Traffic Cop gone a Good Samaritan! PC Sharanappa Fixing a Hazardous Pothole goes Viral

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Mangaluru City Traffic Cop gone Good Samaritan! Police Constable of Pandeshwar Police Station Sharanappa Fixing a Hazardous Pothole goes Viral on Social Media, with lots of praises pouring in

Mangaluru: Among many civic issues that persist today in Coastal City-Mangaluru, roads filled with potholes are still a matter of grave concern across the city. Roads, which are meant to connect villages, districts, and states, have always been riddled with potholes, causing dire consequences to commuters, including death. While our local Netas, MP and MLAs and authorities at Mangaluru City Corporation are busy planning in renaming roads and circles and turning a blind eye to potholed city roads, from time to time, many concerned citizens have taken matters into their own hands.

Traffic constable Sharanappa of Pandeshwar police station

And here we have a Traffic constable Sharanappa of Pandeshwar police station who is one of them, who is seen filling a pothole single-handedly near the Rao & Rao circle, which has been a dangerous spot for motorists, especially the two-wheeler riders, and me being one of them riding a scooter. I have noticed this potholed ridden area for days and wanted to highlight it on our web, but now a Good Samaritan has solved the problem by fixing it.

People should appreciate what this traffic cop, apart from doing his duty of managing the traffic, has done by performing community service. It will be so unfortunate if somebody dies due to a pothole. If the authorities have not been doing enough, as responsible citizens, we have to shoulder the responsibility and start the repair of these potholes. Whether it is a small or big contribution, Sharanappa has served the society by doing his bit.”

Using mud, bricks, and interlocking tiles he has filled the hazardous pothole, thereby putting the motorists, especially two-wheeler riders out of risk. It is nice to note that Sharanappa posted in traffic, and has also engaged in social work. Even though his purpose is to regulate traffic and issue challans to traffic rules violators, he has also concentrated more on social work and assisting the public rather than just issuing challans. Apart from the Top Cop, commuters are also praising the efforts of the cop for making their journey safe. PC Sharanappa is indeed doing a double job on a single person’s salary.

Ever since N Shashi Kumar took over the charge of Police Commissioner of Mangaluru, he has been very kind and courteous to his police personnel, recognizing selfless acts of the police personnel in the city police commissionerate by facilitating and rewarding them with cash- and there are very good chances that Sharanappa will also be rewarded by the Top Cop for his social service. No doubt that Sharanappa has gone beyond the call of duty and doing public service. We need more such people.

It is a particular situation for the police personnel who are forced to undertake such quick-fix repairs, to ensure the smooth flow of traffic at bustling junctions. We need to commend Sharanappa for having done a good community service.

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