‘Two Good Traffic Wardens’ Gone ‘Too Good Samaritans’! Duo Fix Hazardous Potholes Late at Night

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‘Two Good Traffic Wardens’ Gone ‘Too Good Samaritans’! Duo Traffic Wardens Francis Maxim Moras and Roshan Roy Sequeira Fix Hazardous Potholes Late at Night for the benefit of motorists and pedestrians SAFETY and their LIVES!

Mangaluru: These Traffic Wardens should be considered as the True ‘Covid Warriors’! Undaunted by heavy rains, or treacherous hot weather, they stand in the middle of the road controlling the mad rush of the traffic, and their bravery and hard work should be appreciated and commended by the citizens of Mangaluru. While the police department has appreciated the dedicated and hard work put in by these Traffic Wardens, Team Mangalorean also appreciates the good work done for the society, amidst pandemic and amidst the dangerous flow of local or highway traffic by these trio brave men.

Leading by example and inspiring thousands in their path, a few good Indian Samaritans are winning hearts with their efforts. Rising above the pandemic constraints and helping others in need, today the real-life Covid Warriors are playing a pivotal role, Kudos to all these Covid Warriors, who are stepping out to work daily, who maintain strict isolation at home. Compelled by their jobs to step out every day, the doctors, police, nurses, security guards, ambulance drivers, health care workers, among others are Traffic Control Wardens, who are part of the army of ‘corona warriors’ helping the society battle the pandemic. The coronavirus story is not about one person or two on opposite ends of the social spectrum. Many thousands of others. who necessarily have to physically interact with people outside, maintain strict distancing norms at home to ensure their families don’t get infected, even if they happen to.


And here we have these two bold and brave men of the Traffic Warden Organization, being Good Samaritans and “Covid Warriors’ doing a bit for the society, by controlling the traffic,and whatever other help they can do. Getting ready now takes more time as they need to ensure they wear the mask and the gloves properly. They practice extreme caution too. Going out everyday, even to do the jobs necessary to ensure that people are safe in the lockdown period, comes with its own issues, and the duo make sure their families are safe also, since they are in the midst of motorists and public. Put your hands together and open your hearts to these two “Covid Warriors’, who have gone out of their way to save the lives of the motorists and pedestrians.


Meet Francis Maxim Moras, the Senior Head of Traffic Warden who manages traffic near the congested and chaotic near Padua High School/College, and Roshan Roy Sequeira, who manages traffic near C V Nayak Hall/Bharath Beedi Factory/Kambla Road turning on Kadri Road- and they both do one heckuva job in controlling the traffic. This kind of situation is also when people want to reach home quickly or at least take shelter from the rain, but the traffic either keeps moving or just does not move ahead, which worsens the situation- and this has to be controlled manually- and the right men at the helm of the job among the other Traffic wardens in them taem are Francis Maxim Moras, and Roshan Roy Sequeira.. The efforts of these brave Men who manage to see that the traffic flows in a continuous and smooth manner in the pouring rain or shine, should be commended. And they are all doing this service for FREE, during their spare time, and asking for no compensation or favours. A total Community Service on their part, which is praiseworthy.

Roshan while doing his Traffic control duty at his regular spot, noticed twice men and women riding their two-wheelers losing balance and falling off their vehicles due to couple potholes at the turning point near Kadri Kambla road- and he wanted to prevent such two-wheeler incidents happening in future- he along with his friends Aaron John Nazareth from Bejai and Shanker Karkala set to work late at night and filled the potholes with concrete- and their work lasted past midnight. But they were all happy that they helped in preventing more mishaps taking place due to the potholes, even though the concerned officials from City corporation or district administration were least bothered about the safety of the people.


And Francis Maxim who transports children in his van to their respective schools, had noticed crater like potholes near Bunts Hostel Circle, so he too wanted to lend his service in filing the potholes so that two-wheeler riders won’t fall off from their vehicles while moving on these potholes. Francis along with Roshan, Shanker Karkala, and a security man from a nearby building joined in filling the potholes, at night with the work lasting till the wee hours. Yes, we know that Mangaluru City faces unique traffic issues on two counts — narrow roads and diversion of underground parking space for other purposes. Consequently, pressure on the traffic police is always high. And when there are bad and dilapidated roads, motorists and pedestrians lives are in danger- and this is where good Samaritans like these two Traffic Wardens come to the rescue, when the concerned authorities fail to do their jobs, when it comes to the safety of the public.

While introducing these two brave men- Francis Maxim Moras, aged 59 years, is a senior traffic warden in the city of Mangaluru, now promoted as Deputy Chief Traffic Warden of TWO, whose other profession is transporting school children to and fro. After High School education, he ran his own electrical and plumbing service for six years, till 1990. From 1991, till today, Maxim has been transporting school children in the morning and evening, apart from Traffic Warden service near the Padua High School/College. This kind-hearted “Covid Warrior’, who had received praises and compliments from people for the good work he does for the community, was conferred with the DK Rajyotsava Award 2020, noticing the service rendered by Him for the community.

Also appreciating his service and dedication he had been honoured by many other organizations and education institutions. to name a few- by St Theresa School, Bendore; St. Agnes School-Bendoor,, Jeppu Seminary Church-Jeppu, Barke Friends, The Parents Teachers Association of St Theresa School; The Mangalore Police Commissioner, Kadri Cricketers, Skanda Bhajana Mandali- Neermarga, Kids Paradise Kindergarten-Bendore, and in November 2021 MCC BJP Ward no 37 also felicitated him for being a Rajyotsava Awardee. He has been also felicitated by St Theresa School, Bendore; St. Agnes School-Bendore,, Jeppu Seminary Church-Jeppu, Barke Friends, The Parents Teachers Association of St Theresa School; The Mangalore Police Commissioner, Kadri Cricketers, Skanda Bhajana Mandali-Neermarga, Kids Paradise Kindergarten-Bendore.

Roshan Roy Sequeira, hailing from Puttur, presently works at the prestigious Lourdes Central School, Bejai-Mangaluru Being a music lover, he works as a music producer (part time) at a local Radio station and does D J for private occasions. Having a social work background, since March 2020, he has offered his service to the Mangalore city police as traffic warden, between 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, during the peak hours, near C V Nayak Hall/Bharath Beedi Junction. ” It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction working for the benefit of our citizens of Mangaluru, and trying to make a difference. Serving the community has always been my motto, and I want to utilize it by being a Traffic Warden,’ says Roshan.

In conclusion, no doubt, we are living in the times of coronavirus – a global emergency that has put an abrupt stop to everyone’s daily life. In these gloomy times, when many of us are confined in the comforts of our homes to stay safe during the pandemic, there are many out there who have decided to step out of their comfort zone and do their bit for those who are not as fortunate, including these twoTraffic Wardens- Maxim, and Roshan , who have all decided to go an extra mile at a time of an ongoing pandemic. While everybody is talking about the frontline workers like doctors and other healthcare staff, Team Mangalorean on behalf of the citizens of Mangaluru, and those visiting Mangaluru, and although these two men are not at the frontline but we want to appreciate their efforts and service during the pandemic, doing their bit in this time of crisis. May God bless Maxim and Roshan for their community service, and may they keep up the good work that they are all entrusted with.

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