TV Firm Files Complaint against Apt Complex for Retaining Wall Collapse Damaging their 5 Vehicles

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TV Firm Files Complaint against Apt Complex for Retaining Wall Collapse Damaging their 5 Vehicles

  • TV Firm ‘Namma Kudla Channel’ Files Complaint against ‘NorthernSky Alexandria Apartment Complex, near Tagore Park, Light House Hill Road for Retaining Wall Collapse which had Damaged their Five Vehicles parked in a shed, used for live TV coverage, fitted with cameras and other digital equipment-all damaged in this incident. Meanwhile, Classic Apartments Residents Association will be filing a case soon for the loss incurred due to this incident and causing lots of inconveniences.

Mangaluru: Recalling the incident which took place on 11 September 2020, where the protective/retaining wall of the residential complex “ESSEL HEIGHTS” in Derebail/Kuntikain the city collapsed right behind the building and buried a few cars parked under the falling debris. Luckily no injuries or death were reported due to this incident. Who should have been blamed for this incident- Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Officials for giving LICENCE without doing a proper inspection or the BUILDER for constructing an unsafe retaining wall, showing carelessness and negligence towards the safety of the residents?

Residents of ‘Essel Heights’-Derebail Evacuated as Retaining Wall Collapses-Few Cars Buried

And now we have yet another incident where the retaining wall of a mega apartment complex came crashing down due to the incessant rains, causing damage to property and a bunch of vehicles. Due to the heavy load of the mega apartment complex ‘NorthernSky Alexandria’, near Tagore Park on Light House Hill Road, Mangaluru, the retaining wall which was unscientifically built with no proper safety measures, came crashing down due to the torrential rains that hit the Coastal city during the weekend. Due to this incident, five TV channel (Namma Kudla) vehicles were totally damaged, including huge LED screens, computers, laptops, cameras, digital equipment and many other expensive electronic gadgets which were inside these vehicles. In regard to this, the owner of Namma Kudla TV Channel has filed a complaint against the Alexandria apartment owner for the terrible losses incurred due to their negligence.

This incident that luckily happened at night (if it was during daytime there would be injuries or fatalities since many residents of the nearby apartments take exercise walk) was a nightmare to the residents of ‘Classic Apartments’, and business owners of ‘Classic Arcade’, which are near to the wall of the apartment that collapsed. The residents are still in fear that something serious could happen in future since the mega apartment behind them has been built in a congested area and unscientifically. There is not even much space left for the fire brigade trucks to come in case of fire or any other emergency incidents. And still, MCC has given license to this megastructure, which poses a safety hazard to the neighbours.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, a renowned civil engineer said, “The most common signs of failure of a retaining wall are tilting out of plumb or cracking (horizontal, vertical and/or stair-step). The reasons for these types of failures are lack of proper reinforcement, improper drainage behind the wall (lack of weep holes or clogged holes), foundation footing problems, settlement or expansion of the soil, overloading of the wall, construction errors, and/or other design errors”.

Most of the retaining walls that failed consisted of unreinforced concrete block masonry walls. These are the type of walls where most likely no licensed engineer was involved in its design. The end result of an improperly designed and/or constructed wall is gradual, forward-tilting, followed by eventual collapse. The latter normally occurs during heavy rainfall”.

“Drainage conditions also play a large role in the success or failure of a retaining wall. If water is allowed to collect behind the wall, the horizontal forces increase substantially. Poor drainage conditions are usually the reason most wall failures occur during rainfall. “Failure” of a retaining wall does not necessarily mean total collapse, but rather signs of impending instability and the likelihood of a collapse. Design errors as the cause of failures are relatively rare when prepared by an experienced designer. Thorough investigations and detailed measurements/research will help distinguish between pre-existing conditions and sudden and accidental losses,” added the Engineer.

Whether all requirements and systematic procedures as mentioned by this engineer were followed in this Retain Wall Collapse, will be known only after thorough investigation – until then the residents and business owners in the two Classic properties nearby have to live in fear, thinking what could be the next disaster to take place from the neighbouring mega apartment structure.

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  1. What is the use of filing complaints against builders. If you really want the public to get justice (File complaint against Town planning Officer who had given permit to build unauthorised construction in Mangalore limits!

  2. Being working at classic arcade for some years….its very much known that the wall is of the classic apartment built decades back and not maintained…why would the wall be painted in classic arcades colour theme…if the wall is of the neighbouring apartment…ath apedayena agarg nikul dayeg paint haakuwar🤣

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