Traders in the State Bank Area in City want City buses to Ply Via Hamilton Circle

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Traders in the State Bank Area in the City want City buses to Ply via Hamilton Circle aka State Bank Circle in the heart of Mangaluru

Mangaluru: While many commuters/citizens have supported and liked the present system, however, the Merchants, who conduct business near Hamilton Circle/State Bank Circle and Rao & Rao Circle, have been lamenting that they have been incurring huge losses after the traffic diversion for buses in the city that was introduced in April 2023.. At present, all city, service buses and KSRTC buses are entering the State Bank Service Bus Stand directly and do not ply via the Hamilton Circle – Rao & Rao Circle stretch.

State Bank Vyaparigala Souharda Okkoota members during a press meet headed by former MLC Ivan D’Souza said that at least city buses should continue to ply on the Hamilton Circle – Rao & Rao Circle stretch. Merchants said that their business was affected after buses stopped entering the stretch. Okkoota honorary president and former MLC Ivan D’Souza said “The bus route was changed in the city, without seeking opinion from people. “Students of eight educational institutions and people from Pandeshwar, Goods shed, Bunder and surrounding areas also are forced to shell out extra money for auto rickshaws, after the change in the bus route”.

“Students are forced to pay Rs 45–Rs 60 for auto rickshaws to reach their institutions from the service bus stand. The new bus route is unscientific and violates the city bus permit condition. As per the condition of the permit, there is no provision for city buses to enter bus stands. City buses may stop at bus shelters to pick up passengers,” added Ivan.

Also speaking, MCC Corporator Abdul Latheef said “There are more than 480 shops on the stretch between Hamilton Circle – Rao & Rao Circle. While people find it difficult to buy commodities from those shops, the owners of the shops have lost nearly 90% of their business and many are not able to pay the rent. We have already submitted a memorandum to the district minister, MLAs, DC and the commissioner of Mangaluru City Police. Hence, we have requested the authorities concerned to allow city buses to ply on the Hamilton Circle – Rao & Rao Circle stretch,” Latheef warned of a protest if their demand was not fulfilled.


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  1. Better traders shift their business near busstand. When city is expanding and crowd increasing day by day there should be proper traffic system. The same traders Mafia is reason for stoping construction of busstand near Pumpwell. Better all traders request Pumpwell busstand and shift their business to Pumpwell.

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