Udupi witnesses Oceanic crowd for ‘Vittal Pindi’

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Udupi witnesses Oceanic crowd for ‘Vittal Pindi’

Udupi: The temple town became a witness to the magnificent cultural extravaganza immersed in the gist of spiritualism on the occasion of ‘Krishna Leelothsava’ also known as ‘Vittal Pindi’ in the midst of an oceanic crowd on Saturday, August 20.

As, in the last two years, the festivities were a low-key affair due to the pandemic, this year’s celebration was held in a grand way.

The two-day celebrations concluded with the immersion of the clay idol of Lord Krishna, in the Madhwa Sarovar by Sri Vidyasagara Theertha Swamiji of Paryaya Krishnapura Math after taking it in a magnificent procession around Car Street in the golden chariot.

Various rituals besides routine Pujas were held throughout the day. The clay idol of ‘Balakrishna’ was mounted on the golden chariot and was brought in an elaborate and grand procession at 3:00 pm. The procession started at the entrance of Sri Krishna Temple. Kaniyoor Math Swamiji installed the clay idol, ‘Utsava Murthy’, of Lord Krishna on the top of the golden chariot.

The idols of Lord Ananteshwara and Lord Chandramouleshwara were placed in the ‘Navaratna Ratha’ ahead of the golden chariot.

These chariots were pulled around Car Street with traditional drum beaters and ‘Huli Vesha’ dancers accompanying them. There were a large number of people behind and in front of the chariots. Swamijis gave away fruits and eatables like laddoos as ‘Prasadam’ to the huge crowd assembled at Car Street to witness the events.

The occasion also marked the breaking of pots filled with milk and saffron, which signified the childhood plays of Lord Sri Krishna. The ritual was held in front of the clay idol of the Lord during the procession. The ritual was performed with around 12 to 15 pots filled with curd, milk, and saffron water, which were tied one after the other to the poles erected for the purpose. This was broken by the men dressed as shepherds using huge bamboo sticks.

After going around Car Street, the procession culminated at the entrance of the Sri Krishna Math. The clay idol of Lord Krishna was removed from the golden chariot, taken in a golden palanquin and immersed in the Madhwa Sarovara, marking the culmination of the festival.

The entire city was bestowed with a festive environment and Car Street was specially decorated with flowers. The temple was specially decorated with the sanctum sanctorum being adorned with flowers and tulsi petals. The entire Car Street was flooded with people. Several folk and fancy troupes including several ‘tiger dance’ troupes added colour to the procession. Police had made elaborate security arrangements in the city for the smooth conduct of the event.

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