Traffic Warden Maxim Moras Didn’t Stop Community Service Even While Grieving His Mom’s Death

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Traffic Warden Maxim Moras Didn’t Stop Community Service controlling the hectic traffic near Padua on NH 66, Even While Grieving His Mom’s Death. ACP (Traffic) Nataraj appreciated and commended Maxim’s dedicated and committed service, handling the traffic chaos, in spite of a loved one’s death in his family

Mangaluru: The death of someone we love and the grief it triggers often proves to be life’s most difficult experience. It can take a toll on one’s emotional and physical health alike. Unfortunately, most employers expect workers to return to their jobs well before they feel ready to resume their “normal” activities. Struggling with grief while at work can be a challenge. Death makes us uncomfortable and often leaves us tongue-tied and at a loss for words, which is why we usually resort to death-denying euphemisms, saying the wrong thing or (worse) saying nothing at all.

But here in the case of Francis Maxim Moras, a Senior Traffic Warden rendering his Free services to the Mangaluru City Traffic Police in controlling the traffic, after his regular job of transporting children to their respective schools in his van, and after school hours, one can see him handling the traffic chaos near Padua junction on NH 66. His mother Cecelia Moras, aged 86 had expired on Sunday, and while her body was kept in Fr Muller Hospital Morgue till the funeral rites on Wednesday, Maxim even while grieving the loss of his loving mother, didn’t stay home, instead continued with his Traffic Warden services on Monday and Tuesday- and many were surprised with his selfless service to the community- and one person, Dj Kiran Fernandes, who saw him doing his duty, appreciated his service and clicked a few photos and sent it to

When someone we love dies, the grief is difficult, if not impossible, to escape for long because the littlest thing can trigger thoughts/reminders. Death creates an immense and immediate void in our lives that instantly shatters our sense of comfort, joy, and happiness. Regardless of our relationship to the deceased—whether parent or child, sibling or spouse, friend or family member—we never truly “get over” the grief caused by the death of a loved one, and certainly not before the end of the inadequate funeral. Because grief affects us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, many never show up to work until they come out of the grief, but in the case of Maxim, it was a different story. With sadness still in his heart, he still decided to carry on with his monetary service, with love for his duty and for the community. And we should all appreciate his selfless service, amidst the sadness of a death in the family.

This kind-hearted Good Samaritan who had received praises and compliments from people for the good work he does for the community was conferred with the 2020 DK Rajyotsava Award. Also, appreciating his service and dedication Maxim has been honoured by many other organizations and educational institutions. to name a few- by St Theresa School, Bendore; St. Agnes School-Bendoor, Jeppu Seminary Church-Jeppu, Barke Friends, The Parents Teachers Association of St Theresa School; The Mangalore Police Commissioner, Kadri Cricketers, Skanda Bhajana Mandali- Neermarga, Kids Paradise Kindergarten-Bendore, MCC BJP Ward no 37, among many others, including special recognition from the Bishop of Mangalore Diocese.

Undaunted by Heavy Rains or treacherous summer heat, Maxim Moras daily controls Traffic on busy NH-66 (Mangaluru- Udupi -Goa- Mumbai), near Padua PU College, Mangaluru. His bravery and hard work have been appreciated by many on social media, and he has been receiving accolades from all quarters. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Maxim said, “I have humbly accepted all these awards and felicitations as encouragement and hope that many more people would come forward to contribute their bit to the society in whichever way possible. The service which I am rendering is free of remuneration, purely selfless and honorary, and this is a small contribution from my side to society. I am satisfied with this work and I have determined myself that I would continue this as long as I have the strength to do it. I never expected that my service would be noticed and appreciated by society. Losing my mother was sad, but to overcome the sadness and keep myself occupied rather than grieving, I decided to do my duties, with love to my mother and society”.

Appreciating the dedicated and committed service rendered by Francis Maxim Moras to the Mangaluru Traffic Police, a team of traffic police, including ACP (Traffic) Nataraj, Kadri Traffic Inspector Gopalkrishna Bhat, Sub Inspectors and constables showed up at Moras house to pay their respect to the Soul of Maxim’s mother Cecilia- that was indeed a kind gesture and thought of the Traffic Police Crew. May God bless Maxim Francis Moras, and may he keep up the good work that he is entrusted with.


Photos and Video by Dj Kiran Fernandes, Kulshekar, Mangaluru

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