Training Session on ‘Peer Support in Times of Psychological Crisis’ held at St Aloysius PU College

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A training session on ‘Peer Support in times of Psychological Crisis’ for empowering student buddies was held at St Aloysius PU College

Mangaluru: In observance of Suicide Prevention Month, the Department of Counselling at St. Aloysius PU College conducted a valuable training session for the college’s student buddies on the crucial topic of ‘Peer Support in times of Psychological Crisis’.

Dr Kavyashree K.B, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology from St. Agnes Centre for Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Mangalore, served as the resource person for this enlightening event.

During her engaging session, Dr Kavyashree underscored the profound impact individuals can have in someone’s life during moments of psychological turmoil. She emphasized the essence of peer support, which is not about solving others’ problems but rather assisting them in finding their solutions with genuine care and respect. Drawing upon the analogy of a caterpillar’s struggle to break free from its cocoon to transform into a butterfly, she beautifully conveyed the idea that challenges are often integral to personal growth.

The training program concentrated on honing essential skills, including active listening, attentiveness, respect, authenticity, acceptance, and empathy. Dr Kavyashree encouraged the buddies to foster an optimistic outlook when dealing with adversities, while also developing healthy coping strategies.

The interactive training program featured role-playing exercises, thought-provoking discussions, real-life case studies, and insights into the available instrumental support resources. As the session drew to a close, the student buddies were not only able to recognize their existing skills for effective peer support but also identified areas where further development was needed. They departed the session feeling empowered and better equipped to fulfil their roles as buddies, offering essential support to their peers.

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