Video Images as Evidence Cops Charge Woman for Parking Car on Footpath & having Tinted Windows

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Video Images as Evidence Cops Charge Woman for Parking Car on Footpath & having Tinted Windows

  • Video Images as Evidence Cops Charge Woman for Parking Car on Footpath & having Tinted Car Windows (which is against traffic rules). Recalling the incident of a woman from Mijar who had come to Mangaluru, with her two sons, while she went shopping with one son, she left behind the other son with the driver. However, the driver left the boy in the car and went to hand over the mobile phone which the woman had left behind in the car -in the meantime, the police towed the car, not noticing the boy inside the car, since the windows were tinted.

Mangaluru: Recalling the incident which took place in the limits of Mangaluru East Police station-Kadri on Thursday, 24 December 2020, where woman from Mijar had come down to Mnagaluru, and who had gone shopping, leaving her sleeping child in the car, was in for a shock as it was towed for wrong parking. The incident occurred at Mallikatte road. As per MA Nataraj, ACP (traffic), the car was parked haphazardly and hence taken away. Since it was locked and the windows tinted, no one realised a child was sleeping inside, he said. The woman had come to shop with her two kids and driver. She took the older one with her while the younger child and the driver stayed in the car. Since the woman left her mobile in the car, the driver locked it and rushed to hand it over. Though a warning was sounded and the cops waited for 15 minutes, before the car was towed, since there was no response, sources said.

Sources reveal that the woman, named Divya had come to the City from Mijar, and had parked her car by the side of a residential complex, and went shopping to a nearby shop along with one of her sons. The driver and the woman’s other son Prakhyath,a fourth standard student were inside the car. Few minutes after the woman had gone shopping, the driver noticed the woman’s mobile phone left behind on the car seat , he went to hand it over to her, and in the meantime the police arrived and towed the vehicle away. When the woman came back, she was shocked to see her car and son missing.

But the locals informed them that her car was towed by the Kadri police to the station. When the car was towed the police didn’t realize there was a child inside the car, since the car windows were darkly tinted. The police also maintained that the reason for towing the car, a Swift Dzire, was because it was parked on a footpath in front of Girias store in front of Mangala Hospital, Mangaluru. But the woman in her innocence said that her car was not parked in the no parking zone and it was not on the road. She said she is aware of the rules and hence the car had been parked at a spot which was not a no-parking zone. She had said that after the kidnapping of a boy in Ujire a few days ago, she was worried after her son was missing. She also said that she had warned her son not to open doors for strangers because of the possibility of abduction. Since she refused to pay the fine, the police took the case lightly, with mutual understanding between both parties.

Two days later, it is now learnt that the traffic police after retrieving evidence through video footage found that the car was parked on the footpath and the car had tinted windows, and in this regard police registered two cases against the woman. Before towing the vehicle, police had videographed the car, and that video is added in this report at the end, which clearly shows the car parked on a footpath, and the car having tinted windows. Due to the tint, the cops were not able to see anyone inside the car, prior to towing. Only when they towed the car and were parking it in the Kadri Police Station, they saw the boy inside the car. Even though the woman had arguments about her not parking the car illegally, but now after evidence gained from video recording, the police have registered two cases, one for illegal parking and the other for a car having tinted glasses.

Speaking to Team mangalorean Sub Inspector Ramachandra Bhat said that the police waited till they got the correct picture of the incident, and only after the video footage,did they decide to register cases against the woman. “In the video it clearly shows the car being parked on a footpath, and also that the car was tinted, therefore the child inside the car was not visible. The video has spoken the truth, to support this case” added SI Bhat.

This incident is a perfect example as to how children’s safety is neglected by the parents or elders, while taking along in their vehicles. Safety is a matter of choice and should not have to be enforced by law. There’s no legal compulsion to increase the height of a balcony railing, but we choose to do it anyway, to keep our children safe. But for some reason, we tend to treat safety on the road differently. Take for example women pillion riders on a two-wheeler who remain reluctant to wear helmets. Some of us wear seatbelts only when a traffic policeman is in sight and we allow little children to sit in the front seat of a car. Or leave them alone in a locked car while we rush into a shop for “just two minutes?”

