Uneven & Potholed Spot is Damaging Vehicles & Incomplete Footpath is Hazardous on Milagres Cross Rd

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Uneven & Potholed Spot is Damaging Vehicles & Incomplete Footpath is Hazardous on Milagres Cross Rd

  •  Uneven & Potholed Spot is Damaging Vehicles & Incomplete Footpath is Hazardous on Milagres Cross road. This is what you call A Smart-less Project?

Mangaluru: When the City had downpour during monsoon time which brought relief from heat to majority of the people in the region, but for a few shop owners on the newly constructed Milagres Cross Road was nothing less than nightmares as water entered their shops, damaging most goods stored inside, when it poured heavily, since there was no proper drainage for rain water to flow, and also that the road is constructed at a higher level than the shop base. And this is one among the many unscientific new roads that Mangaluru Smart City Limited has constructed recently under Smart City Development Projects, with no proper drainage nor safe footpaths. No doubt, the New Milagres Cross Road (MCR) is “A SMARTLESS PROJECT? at the moment, until some issues are not rectified soon.

If you look at the present condition of newly reconstructed Milagres Cross road is nothing but a nightmare for the motorists and pedestrians. Even though the road is concreted, but it is not fully done, leaving a manhole which lies few inches above the ground, and a huge pothole at one end of the road is slowing down traffic, and there has been traffic jam all the time- and while this happens, motorists honk their horns out of frustration, and there has been complaints from the nearby Milagres High School, the loud honking noise is of total distraction to the students. Does Mangaluru smart City Ltd (MSCL) or Mangaluru City Corporation care about the inconveniences faced by the students and public in general? While moving over the deep end of the road, the rear bottom end of buses get brushed against the road, resulting in damages. Is MSCL or MCC paying for the repair costs of such vehicle damages?

“MCC Mayors, City Commissioners and other authorities change every year, but our situation has remained the same. Now that this project has been taken up by some Smarties at Smart City Office, they should have realized not to raise the height of the road, knowing that our shops are lying low. This speaks volumes of the far sightedness with which the administration works. We have been put to inconvenience for the sake of this new road, a project which too is lying in lurch.

We have been jostling with the problem when the construction work was going on and even now when the road is 95% completed, there are still problems due to the footpath left incomplete. There are chances pedestrians getting severely hurt when walking on the footpath” said Dheeraj, a shop owner in the Milagres Centre.

“The administration is well aware of the ensuing problem. It should take immediate and necessary steps, but till date it seems officials are oblivious of the entire issue. A few shop owners, including myself have submitted letters to the Mayor, MCC Commissioner, MLA Vedavyas Kamath, Corporator Vinayaraj and other concerned authorities long ago, about the unscientific footpath, and water getting stranded at one of the end, sometimes people find it hard to cross the road due to knee high water during monsoon. With the ongoing issues of the incomplete road and footpath, we are facing business losses, and MSCL and MCC are liable to pay the compensation, but until now there has been no reply from any” added Dheeraj.

But with past experiences of the projects undertaken and completed either by MCC or MSCL, we all know the consequences and hardships we all have faced, either new roads, new footpaths, or new drainage-like new roads with no footpaths, new drainages overflowing into streets when it rains heavily, or footpaths with obstacles like debris, light-poles, pits etc.

Unpreparedness and improper planning of the administration compounded problems for few residents and shop owners on this new MCR. We could soon see elected representatives, and MCC and MSCL officials consoling the shop owners and residents, that everything will be okay and they have to bear with them. Some leaders may even choose to switch off their mobiles instead of facing the shop owners/residents ire. But many shop owners on this stretch of the road lamented that none of the authorities bothered about coming to the rescue of those, who faced the brunt during road construction and even now after it’s near completion.

Until MSCL comes up with a good solution, shopkeepers on the new MCR have to face immense difficulty, either due to water logging or unscientific footpath. Hoping that this report and the pictures incorporated here, will awaken the concerned authorities and do the needful quickly, before the shopkeepers and public face more hardship and inconveniences, including the motorists whose vehicles are getting damaged due to this uneven road.

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