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1. Many strong relationships do not need to use Valentine’s Day to celebrate. For this point, can you elaborate on why many couples who are secure in their relationship, do not make a big deal of V-Day? Also, what are the days they prefer to celebrate?

Not every person finds a reason to celebrate valentines day. There are several days in life to be cherished. We can celebrate the birthday of our loved ones. A wedding anniversary is a tell-tale day! A child’s Birthday can bring a family together. So not many find it a “Must” to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every day is Valentine’s Day!!!

2. What is the history of V-day? Is it being celebrated the way it was intended? Has commercialization of the day caused it to become more of a materialistic affair?

Valentine’s Day’s history dates back to about 20 centuries. Several Theories and histories have been said about it. What stands firm through the ages is that Saint Valentine was a 3rd-century Roman saint, commemorated in Western Christianity on February 14 and in Eastern Orthodox on July 6. One or two Christian Martyrs in the Early Roman Empires were called Saint Valentine. They Ministered to the persecuted Christians of the early Roman Empire. There are several narrations, but they embody love. Over the centuries what remains is the celebration of Love and Romance.

But, over time it is commercialized. The business establishments seemingly try to push their merchandise through these kinds of “Memorable” days.

3. Is Valentine’s Day primarily a “guy does romantic stuff for girls” day, or is it expected to be reciprocal? Please explain

There are no documents to say who has to do the Romantic stuff. It is for the people to celebrate love and Romance.





    Dr Krithishree S S

Article by Dr Krithishree S S – Consultant Psychiatrist, KMC Hospital, Mangaluru

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  1. Good article – Short and to the point

    In my opinion, for stable relationships, valentine’s day is a threat. More relations/marriages would have been broken for reasons like one did not celebrate, or one did not respond or the level of celebrations were not up to the expectation and myriad other reasons it can bring up. Better to shun such commercially motivated celebrations not because they are commercial but the celebration has exactly opposite effect of what was intended

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