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‘We Do Not need Uniform Civil Code’ – Deve Gowda

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‘We Do Not need Uniform Civil Code’ – Deve Gowda

Mangaluru: ‘We Do Not need Uniform Civil Code’, said the former prime minister Devegowda in a press meet held at the Circuit house here on October 15.


Speaking to the media persons, Deve Gowda said, “We decided to tour 30 districts in the state. Under the leadership of Kumaraswamy, we have formed 5 teams to travel to various districts in the state. We will travel from Mangaluru to Udupi and then to other districts.

The JD(S) has lost its strength in Mangaluru because many of the leaders who were in the JD(S) have left the party. Some have given their reasons for quitting the party. But I have the confidence of strengthening the party in Mangaluru. When the Congress and BJP were very strong in Dakshina Kannada, many leaders supported the JD(S).

Deve Gowda further said, “When I selected Farooq as the party candidate to contest the elections, he wholeheartedly agreed and has supported me. Even Zafrulla who was in Dubai, when I asked him to come and join the programme, he too arrived and has joined us. Madhu Bangarappa was also in the Gulf and he too joined us today. When all are sceptical in the revival of the party, I am quite positive about it. In my 55 years of political career, I have understood that a regional party in DK is very important. All over the country, if we have regional leaders, we can strengthen the party. Regional parties are very important. I am very confident of strengthening the party in DK”.

Deve Gowda also stressed, “When I was the Prime minister, I have served with transparency without discrimination of caste, creed and religion”.

When asked if Srinivas, Ambareesh and Jarkiholi will join the JD(S), Deve Gowda said, “Anyone is free to express their opinion. I will not force anyone to join the party. It is their own decision to join the party or leave it. If anyone is willing to join JD(S), I will welcome them. For the development of the country and if anyone is willing to come back to the party, they are most welcome. I will not provoke or pressurize anyone to join JD(S)”.

When asked about the reason for not promoting the second line of leadership in the party, Deve Gowda said, “There is criticism that it is an Appa-maga party. If I want to promote my own family members, where are their names in the party? I have given the opportunity to others to be leaders in the party. Many have tried to destroy the party, what is the situation of the Congress party today? What has happened to the BJP?”, Deve Gowda questioned.

When asked about implementing Uniform Civil Code, Devegowda said, “I don’t think we need the Uniform Civil Code. Is it so important? he questioned. People of various religions live in our country. We do not need any Uniform Civil Code. People have the right to practice their religion by following their tradition. In the country, 65% of the people depend on agriculture, my priority is to give importance to the farmers who are facing problems. Congress is implementing various bhagyas, what kind of Bhagyas are they, when they cannot solve the problems of the farmers. I am going to start an agitation on this”.

When asked about Pankti Bedha in Udupi Math, Devegowda said, “Such issues should not be discussed. If someone believes in such practices, let they follow it, nobody should force anyone. I have visited many temples, Mosques and Churches and it is my wish. This is not an issue for debate, we have other serious issues to think about. There is no drinking water in the country, we have to debate on it and find a solution to solve the problem. The government is trying to solve the problem on one hand and on the other hand creating another problem. The administration should think well before taking any decision. Tell me if there was any communal clash when I was in power. Tell me if any farmer committed suicide when I was the PM. I want to make Mangaluru the Industrial capital. There are ample opportunities to make Mangaluru a tourism destination. I am happy that there is an international airport in Mangaluru. At least 20 to 25 flights fly from here to other countries every day.”

In the next elections JD(S) will be the deciding factor, “Let the people decide” said Deve Gowda.

When asked about the Yettinahole project, Devegowda said, “When BJP was in power, they initiated this project. I did not decide about the project after the Congress came to power they continued the project. If the government is willing to give water to another district, let they release water from other sources. People should decide and people are smart, they are watching everything”.

JD(S) leaders Zafrulla Khan, B Mohammed Kunhi Farooq, Madhu Bangarappa, Amaranath Shetty, Jivijaya, M B Sadashiv, Tanveer, Sayed Zafrul, Ashwin Pereira, Akshith Suvarna and others were also present.

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  1. “We don’t need uniform civil code…” – report quoting head of ‘appa-maga’ party

    HAA HAAAAAA HA A HA HA HAAA HAA HAA!!!!!!! I love how these ‘secular’ parties have absolutely no problem in approving discrimination of women in the name of religion!!! The parties like Congress, JDS should be ashamed of themselves for taking away dignity and equal opportunity from minority women. If you think I am wrong, do a simple test. Assuming that you have a job, look around at your workplace and see how many minority women are working!! No – I am not talking about Catholics here as they respect their women and encourage them to go out and enjoy the freedom.

    On a different note, it is interesting to see how ‘appa-maga’ party is copying Congress party. From its ‘vote bank’ politics to ‘white shirt’ uniform, they are copying everything!!! LOL

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