U T Khader Ki Jai! Victory Rally joined by Supporters taken from Mluru to Ullal Dargah

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U T Khader Ki Jai! Victory Rally of U T Khader winning in the State Assembly elections, joined by Supporters was taken from Khader’s residence at Bendoorwell in Mangaluru to Ullal Darga, even though it was dampened by mild rain showers

Mangaluru: U T Khader has made it again winning in this election. He won with 83219 votes as a Congress candidate against the BJP candidate Sathsih Kampala, who got 60429 votes. It should be noted that Khader has been winning the elections since 2007, and he is a four-term MLA from his constituency. Before him, his father U T Fareed, also of the Congress, had made this his bastion.

A large crowd had gathered at U T Khader’s residence in Bendoorwell on Saturday 13 May to congratulate him on his victory. But the supporters waited patiently until Khader arrived only at 4:45 pm. Meantime, the supporters were fed Chicken Biriyani, fruits and water to keep them nourished. On his arrival at his residence, U T Khader addressing the gathering said, “I once again humbly thank my supporters from my constituency for having faith in me and electing me to serve them. I will keep the promises that I made before the elections, and that’s my word. Even though coastal Karnataka did not do well in this election, the people of North Karnataka supported the Congress, and this is a victory for prioritising the progress of Karnataka. This is a victory for politics that unites the country. Congress will stick to the promises made in the manifesto and the party will work with full dedication to implementing the guarantees given to the people of the State”.

“The power of the poor has defeated the power of the capitalist friends of the BJP. The Double-Engine Sarkara has broken down very badly. People are fed up with the corruption of the BJP-led government for the last five years. The greedy BJP govt of 40% commission has lost. Of 224 Assembly constituencies in Karnataka, the Congress won 136 seats, getting the majority to form the government in the state. Long live Karnataka, long live Congress.” added U T Khader.

Khader further said, “The Congress, whose victories have already crossed the majority mark, has called a meeting of its legislature party this evening and asked all its MLAs to reach Bengaluru. Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge will brief the candidates about how to react. The high command will take decisions on who will be the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. Quoting Rahul Gandhi’s statement “The market of hate has been shut, and shops of love have opened”, it is good news for the people. Karnataka stayed true to its nearly 40-year custom of voting out the incumbent despite a high-pitch campaign led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, its battery of Union ministers and Chief Ministers. PM Modi has held 19 public meetings and six roadshows”.

“Congress is hoping to make a comeback in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. It is also hoping to win back Madhya Pradesh, where its government crashed in 2020 with the defection of Jyotiraditya Scindia and his loyalists. The results will be crucial for the BJP in terms of next year’s national elections. The state accounts for 28 Lok Sabha seats. While the BJP vote share in the assembly polls has not dropped in comparison to 2018, the elections indicate that the party has not been able to make its much-needed breakthrough into the Vokkaliga and the Scheduled Castes and Tribes votes. The Congress gains have hugely cheered the opposition. The message from Karnataka is that the ‘end’ of BJP’s negative, communal, corrupt, rich-oriented, anti-women-youth, social-divisive, false propaganda, individualistic politics has begun,” added Khader.

The rally, joined by a huge number of supporters in two-wheelers and four-wheelers, started from U T Khader’s house and proceeded through Pumpwell towards the Ullal Darga, with U T Khader in an open SUV waving at the crowd gathered along the streets.

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