Vroom..Vroom! Top Cop Flags Off Four High-End Bikes for City Traffic Police

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Vroom.Vroom! Top Cop Kuldeep Kumar R Jain Flags Off Four High-End Bikes for City Traffic Police

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru traffic police have four new machines to help them crack down on violations and intervene sooner in case of accidents. The Mangaluru Traffic Police got four brand new modified high-end bikes on Tuesday, 16 May aimed at enhancing enforcement. They will be used primarily for quick response during emergencies, and for rushing to accident sites. The bikes were flagged off by Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain, joined by DCP (Crime & Traffic) Dinesh Kumar, and ACP (Traffic) Ms Geetha Kulkarni, among other police officers.

The bikes will be used primarily for quick response by the police department, including escorting senior ministers and visiting dignitaries, during emergencies as part of natural disaster response, and for rushing to accident sites to provide the necessary help. These bikes have been designed to accommodate an announcement system, wireless, night visibility lights, siren and boot space to accommodate a first aid kit and traffic gadgets. The bikes, stationed at the respective police stations will act as first responders during an emergency.

Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain said, ” These motorbikes are dedicated to Traffic purpose, and the bikes will have a siren and mike setup; will always rush to any Traffic incident and accident; they will streamline parking and take action against wrong parking by quickly putting wheel clamp, etc; they will concentrate on freeing footpath from hawkers; will move continuously on rounds so that designated area is better to traverse; and will help in immediate VIP or any ambulance green corridor”

” The bikes will visit the accident spots, and take stock of the situation, and alert counterparts for backup. Apart from this, the bikes will also be used as escorts for VIP movement, and for patrolling duty. In a city always congested with heavy traffic, these bikes could wade through the heavy traffic and reach the spot, much faster than the other traffic police vehicles” added the police commissioner.

Launching these four bikes was a good move as the traffic police on duty would not only be motivated by the new bikes, but it will also help in image building for the police department.

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