Tulu Koota Kuwait Holds ‘Family Picnic 2023’

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Tulu Koota Kuwait Holds ‘Family Picnic 2023’

Kuwait: The Tulukoota Family picnic which was held on 3rd  March 2023 at Al-Sahel sports Club, Abu Halifa drew a huge cheerful crowd. The climate was pleasant and perfect for the outdoor picnic. The entire TKK team’s combined effort and the audience partaking led to the success of the family picnic.

The event started with the march past tuned with the traditional Chende beat led by the flag bearers who were former TKK sports secretaries of the association, depicting the colour of our National Flag Orange, White, Green and Blue. All present in the arena stood in attention to honour the National Anthem of Kuwait and India. Sports Secretary Mr Srinath Prabhu inaugurated the first phase of the event traditionally by breaking the coconut and seeking blessings from God for the efficient running of the event. The President of Tulu Koota Kuwait Mr Abdul Razak, Convener Mr Sudhakar Shetty and Chief Guest Ms Lucy Lobo Aranha along with the Managing and Advisory committee, lighted the Torch declaring the event open followed by hoisting Tulu Koota Flag and releasing colourful
balloons in the air.

President Abdul Razak in his welcome speech said that sports event confers fitness and fun for both on body and mind. TKK President thanked all event sponsors for their continuous support throughout the year.

Chief Guest Ms Lucy Lobo Aranha mentioned that Tulukoota Kuwait is an association that works in unity to achieve its motive irrespective of caste and religion; she rendered good wishes and more success to the association. Convener Mr Sudhakar Shetty praised the activities of Tulu Koota and said it is a blessed association.

Tulukoota Kuwait Kids and Adults represented Tulu Nadu games like Kabaddi, Cycle tyre, Girgit, Kutti Donne, Kho Kho, Galipata and Lagori in a Musical roleplay while the Sports event was well coordinated by Sports Secretary Mr Srinath Prabhu. Children of 0-2 years sported the lucky winner game, and ages 2-4 years played passing the ball and collecting the coloured balls. Kids above 4-6 displayed their Yogasana skills and a few more enrolled in Run pick and run. Boys and Girls above 6-9 enjoyed the traditional games of Breaking the pot and Lagori. Age group above 0-12 boys and girls aimed at hitting the wicket and 100-meter race. 12- 16 boys and girls raced for 200 meters. Collecting the straws and musical chairs for TKK senior citizen members.

Ladies and Men enrolled and enjoyed games like water filling, Kutti Donne and shotput. Married couples geared up for a fun-filled Urbana (Kaigadi) race and pricking straw.

Team games like Kabaddi, Volley Ball, Throw ball, and Tug of war were organized, all the teams played with great enthusiasm and their zest over the game was a treat to the eyes of all the spectators.

Open to all Games like Breaking the Pot, Housie – Housie hosted by Mr Chandrahas Shetty and Spot quiz was conducted in between the games throughout the event by Mr Tharendra P Shettigar for which delightful prizes were presented to the winners.

“Thathwamasi” won the Kabaddi tournament and the runner-up “Team 23”, Throw ball tournament trophy was awarded to “Kuwait Konkans” and runner-up “Team Alfa”. “Boubyan A” won the volleyball tournament and runner-up “Boubyan B”, Winners of the Tug of war men were “S K Boubyan” and the Ladies’ team “Shining star”. All the winners were offered amazing prizes and Trophies. New membership holders were presented with a surprise
gift as a token of gratitude for registering in the TKK family.

The entire event was well hosted by Dr Preeti Shetty, Mr Tharendra P Shettigar and Mr Manoj Shetty. Sangeetha and Oriental Restaurant served Delicious Breakfast and Lunch whilst Anand Illuminations arranged Sound.

The success of the event is bestowed to all the committee members of Tulukoota Kuwait who in unison worked for the success of the event.

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