife of Melwin Vas, the Principal of Milagres College, Mangaluru

Mother’s Day, is a day dedicated to honouring the incredible women who have embraced the selfless role of motherhood. As a mother myself, I am filled with immense gratitude and joy as this special day approaches. It is a time when we reflect upon the remarkable love, sacrifices, and unwavering support that mothers provide. I want to express my thoughts and feelings as a mother, capturing the essence of Mother’s Day and celebrating the extraordinary bond between a mother and her child.

Mrs Shanthi Vas with Son Shaun (doing Aeronautical Engineer at college, Bengaluru) and daughter Sharon (done MSc Psychology, employed at Christ College, Bengaluru)

1. A Mother’s Unconditional Love: There is a love unlike any other, a love that knows no bounds or limits. A mother’s love is a profound and unconditional affection that transcends all obstacles. It is a love that blossoms with the birth of a child and grows stronger with each passing day. No matter the circumstances, a mother’s love remains steadfast, offering comfort, reassurance, and a haven for her children.

2. The Sacrifices: Motherhood is an extraordinary journey filled with numerous sacrifices. From the moment a child enters this world, a mother willingly puts her own needs and desires aside to prioritize her child’s well-being. Sleepless nights, countless hours spent soothing a crying baby, and endless acts of selflessness become a mother’s norm. These sacrifices may seem overwhelming at times, but they are driven by an immeasurable love that fuels a mother’s determination to provide the best for her child.

3. A Source of Strength: Mothers are the backbone of a family, providing a constant source of strength and support. They are there to offer encouragement, lend a listening ear, and guide you during both challenging and joyous moments. A mother’s wisdom and experience shape the character of her children, instilling values, resilience, and compassion. She becomes the rock upon which her family can rely, the one who holds everything together with unwavering strength.

4. Celebrating Motherhood: Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honour the remarkable women who have embraced the role of motherhood. It is a day to express gratitude for the countless sacrifices they have made and continue to make. It is a moment to acknowledge their unwavering love, resilience, and dedication. Whether through heartfelt words, thoughtful gestures, or simple acts of kindness, Mother’s Day allows us to celebrate and appreciate the remarkable women who have shaped our lives.

In conclusion, Mother’s Day serves as a reminder of the extraordinary bond between a mother and her child. It is a day to express gratitude, love, and admiration for the immeasurable sacrifices mothers make to ensure their children’s happiness and well-being. As a mother, I cherish this day, not only for the recognition it brings but also for the opportunity it provides to reflect on the privilege and joy of being a mother. Today and every day, let us celebrate and honour the incredible women who have embraced the selfless journey of motherhood.

Mrs Shycil Mathew -Associate Professor, Dept of Community Health Nursing, Fr Muller College of Nursing, Mangaluru

Mother’s Day is kind of a new concept that has invaded India from Western countries. However, my mother was the most important person in my life. She was the hub of our home around which the whole family thrived. It is said that we never truly know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves. So, today is also a day to remember my mother who strived beyond her limited means to ensure a better life for me. This Mother’s Day, I wish peace and well-being for my only son, David, a 4th std student at. St Theresa’s ICSE School, Bendoe Mnagaluru, and a few days ago received his First Communion, which was a proud moment for me and my husband, Subin Mathew.

Mrs Shycil Mathew with her Son, David Mathai Subin

I think mothers always act selflessly in the best interests of their children. It’s nice to celebrate this aspect of women, even if it is for a day. Being a mother has made me a more responsible person and it’s not easy. But it’s great to relive my childhood with my son. Women play many roles and they should be respected for all the roles they play. I believe that all women should make time for themselves and invest in their personal growth. They should do this guilt-free. This way, the children and family respect the woman in her as much as the mother in her. Not just on Mother’s Day, a mother should be appreciated and honoured every single day of the year. All I have to say is that I am proud of my Son and that I love him with all my heart. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there!

Mrs Jacintha D’souza- a homemaker residing in Bejai Mangaluru

We know that the bond a mother has with all her children is special. And because it’s so remarkable, it can often be hard to find the right words to convey how you’re feeling when you’re celebrating a special together. A mother always showers her son with unconditional love. The love they share is beyond comparison at times, so much so that the son may end up being called ‘mama’s boy’. Even though a mother loves all her children equally, generally it is said, a daughter is closer to the father and a son to the mother. But in our family, me and my husband treat our children equally, we love them and they love us.

Mrs Jacintha D’souza seen with children Ms Sheba D’souza (Daughter) and Son, Terrence D’souza, both working abroad

The Parent-Child Relationship nurtures the physical, emotional and social development of the child. It is a unique bond that every child and parent can enjoy and nurture. This relationship lays the foundation for the child’s personality, life choices and overall behaviour. It can also affect the strength of their social, physical, mental and emotional health. As a mother, I am happy that I am blessed with two lovable children, who respect and love me wholeheartedly. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely Mothers out there.

From Mrs Swathi Raviraj, Manager Branding and Communication, KMC, Dr Ambedkar Circle, Hospital Mangaluru

Mrs Swathi Raviraj seen with Ruhan (Class 5) and Sanvi (Class 6)

Being a mother has been the most thrilling part of my life. To have cared for two little babies Sanvi and Ruhan, who have now grown up to their Pre teens! They inspire me and give me great energy and passion towards life. My life is incomplete without my kids, and they are my best friends.

Motherhood is the most beautiful journey in life. A precious responsibility and a challenging job, but worth all of it. I am so blessed to be a mother. Motherhood isn’t about getting work done. It’s about having fun doing it. Happy Mothers’ Day to every mom who is working hard to protect, provide and nurture her kids.

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