Even if we are safe and careful drivers ourselves, we cannot guarantee the driving etiquette of the people around us. The joys of the newly concreted roads by Smart City authorities also come with the trappings of speed maniacs. More so in our education hub, with cabs being driven like bullets released from a rifle! If that was not enough, we have educated people racing to work unmindful of any traffic regulations. The worst is when traffic lights go off, the roads become a free for all…. survival of the fastest. If all this was not worrying enough, I have noticed time and again, a trend among parents to find innovative ways to flirt with danger while driving their children around. Children sitting in the front passenger seat or even worse on the driver’s lap are the scariest and yet, the most common situations.

Anyone, child or adult, sitting in the front seats of a car is more vulnerable to injuries in case of a head on collision, but children are of course at a greater risk of severe injuries if the worst happens. Children in a car, who are not fastened with a seat belt or who are not placed in an appropriate sized and correctly fitted child seat, may be thrown out of their seats with high impact, leading to serious injuries. Airbags, meant to protect passengers in case of a collision, in fact cause the most severe damage to children. This is simply because airbags were made to protect adults. An airbag is very powerful when it is inflated – it inflates rapidly and is placed low enough to suffocate or critically harm a child sitting in front of it.

Being in the US for nearly 24 years, and while comparing the safety of the children in a vehicle there and here, there is a huge difference- and it is quite dangerous how children are transported in vehicles here. Several countries have laws making it compulsory for children of all ages to be safely fastened in a car seat. But law or no law, children should certainly be safely fastened when in a car and the driver needs to be responsible for making sure that everyone is wearing their seat belts. If the car doesn’t have enough seat belts for everyone – children must be fastened first. Once a child has become used to being fastened in a chair, they will not protest about sitting in a child’s car seat.

“As parents, your basic sense of self-preservation kicks in and your natural parental instinct realizes the need for securing your child. Especially, given that we have such deplorable roads. One week of rain showers and you are left driving on cavernous roads, which my two boys call them ‘diggy diggy roads.’ That is why I feel I am hallucinating whenever I witness scenes of gross negligence of car safety. In almost all instances, the parents seem rather sanguine about it,” says Ms Shirley, a working mother of two boys.

Recalling an incident a year ago, there was a horrifying incident of a five year old boy who was left alone in a car for two hours and suffocated to death, while his parents were attending a wedding party. Reports conflict on whether the parents were aware the child was in the car or not, but the fact remains that he lost his life unnecessarily. The temperature inside a car can spike drastically in just 10 minutes and create a suffocating environment in a locked car, even if the weather is pleasant outside. Rising temperatures aren’t the only hazard in a locked car: children can accidentally disengage the hand brake, or get fingers caught in automatic windows, or keys can become locked in the car trapping children inside, getting stuck in a seat belt, or any number of other dangerous scenarios. The most dangerous scenario arises when children are left alone in a car where the engine is running or the vehicle’s keys are in the ignition, or both. and I have seen parents leaving their children behind in the car with windows rolled down a little bit- while they go shopping in the mall, and their children enjoy playing games and sending whatsapp messages sitting inside the car. A hazardous situation!

As per an automobile magazine, it had mentioned about Car safety Do’s and Don’ts, like-

*Avoid letting children sit in the front-seats, especially NEVER on the driver’s lap. Besides the fact that children are more vulnerable to injuries in case of a collision, they are also at risk because of front-seat airbags.

*Do use child seats, firmly fitted on the rear seats, for young children. There are specially designed car seats available for infants, toddlers and older children, with each model coming with a weight limit. The three point safety belt is most recommended for child car seats.

*Do secure older children (above 135 cm height) in the rear seats using regular seat belts.

*Do keep checking if the children are still secured from time to time. Kids seem to take buckles and straps as a challenge and will work hard to get out of them.

*Do not allow children to stand in a moving car. Traffic is unpredictable and sudden braking can make a young child fly across the car and get severely injured.

*Avoid leaving children alone in a car, even for a few minutes. Even worse would be a situation where children are left unattended in a car with the keys in the ignition or the engine kept running.


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