Two Arrested in Demolition of St Antony Prayer Centre, Panjimogeru

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Two Arrested in Demolition of St Antony Prayer Centre, Panjimogeru

Mangaluru: The Kavoor police on February 21, arrested two persons in connection with the demolition of St Antony Prayer centre in Urandady Gudde-Panjimogaru.

The arrested have been identified as Lathish (25) from Bajpe  and Dhananjay (36) from Panjimogeru.

On February 5, some people had come with a JCB at around 11 am when no one was in the area and razed the St Antony Prayer House building. Even when there was a stay order from the court and the hearing was scheduled for 14 February 2022, the court order was violated and the St Antony Prayer House was demolished. 

In this connection, the board members of the St Antony Holy Cross Building committee had filed a complaint and demanded the arrest of the accused. On February 21, the Kavoor police arrested two of the accused.

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  1. What a paradox ….While crore spent in building statues with public money on public property…. and destroying a small prayer centre. This is a tragedy of crowd mentality and ignorance of self consciousness.

  2. Atleast 120 temples were vandalized in AP more than 30 temples in TN were demolished but only one church was demolished and so much hue and cry

  3. It is showing disregard for the law which is the kicker. The decision of the court is binding on what their judgement would be.

  4. Demolition of any religious place of worship is a sacrilege. In this situation it’s pure disregard for the law of the land.

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