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‘TREND 2K17’ at FMMC- Aimed to Bring Changes in Administrators

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‘TREND 2K17’ at FMMC- Aimed to Bring Changes in Administrators

Mangaluru: Quoting a few lyrics from the Fr Muller Institution Anthem, ” Come, Doctor, live your noble Hippocrate’s bequest; Come, Nurse, by Nightingale inspired, forget your broken rest; Come all who soothe in ways unsung Humanity’s unrest; Let’s all as one, with love pursue the toil by millions blest. We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal; We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal”- we need to compliment all the medical fraternity and nurses who are doing a wonderful job in treating and taking care of the patients. But in the same time, we should not also forget the the administrators of the hospital who are also responsible and doing their best in running the Health Care section. And to bring a few changes in their skills and development among these Health Care Administrators, a workshop was organized at Fr Muller Medical College on Wednesday, 25 January 2017.

The common perception of a healthcare facility/Hospital includes plenty of nurses hustling from patient to patient, doctors doing bedside consultations and patients recovering peacefully in their beds. But tucked away in an office, filing invoices and making schedules, you’ll find a vital piece of any well-run medical institution: an administrator. When a facility functions smoothly, it’s easy for an administrator’s work to pass unnoticed. But it is equally easy to notice when a healthcare administrator’s work is not being done properly. An administrator’s duties include –

Creating budgets, filing patient records and processing insurance claims; Representing the facility to investors and governing boards; Hiring, training and monitoring support staff; Overseeing maintenance and repair of physical facilities; Developing goals for the facility and strategies for how to achieve those goals; Negotiating with vendors and suppliers; Conducting community outreach programs. Without an administrator, any key organizational duty would be left to an overwhelmed staff already busy trying to juggle the demands of patient needs and concerned families with mountains of paperwork and clerical duties. The business end of healthcare would suffer on a day-to-day basis, from marketing to accounting or ensuring patient care. If someone does not perform the administrative tasks, healthcare facilities could run out of supplies with no one negotiating vendor contracts, face staff shortages from poor scheduling, or even go out of business without the oversight of finances.

The Workshop “TREND 2K17” with the theme “Changing Skills and development Among Healthcare Administrators” was inaugurated by the chief guest, Dr. K Sekar, Registrar NIMHANS-Bengaluru in the presence of Rev. Fr. Patrick Rodrigues, Director, Father Muller Charitable Institutions, Dr. Jayaprakash Alva, Dean of Father Muller Medical College; Ms Swetha D’Cunha- Workshop/Course Coordinator, Dept. of Hospital Administration, Fr Muller Medical College; and Dr Namratha S- Staff Co-ordinator, Dept of Hospital Administration, FMMC.

Delivering his inaugural address, Dr K Sekar said, “Health care administrators have varying roles and functions depending on the size of the facility they oversee. Generally, health care administrators plan, coordinate, and supervise the functions of health care facilities and the staff that work there. They are responsible for the efficient operations of a specific department such as policy analysis, finance, accounting, budgeting, human resources, or marketing. Health care administrators are often called on to maintain and develop professional standards, procedures, and policies for various institutional activities. They are also responsible for developing and expanding programs for scientific research, preventive medicine, medical and vocational rehabilitation, and community health and welfare. To be successful as a health care administrator, an individual needs to have good leadership and managerial skills. They should also be well organized, have good written and oral communication skills, and be attentive to detail”.

He further said, “Good administrators are required to run a good health care facility. Today’s administration is very challenging when compared to decades ago. To manage and run a smooth administration, the administrators should be knowledgeable, well trained and qualified. They need to show empathy, have large amount of skills to solve any problems, they need to be critical and must have creative thinking while understanding their Health Care work. They need to be kind, also spend some time in an ICU so that they can understand what Health Care looks like, they should have the interpersonal relationship, and most of all, empathy”.

Addressing the gathering in his presidential address, Fr Patrick Rodrigues said, “Managing a Health Care has been very complex these days when compared to yester years. We need modern skills training, lots of experience in managing a Health Care organization. Healthcare is one of India’s largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment and the sector is expanding rapidly. The healthcare industry in India is reckoned to be the engine of the economy in the years to come. Healthcare contributes significantly to a country’s economy. Today’s workshop which is aimed at Changing Skills and development Among Healthcare Administrators”, will be a signature event for the students to promote and enhance their knowledge and skills through discussions, deliberation, demonstrations, innovation and creativity regarding the skills to be acquired by the Hospital Administrators”.

“Your functions, ideas, thinking need to be changed. You need to equip yourselves. Untrained and unqualified staff can’t run and take care of a Health Care organization-they need to well qualified, well trained, well equipped and good. New ideas and new qualities need to be introduced for the smooth running of Health care facility. Strong team building skills are a necessity for successful administrators looking to incorporate multiple perspectives, lower costs and improve communication to minimize mistakes by medical staff. Team building has to be done by someone who is emotionally engaged and strong in the soft skills of communication, empathy, responsibility and conflict resolution. No one was smarter than everyone. Great ideas came from those discussions. More than prescriptions, medicine involves communication, tolerance, flexibility, listening, hard work and a passion for the practice.” added Fr Rodrigues.

Briefing about the projects planned during the Vicennial Year and Celebrating 20 years of Leadership in Hospital administration, Sweta D’Cunha said, “Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, working together is a success, said Henry Ford. The college has emerged as one of Karnataka’s great success stories in Allied Science education in this region under the Rajiv Gandhi University. On Feb 1997, the course was inaugurated with 4 students, which includes me and has developed to heights with full intake year after year till date. The course provides training to the graduates in the management of the hospitals and health care sectors. The students are provided with practical training in different units of the hospital along with daily regular theory classes.”

