Unscientific & Hazardous Gas Pipe Laying Work of Gail Gas Ltd Putting Adults & Kids Lives in Risk

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Unscientific & Hazardous Gas Pipe Laying Work of Gail Gas Ltd Putting Adults & Kids Lives in Risk

Mangaluru: Once again I am back again with my Signature Caption “DIGGING NEVER STOPS IN THE CITY? “-and this time I am highlighting the digging of streets in various parts of the City, and specially mentioning the shabby, unscientific and hazardous work by GAIL GAS LTD and their contractor Potaliya Enterprises. If you look around the City, many of the old/new roads have been dug by this company for LPG Gas line purposes, and their slow pace of work has frustrated the motorists and pedestrians. The way the work is carried on with no proper safety standards, warning signs, etc is putting the lives of pedestrians, motorists, especially school-going children at risk.

And the sad and worst part is that none of the officials at the district administration nor MCC, even from the police department are concerned about the safety of the citizens due to the shabby and unscientific work this company is carrying on with their gas pipeline work. Streets are dug, and the mud is scattered on the street, making it treacherous for the motorists, especially two-wheeler riders. Several complaints were made by frustrated citizens and motorists about the inconveniences caused by the slow pace of work during the gas pipe laying, and also the debris and dug up mud scattered on the streets/footpaths posing a risk to motorists and pedestrians. Complaints also claim that during the gas pipe-laying work, the workers had damaged the drinking water pipeline, affecting water supply to many areas, and many other issues.

In order to rectify these civic issues, MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty had chaired a meeting along with top officials of GAIL and contractors, joined by a few other MCC council members and corporators. A few weeks ago Mangaluru City Corporation had stopped all the works by GAIL Gas Ltd, for their unscientific and slow-paced work, and were urged to submit a plan of action before they could restart the work- and after the company had obliged with MCC request, it is once again DIGGING TIME by GAIL.

It’s a total mess out there on the City streets with all the digging at various spots, putting motorists and pedestrians life in danger. There are no proper safety guidelines during the ongoing work, and no barricades are erected around the open pit and work area, where one could face death if fallen into these death traps.

Even after the portion of the road in front of St Theresa’s school is dug quite a few times for various reasons, we are once again seeing digging being done, thereby putting the lives of school-going children at risk, and also their parents and the general public. This is nothing but total ignorance of Gail Gas Ltd, putting the public and children in hardship and danger.

Huge yellow coloured pipes are dumped on the footpath, and also in front of a house near Bendore, making it hard for pedestrians, including school-going children to walk. Why is MCC keeping quiet in this regard? Who will be responsible if a child tumbles and gets hurt? The situation with all the work of Gail Co going on Bendore road, with digging etc has become a nightmare for citizens, and with no one taking any action, people have to bear the brunt, and curse those who are responsible for making them suffer in that mess.

Looking at the steel/plastic pipes dumped on the footpaths along the stretch of the road where the gas pipe laying is done for the work in installing domestic piped natural gas (PNG) by The City Gas Distribution (CGD) Project with GAIL Gas Ltd, for supplying of natural gas to houses, is another nightmare for pedestrians and motorists. And with all these pipes stored on the newly constructed footpaths, the morning walkers and general public have to make use of the streets, taking a risk of being hit by speeding vehicles.

Just look at the photos here, and you’ll know what I am talking about. Sheer work of negligence and carelessness. While the school management, parents and students were happy with MCC rectifying the shabby portion of the gravel road, now again they have to bear the brunt of the digging work started by GAIL, and probably would take days to complete. MCC should look into this situation and take action for the negligence and ignorance of GAIL. One thing for sure, that you’ll all agree with me is that-Digging or Cutting of roads/streets/bye-lanes will never stop in Mangaluru no matter what- and we have seen it in the past and will see it in future too. Without proper planning, new roads are constructed, and after a while, the new roads are dug again, and when such work is going on, it creates a mess, with traffic and pedestrians facing the brunt of it. Until the work is fully completed, pedestrians have to bear with all these inconveniences and also there would be traffic snarls which will be an added nightmare.

During peak hours, chaos and traffic jams are created due to such redoing or digging/cutting of roads, and it’s a total mess out there during peak hours. Similar has been with the case of many other newly concreted roads, which have been dug for UGD or laying utility cables or Gas lines. This shows how intelligent and smart our engineers are in our Smart City, who don’t even know what they are doing, even after many of them may be rank holders in their academics?

A frustrated citizen of Mangaluru, had posted his comments on a what’s app group stating, “Welcome to Smart City-Mangaluru..we have built pavements, pathways, and concrete roads..but our town planners and Smart City consultant??..never thought we may need pipelines for natural gas in our kitchens…so comes GAIL with their pipelines..now they dig those pavements and concrete roads and shall lay their pipelines..who cares about a little inconvenience to the citizens, and who will foot the bill for the insanity. We the Citizens will pay more tax if we want our Smart City and our City planners RICHER..do watch the show folks, going on now”.

So what is the solution for this to STOP the digging of newly constructed roads, due to the unscientific and unplanned mentality of our Smart engineers? And the sad part is that when we have some corrupt officials right from the top level to the bottom, chances are very less to rectify such issues. Absolutely a Shame that we name this a Smart City.

Note: To Whomsoever it may concern, including the officials of District administration, MCC, Corporator, is that Team Mangalorean doesn’t highlight these civic issues from complaints made by the public or the institutions-it is due to our common sense that we see unscientific and unplanned work undertaken by the contractors/engineers/workers, that we bring to the notice of the concerned officials in various government/city departments. We don’t need complaints from any institutions or public to act upon, but we act after we see the civic issues ourselves and highlight them on our web. So don’t blame any institution or public, period!


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