Water Bottle Stuck under Brake Pedal caused the Freak Car Mishap

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Water Bottle Stuck under Brake Pedal caused the Freak Car Mishap

Mangaluru: Following the report that was published in Mangalorean.com (Ref: Speeding Car Going Out of Control Ramming into a Scooter goes Viral- 2 Seriously Injured ) on Friday, 4 February, and the CCTV footage of the accident had gone viral on social media, Team Mangalorean has now learned the cause of the freak accident.

It is learnt that a water bottle that got stuck under the brake pedal of a car, caused a series of accidents at Chilimbi on Thursday, in which two scooter riders had a miraculous escape, and sustained injuries, including the car driver. The driver, who was unable to control the car, ploughed into a two-wheeler, and two cars, and came to a halt after ramming the wall of an apartment. The incident happened when the car was entering the main road in Urwa, from the Kotekani road. Driver Vivekananda Shenoy(63), lost control when the car was moving fast down a slope on the road. Though Shenoy tried to apply brakes, the pedal was not moving, since the water bottle was under it.

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The car initially hit a two-wheeler that was moving from LadyHill to Urwa. Though the two riders were thrown onto the road after the two-wheeler was hit by the car, they escaped with injuries. Both the riders were admitted to a private hospital. The scooter and two cars parked by the side of the road were damaged in the accident. Mangaluru City Traffic West police have registered a case against the car driver.

With this example, Team Mangalorean wants to bring awareness among the drivers that keeping water/any kinds of bottles in the car could possibly be a road hazard and dangerous, while the vehicle is on the move. The bottle can roll out and get stuck behind the car’s accelerator or brake pedal. While keeping a water bottle in your car to stay hydrated on the road during long journeys or traffic jams is always a good thing, you might want to make sure you keep it in a secure car compartment. You might be putting your life at risk, and the lives of other road users at risk otherwise.

It is common to note that people like to put their water bottles below the driver’s or passenger’s seat when they’re on the road but this is a very dangerous practice. If you lose control of your car, the bottle (whether it’s a 250ml one or a 1.5 litre one) can roll out and get stuck behind the car’s accelerator or brake pedal. When this happens, it won’t matter how hard you press the pedal, it won’t work because you’ll need to apply a lot of pressure on the pedal to get it to function with the blockage. The delayed reaction wouldn’t be enough to prevent an accident as it only takes a few seconds for a collision to occur.

However, many car models have cup holders. While not all cars are equipped with these compartments, the ones that do have them are not used for their intended purpose. People often use their cup holders to put other things like coins, combs, cards or other junk. This kind of ‘don’t care’ attitude could cost someone their life. As a precaution, it is best to install compartments in their car for water bottles if they don’t have cup holders. But if that’s too troublesome, just make sure you put your bottle in a secure spot so it doesn’t roll around when you’re driving. Team Mangalorean also wants to remind drivers to be more careful and clean their cars/vehicles from time to time to ensure no bottles or cans are left under their seats.

Stay safe and hydrated, guys! Remember to keep your bottles where they won’t roll out and put you in trouble… real trouble?

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