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Udupi: Two sisters Deprived of Basic Facilities Rescued by Social activist Vishu Shetty 

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Udupi: A Good Samaritan act, where two sisters living in pathetic condition after being deprived from basic facilities were rescued by the team led Vishu Shetty.

The rescued sisters are identified as Narsi (57) and Muttu (55) belonging to Dalit community. Narsi lives with her spinster sister Muttu after her husband left her and are now residing in Pithrodi.

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The government assured to provide basic facilities to the sisters but they still do not have electricity to their house, they are unable to buy groceries because of their poor health, they depend on their neighbours for food.

Vishu Shetty who arrived to rescue Narsi and Muttu after receiving a call, asked Bhavani Shanker Bajana Mandali for help. The members of the association spotted the house of the two sisters and the rescue operation was effectively launched. Shetty said that, the sisters were living in a small hut where even natural light did not pass. He had to ask the neighbours for a torch light to enter the house as it was very dark inside. The sisters were sitting in a place filled with scrap.

Vishu Shetty decided to reach out to the sisters with necessary medical help. He requested the neighbours for electrical supply to the hut which they hesitantly provided. The medical team with 108 ambulances reached the spot and the rescue operation started. The sisters first hesitated but after Vishu Shetty spoke to them they responded well. The medical team then admitted them to the Government Hospital, Ajjarkad for further treatment. The doctor said that malnourishment is the reason for their poor health condition.

The neighbours say, that the promises given by the politicians during election campaigns are in vain, the sisters did not receive any help from them.

Vishu says that the Women and Child Welfare department should soon reach out to Narsi and Muttu and assure necessary medical care with rehabilitation. He continued adding that, if the department and the district administration fails to do so, a protest will be held.

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  1. Dear readers,

    I appreciate Mr.Vishu Shetty and his friends of “Bhavani Shanker Bajana Mandali” for help of those neglected sisters of lower caste.

    This will be inspirational for those Mahila organisation of BJP and self proclaimed Moral police brigade.

    Jai hind

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