“The regular academic activities include Guest lectures, Journal club, postings in various clinical and non-clinical departments of the hospital, visits to government and corporate hospitals. an internship training program at the end of the third semester. HORIZON, a National conference organised every 2 yrs, TRENDS, a workshop organised every year are our signature events. Over 230 students have studied till date and are rendering service all over the globe as corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and competent administrators. I am happy to also share, that the students of various batches have excelled in university exams by achieving ranks”.

We are thankful to the management who include our past Director Fr Baptist Menezes, our current Director Fr Patrick Rodrigues, our past administrators Fr Lawrence Dsouza, Fr Dennis Dsa and our current administrator Fr Rudolf Ravi D’sa, past Hospital administrator Fr Stany Tauro and current administrator fr Richard Coelho. We also thank our Dean, Dr Jayaprakash Alva who supports us in our every endeavor and our past Dean & CMS Dr Sanjeev Rai who initiated, mentored and elevated the dept to greater heights. As we are celebrating our Vicennial year we would like to make it memorable. In our journey of learning and leadership, we have various events planned. We look forward to your active participation” added Sweta D’Cunha.

The events/activities planned during the Vicennial Year are: Event- Mind Spark, with activities like Poster making contest; paper presentation, and article writing; Event- Voice Out Loud – Flash mob; Street plays; Event- Revive-Make It Burn: Sports, Cultural events, Brand marketing, Advertising. Event- Build Your Skills: Enrichment programmes, Skill development programmes; Event- Vicennial Almanac: Documentary on course, Magazine and Souvenirs; Event- Seva Asthivath: Service related activities; Event- Stay Connected: Alumni Meet; Event- Horizon: International Conference. The event/activities display board was unveiled by Fr Patrick Rodrigues along with other dignitaries.

Dr K Sekar also delivered the keynote address. The welcome address was delivered by Dr JP Alva, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Namratha S, where she especially thanked Mangalorean.com for the exclusive pre and post coverage on TREND 2K17. The resource persons for the workshop are Dr K Sekar, Registrar NIMHANS; Fr John Thekkekara, Associate Professor, and Fr Vimal Francis TISS.-Mumbai (Topic -Eligibility for Employment); Dr Jeedhu Radhakrishnan-Consultant, Emergency Medicine, University, Medical Centre-KMC Hospital (Topic- Disaster Preparedness in the Hospital); Dr Rameela Shekhar, Dean, Roshni Nilaya, School of Social Work, Mangaluru (Topic- Organizational Stress and its Management).

The programme was professionally compered by Jerlyn D’souza- and Chitra Yathindra, students of 2nd and 1st MHA respectively at FMMC

Celebrating 20 years of Leadership in Hospital Administration

by Dr Namratha S Professor, Department of Hospital Administration, FMMC

2017 Department of Hospital Administration, FMMC celebrates its Vicennial year- The college has emerged as one of Karnataka’s great success stories in Allied Science education in this region under the Rajiv Gandhi University. Department of Hospital Administration was established in 1997 as a centre for imparting full-fledged PG course for 2 years divided into four semesters, on the completion of which the eligible students are awarded the degree of Masters in Hospital Administration by RGUHS.

This course in Hospital Administration supports students through their academic journey in the management of hospitals which makes a rapid, tangible difference in their lives, studies and careers. The students are trained to inculcate and practice managerial skills that are required in order to become a successful and an efficient hospital administrator, Quality and Operations Managers. On a regular basis, the students are provided with practical training in different Units/Departments of the hospital along with daily theory classes.

For two decades, the esteem with which this department is held locally, nationally, and internationally has immeasurably enhanced the visibility and prestige of the department as it trains students to grapple with some of the world’s thorniest geopolitical challenges. They leave the portals of the college well-versed in leadership skills and with a deep perspective of the interconnectedness between technology, human relations, and policy.

Our commitment to high quality and support to student education within FMMC is the key of the Department preparing students for success around the globe. The students in this department are equipped for multi-tasking which is very much appreciated by their employers. But beyond that, we have been able to collaborate so well in minor studies, Trainee Administrator program, professional development, internship and other important areas of healthcare on an ongoing basis.

At the end of the third semester, an internship training program for a duration of one month is arranged, wherein the students are allowed to work in any hospital of their choice within the country.

The alumni are helping shape global relations as part of such entities as they are scattered in all parts of the globe. Some of them serve in the Public Sectors Office, Corporate and Private Hospitals, among others. Clearly, the department is “Designing the Future,” to “expand our global footprint and influence to ensure that we are graduating good global citizens.”


Students who were the university toppers for the respective years under RGUHS:

– Quadros Flavian Felix secured FIRST RANK in the examination held in September 2007
– Dr. Shwetha secured SECOND RANK in the examination held in September 2007
– Prabha Mary secured SECOND RANK in the examination held in September 2014
– Ralien D’Souza secured THIRD RANK in the examination held in September 2015
– Sujisha P secured FOURTH RANK in the examination held in September 2015
– Suraksha secured FIFTH RANK in the examination held in September 2015
– Reena VJ secured SEVENTH RANK in the examination held in September 2015

In commemoration of the vicennial year of the department series of activities are planned. Enrichment programmes for both faculty and students, Management, Leadership, Creative, Research and article writing, several literary and cultural competitions will be held in the campus throughout the year.

We continue to grow, going from strength-to-strength, and we are excited to bring in unique and holistic approach to Hospital Administration education even in the future. Congratulations on the 20th anniversary and we look forward to furthering success as this department continues its evolution.

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