‘Traffic Congestion near Education Institutions at Bendore Cause Hardships to Commuters’- Caller to Top Cop

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‘Traffic Congestion near Education Institutions at Bendore Cause Hardships to Commuters’- Caller to Top Cop/Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain during the PHONE-IN Programme held at Commissionerate Hall on Saturday, 3 June 2023.
Mangaluru: The police phone-in programme which was the initiative of the former Police commissioner M Chandrashekar during the year 2016, went on to complete 100 programmes during his tenure, and later was continued further by police commissioners Sandeep Patil and Dr Harsha. However, the phone-in programme was discontinued post the police firing incident in 2019 in Mangaluru. Four years later, the present Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain resumed the Phone-In programme, to resolve the problems faced by the public, either related to traffic or other civic issues, under the City Police Commissionerate limits.

The ‘Phone-in Programme’ was held on Saturday, 3 Jun 2023 from 10 am till 11 am, where 26 callers complained about various issues, including traffic issues, haphazard parking on footpaths and roads, rash driving by bus drivers, the menace of street vendors encroaching the pathways, illegal parking etc. The majority of the complaints were related to the city’s traffic woes. One common complaint is about private buses not stopping at the designated bus stops. The top cop commenced this unique programme aiming at listening to the common man’s problems after he attended a phone-in-programme in the city.

A caller who resides close to St Agnes Institutions, Bendore called in and said, “Every day during school and college hours of these institutions near Bendore, results in a traffic jam, and people like us who need to be at work get stuck in this chaos, and nothing has been done for years, other than promises made. Many times you can see double parking here which blocks the entire stretch, and commuters get frustrated waiting in the traffic jam. This issue has been going on for years, and there has been no solution to rectify it till now”.

K R Prabhu from Bejai called and said “Reckless and rash driving by private City buses is putting the lives of commuters at risk. A bunch of apartments and commercial buildings nearby have permitted parking for commercial purposes, with no parking for others. available. Plus the vehicles are parked illegally, using the space for commercial purposes, even though the parking space is available in the building basement. This leads to traffic congestion”.

In reply, the police commissioner said, “We have already noticed this and we are trying our best to rectify the issue. When the building owners approach us to take NOC, they inform us that there is a parking space, but gradually they convert the parking space for commercial purposes. The local administration and the city corporation should act against it. We will do our best to discuss the issue with MCC officials and find a solution”.

Lohithaksha, from Pandeshwar, complained that he had reported to the police about a theft that had taken place at his residence a month ago, but there had been no results or action taken. The police commissioner assured that he will follow up on the issue and direct the concerned police personnel to follow up and do the needful soon.

Balakrishna Nayak from Moodbidri complained that auto drivers are charging exorbitant charges to passengers without using the auto fare meter. If the police department and RTO coordinate and display auto fares visible to the public in public places, it will help the commuters. In reply, the commissioner said, “The police department is already looking over the issue. The issue will be rectified at the earliest, after discussing it with the RTO”.

Prakash Padiyar informed that several homeless, drunkards, and offenders have made State Bank Nehru Maidan as their dwelling spot. This will give a bad image to the city. The commissioner said that he will take action soon. A person who called from Moodbidri complained to the commissioner about a person who is brewing illicit liquor under Moodbidri station limits. The commissioner said, “We will act soon and raid the premises and book the accused under sections of the Excise Act.”

Guru from Mulky complained that Matka (Andhar Bahar) is taking place inside a bar. The police commissioner assured that strict action will be taken and the bar owner will be punished. Callers also informed that vehicles are recklessly parked on the footpath and road near Mangaladevi temple. This has led to traffic congestion. In reply, the commissioner asked the ACP to appoint staff from the temple for proper traffic management and proper parking arrangements for the vehicles of devotees. However, one activist pointed out that though it was assured that due action will be taken without delay, it does not seem to happen, in certain cases.

Others complained about making the road stretch from Clock Tower to State Bank/Hamilton Circle two-way since the present one-way is very problematic. The police commissioner said that he will have a meeting with MCC and MSCL authorities soon and come up with a solution. Arvind Prakash Bolar informed us that the vehicles are not following traffic rules instead they come in the wrong direction on the road. Two-wheeler riders are not using helmets. Moreover, triple riding is common in the area. The commissioner said that several awareness programmes have been held. He urged the public to follow traffic rules. When there is self-discipline, the system will be working fine. The public should adhere to the traffic rules, he added.

There were complaints about traffic congestion near the Central Market construction area since most of the space is encroached on by street vendors. Mrs Savitha from Kulur said that opposite the VRL building, they are welding and the sparks are dangerous to pedestrians passing by. Prithvi Rao from Attavar said that illegal parking in front of DMart is causing inconveniences to others. Rose Pinto from Bikkarnakatta said that her 84-year-old mother who is ill is having a tough time due to the loudspeaker noise daily. Top Cop said that he will take action. Mohammed Ashraf from Ullal said that the seized vehicles parked on the roadside in front of the Ullal police station are causing hardship.

Shivaprasad from Kulshekar complained about four-wheelers using bright headlights which hit the eyes of oncoming vehicles, especially two-wheeler riders. GK Bhat from Pumpwell after complimenting the police commissioner for resuming the phone-In programme said that it would be nice that the road stretch from Clock Tower to State Bank Circle made two-Way. Dr Balige complained of unauthorized agents inside the RTO making quick money in getting the work done. He insisted that police should ban them from doing such illegal business.

These were among the many issues that callers had complained about during the phone-In programme. DCPs Anshu Kumar (law and order), Dinesh Kumar (Crime and Traffic), ACP traffic Geetha Kulkarni, ACP Ravish Nayak CCRB; and Manoj Kumar, among other police officials were present.

The public can call 0824-2220801 and 0824-2220830 during the next Phone-In Programme

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