‘Unity in Diversity’-the FIRST Ever Ethnic Day Celebration ‘UTSAV 2022’ at FMCI

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With the Motto ‘Unity in Diversity’-the FIRST Ever Ethnic Day Celebration ‘UTSAV 2022’ at Father Muller Charitable Institutions (FMCI) on Tuesday, 6 September 2022 held at Father Muller Convention Centre where 2000 plus students joined in the celebration, which was ONE OF THE BIGGEST, GLAMOROUS, SPECTACULAR, SIZZLING, GLITTERING EXTRAVAGANZA that FMCI campus has seen in decades. WOW! These MULLERIANS know how to PARTY HARD!

Mangaluru: It rained ethnicity for the FIRST time ever at Father Muller Charitable Institutions at the “UTSAV 2022”- celebrated with the motto “UNITY in DIVERSITY”, and the nearly three hours of extravaganza which was the Biggest, Glamorous, Spectacular, Sizzling, Glittering showbiz, ended with a traditional show of the Indian Multicultural strength. 6 September 2022 the day for the colour of one nation through UTSAV 2022 came true. The occasion also summarised the events that took place and will take place around the week namely Teachers day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam and Monti Fest. The guests were led by a boisterous Çhende band “Shabari” team playing the traditional rhythms.

This special and unique DAY was the initiative of Fr Ajith Menezes-the Administrator of FMMC, along with Kristen D’Cruz, the President of the Students Council. This special day helped the students to reconnect with their traditional and cultural roots. It also reminded them of the true essence of age-old customs which have helped shape civilisations around the world, including India, a land of lots of cultures and diversity. The world, including India, has numerous ethnic groups with considerable genetic, social, linguistic and cultural diversity. If everyone comes forward with their cultures and shares them with others, we will get to know other communities well. It will also enrich our own culture.

Fr Richard Coelho-Director, FMCI seen with Chief Guest Ms Kshamya Adkar

And that’s what was all about at UTSAV 2022, where students from various religions and from different parts of the country unleashed their cultures and traditions in the form of dances, songs, etc. The celebration marked the celebration of unique cultures as well as their heritage, tradition, music and art, which focused on the concept of ‘UNITY in DIVERSITY” and asked Mullerians to share their rich traditions in order to connect with more communities- and they all did.

The colourful event showcased the traditional diversity of India. It also brought Mullerians together to share their rich cultures with each other and enrich their community through an exchange of entertainment filled with dances, songs etc., and each had a different history and civilisation, reflecting the diversity that is present on the planet. Tradition showed its light with the inaugural through the ‘Pingara arisidhu’ or the opening of the areca pod releasing the flower-filled segments, reminding of the bounty of the earth. The invocation was done by a dance with a next-gen twist. Kristen D’Cruz (MBBS), the President of the Students Council delivered the welcome address, who with his team bore the uphill task of organizing the event, a day to connect with our cultural roots through the tagline of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

The remembrance of the 25th year of the demise of Saint Mother Teresa who took part in the celebration of the centenary year was done through a floral tribute in the beginning. Her words of encouragement to the Institutions have been written in our history “Works of elevating the suffering with love and compassion is through the hands of Father Muller”. Mother Teresa had graced a couple of occasions that had taken place at FMCI decades ago.

Ms Kshamya Adkar who is an Alumnus of the Department of Physiotherapy, FMMC and was the ‘Miss Karnataka Runners Up’ recently was the chief guest. Addressing the fully-packed audience she said, “I feel proud and nostalgic on returning on this stage of my Alma Mater. Being in the 2015 batch of BPT I never dreamt of being on a stage, and it was all because of the encouragement by my teachers and the activities in the college that brought out the courage of confidence in me. Each of us have different talents, therefore we need to unleash our hidden talents and show the world. Not just academics, involve in co-curricular activities also. Whatever you do today, will be the future of tomorrow”.

Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director FMCI in his presidential address commended the efforts saying, “Diversity makes the world beautiful, Unity makes the world strong’. June 19 was world ethnic day, a day to celebrate world ethnic groups to reconnect with each other. The beauty of Father Muller is that it looks like the whole country is represented on one campus. Being in a festive season around the week bore the diversity with inclusion. The festal celebration of Monti Fest around the coastal region with new corn and the ending of Ganesh Chaturthi festivities seemed fit to conduct the event”. He concluded by saying, ‘Ethnicity should enrich us, not divide us but unite us more and more’. Human life and moreover womanhood should be upheld and these festivities remind us of the preciousness of life”.

To wish all the teachers on the occasion of Teachers Day came forward student Gaurav, who spoke on the life of Dr Radhakrishnan on whom the day is celebrated. The ancient traditional dances of Kerala, Triruvatira were displayed, a circle of splendidly dressed women around the fire, which is a precursor to the Mohiniyattam arranged by the students of MBBS. The unity and diversity in dance forms display was offered to the audience by the students of the College of Allied Health Sciences.

The surprise flash mob by different batches of the Medical College students dressed in traditional attire dancing to the beats of the Bollywood numbers was transcendental. New age rock band FMMC mesmerized the audience by singing in with illahi jee aaye…with the Konkani number ding dong diga diga. Ramp walk by the Faculty was the highlight of the day for students, glammed up in traditional wear. The students followed suit with sarees flowing, dupattas and lungees draped in different ways.

Pili Nalike – that’s right! Attraction too was the tiger dance troupe who all coloured camouflaged as tigers rattled the crowd, and the star attraction of the troupe was a tiny boy as a ‘Cub” who enthralled the crowd with somersaults and jumps, receiving loud applause from the audience.

The event began at 2 pm with a procession from the Academy Hall, with different assemblies of drummer bands. The programme commenced at 3 pm through 7:30 pm in the Convention Centre. Fr Ajith B. Menezes orchestrated the whole event with keen vision and clarity. The whole event showcased the greatness of the Institutions with bold and bigger, larger-than-life events.

Dr Reshma Kini (pathologist) and Dr Abhishek hosted the event with their quick thinking and Shayaris. Members of the Management, faculty and staff participated along with students of the Institutions. Father Muller Convention Centre was brimmed to the full display, the colours of the Indian rainbow bright and beautiful. The evening saw the students and faculties attired in ethnic clothes (like saree, Ghagras and kurta-pyjama ) to draw attention to the beauty of traditional dresses and accessories.

In the era of the internet and social media, it’s easy to connect with others and get information about their cultural traditions, and UTSAV 2022 did make everyone aware of their age-old traditions and cultural practices. The vibrant and colourful event showcased the diaspora and diversity of Indian culture as portrayed by the Mullerians, each with their own genetic, linguistic, cultural, and social characteristics, and they all to came together and shared their ethnicity and experience it for life. MULLERIANS Simply ROCKED at UTSAV 2022!

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