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Udupi: 10-month-old Baby Dies – Parents File Case Against Doctor

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Udupi: A 10 month old toddler died after being diagnosed of Kidney failure due to the alleged wrong drug that was prescribed by the doctor.

Shekar Bhovi (a lecturer in DIET Girls School) and Srimath (an officer in the District Treasury Office) are the parents of the deceased 10 month old baby.


The 10 month old baby was suffering from diarrhea and the parents took the baby to Dr Krishnamurthy at his clinic where the doctor injected the medication to the baby. Late in the evening, the baby started vomiting. The parents again rushed the baby to Dr Krishnamurthy’s clinic who advised them to admit the baby to the Gandhi Hospital, Udupi.

Dehydration symptoms were found in the baby which were brought to the notice of the nursing staff. Fit symptoms were also witnessed and the doctors noted a decrease in sodium after testing the baby in the ICU. After repeated seizures, the baby was admitted to the KMC hospital. The doctors at KMC hospital diagnosed the baby and found it to be suffering from renal failure. A dialysis was conducted with a warning to the parents saying that children were not advised dialysis.

The condition of the baby became critical and the doctors pronounced the baby dead on April 27.

Parents allege that due to the wrong injection, the condition of baby became critical. They have registered a case against Dr Krishnamurthy in the Udupi Town Police Station.

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  1. Sad event and easy to blame the doctors.

    Diarrhea is most likely an indication of wrong care provided by the parents.

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