Urwa Police Station Offers ‘Kashaya’ to Visitors Post Covid-19 Check done at the Kiosk

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Urwa Police Station Offers ‘Kashaya’ to Visitors Post Covid-19 Check done at the Kiosk

Mangaluru : Here is yet another initiative by Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar, after he had organized a month long Fitness Workshop for the police personnel, followed by a cricket match, in order to keep the police active, fit and healthy. And now, alarmed over a number of people and also police personnel getting infected by coronavirus on duty, Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar has directed that kiosks be set up outside all police stations for people who come there to file complaints, passport ID verification etc.

As of now the FIRST such Kiosk (with covered Shamiyana, chairs etc) was opened today, 17 April 2021 at the Urwa Police station, where any person coming to the station need to be tested for Coronavirus, including Sanitizing, Thermo Check, Pulse check with Oximeter, and those without mask will be offered a free face mask. There is a UV Disinfection Box which disinfects documents when placed inside it. Therefore any person coming with a complaint letter and other documents, such materials have to place them inside the box for twenty minutes, (the time taken for disinfecting) and only after that the letter or document have to be handed over to the concerned police official inside the station.

Speaking to the media police commissioner N Shashi Kuamr said, “As of now we have introduced this Covid-19 test Kiosk at Urwa police station, and within a few days all the other city police stations will have such kiosks. I have instructed all the police stations to set up kiosks outside for the public to register complaints and not allow outsiders inside the premises to prevent coronavirus spread, without being checked. With the rising cases of Covid-19 cases in the City, my priority and concern is also about our police staff who come in contact with lots of people”

“This initiative of setting up Covid-19 test kiosks is to see that the people visiting the station should be screened with a thermal scanner, and it should be ensured that they are wearing masks and maintaining physical distance while filing complaints at the kiosk or inside the station.Only police personnel in uniform can enter police stations and they must wear the mask or face shield all the time and ensure social distancing.The police have been asked to function using kiosks till further instructions are given. Also Ayurvedic Kashaya will be provided for the cops three times a day which will boost immunity. Also hot water will be provided for them and visitors to drink. The kiosk should have sufficient chairs for both police and public, but social distancing is a must” added police commissioner.

And a kind gesture from the staff at Urwa Police station anyone visiting the station will be offered a freshly made “Kashaya’, an ideal beverage in times of this virus. The Kashaya is made during morning and evening times by the lady cops at the station using ingredients like Jaggery, Ginger, Geera, Turmeric powder, Cilantro, lemon juice, pepper powder , Lavanga, among others. Both, Police Commissioner and DCP Hariram Shankar enjoyed the goodness of this Kashaya, after which the media personnel were also treated to this brew. It was spicy and yummy.

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  1. Very good initiative,
    Nice report Alfie maam.
    Just a note: The time for disinfection must be 20 seconds, not 20 minutes.

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