Udupi: State Govt Insulting Muslims by Celebrating Birthday of Tipu Sultan – Hindu Mahasabha

Udupi: The birthday celebration of Tippu Sultan is an insult to the Muslim community as Quran bans celebrating birthdays alleged Dharmendra, State Organizing Secretary of Hindu Mahasabha Karnataka. He was addressing the mediapersons at the Press Club, here on January 21.



The Congress led State Government is insulting Islam by celebrating the birthday of Tippu Sultan.

A probe should be initiated into the death of Mahatma Gandhiji, Lalbahadhur Shastri and Subhashchandra Bose as the Congress led governments in the past have misinterpreted the facts and have destroyed the evidence relating to their death.

Godse has no role in the killing of Mahatma Gandhi, there are constructive evidences supporting this argument. Jawaharlal Nehru’s role is prominent in misinterpreting the facts and evidences claiming Godse was the killer of Mahatma Gandhi. The Hindu Mahasabha in the days to come will be filing constructive evidence relating to the death of Gandhiji, Lalbahadhur Shastri and Subhashchandra Bose.

The slaughtering of cows should be banned in the entire country and the Central Government should hold discussions on the same. Vande Mataram should be made the National Anthem and a resolution in regard to the same should be passed in all the states.

The Hindu Mahasabha strongly condemns the efforts made by certain individuals to disregard our constitution and culture. Every citizen of this country is originally of Sanathana religion and if they wish to come back to the Hindu religion they will be welcomed wholeheartedly. We do not promote forcible conversion but accept those who wish to come back to their original Hindu religion, he added.

Siddaramaih, Chief Minister of Karnataka should soon step down from the post of the chief minister after the allegation of De-notification. B S Yeddyurappa had stepped down from the post of chief minister after allegations of De-notification, he added.

Hindu Mahasabha opposes the efforts of self proclaimed intellectuals who are levelling baseless allegations on the Hindu Mahasabha. Hindu Mahasabha is growing in full swing; a unit will be formed in Udupi. The District Committee of Hindu Mahasabha will be inaugurated at the Shiroor Math in the presence of Lakshmivara Theertha Swamiji on January 25.

Rajesh Puthran, Manjunath, Divya Suvarna and others were present.

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Original R.Pai

“The birthday celebration of Tippu Sultan is an insult to the Muslim community as Quran bans celebrating birthdays” – report quoting some member from Hindu Mahaa Sabha!!

Smiles…This ‘tirugu mantra’ is a very clever move!! In fact, the peaceful religion opposes all idols as well. So, any statues of Tipu Sultan is also an insult to the religion. Any expert opinion from our Sharia Shaikh???

shAikH mOHd rizwaan

This ‘tirugu mantra’ is a very clever move!! -Mr.Original Pai Dear readers, I am glad that finally ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ started to the good teaching of Quran. I would like to remind this Hindu brothers that Govt. of India declared ‘Eid Milad'(Prophet Mohammad Birthday death on the same day) mark day of respect with holiday. As we don’t believe in blowing the candle,instead letting the light to the dark world to guide us into successive future. While country like Pakistan is adopted austerity by declaring one dish for weddings, Hindu Mahasabha should release ‘Farman’ declaring birthday to be celebrated as ‘Good… Read more »

Original R.Pai

“While country like Pakistan is adopted austerity by declaring one dish for weddings, ..” – Sharia Shaikh.

Finally our sharia pandita openly admits his love towards Pakistaan and advocates the same culture over in India!! This is the same guy who refuses to say anything negative about Pakistan. One has to wonder how many people like Sharia Shaikh are living in India who try to hide their true loyalty with a fake ‘Jai Hind’ !!! Very scary and disturbing reality!!


Why not Aurangajeb,Gajani Mohamad, Tuglak, Akbar, Shahajan, Lodhi ‘s birthday also celebrated.