Want to bring back Mahatma Gandhi’s India: Dr Farooq Abdullah

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Want to bring back Mahatma Gandhi’s India: Dr Farooq Abdullah
Jammu: Lok Sabha member and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah said on Tuesday that his National Conference wants to bring back Mahatma Gandhi’s India and expressed confidence that it will succeed in this struggle.

Addressing party workers here, he said: “We want to bring back Gandhian India and we will win this struggle. It is the nation of Gandhi and we will always follow his footsteps to save the nation.”

He said Jammu and Kashmir had acceded to India because of the democratic principles and non-violent policies of Mahatma Gandhi.

“People of Jammu and Kashmir had put their trust on Gandhian India and not on Godse’s India. Without any discrimination, the people of Jammu and Kashmir have accepted everyone.

“Every religion is equally respected here, but still the people are being deprived of their rights,” he said.

Abdullah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to remove “Dil ki doori aur Delhi ki doori” (distance between hearts and distance between J&K and Delhi) but nothing substantial has been done on ground.

“I want to ask him that what has he done till today to remove this alienation. Instead of removing the alienation, more policies and measures are forced upon the people in order to further widen the gap between New Delhi and J&K. What has the Prime Minister done to win the hearts of people,” he asked.

Abdullah said that after the sacrifice of over 700 farmers and the apprehensions of defeat in the elections in five states, the Centre has accepted the demand to repeal the farm laws.

“The Centre only works to win elections and not for the prosperity of the nation. I want to tell them that they must stop this politics of hatred otherwise India won’t survive. They should focus on deeds rather than religion so that the nation can be saved from collapsing,” he said.

Abdullah said that no military power can save the nation as only the citizens of India can save it, but the government is trying to divide the people based on religion just for their vested interests of power.

“I declare that we will rise above their oppression and will get back our rights. No one can suppress us and we have always resorted to non-violence. Definitely we will win this struggle,” he said.

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