‘We Don’t Practice What We Preach’? Public Fumed on Udupi DC Not Wearing Mask at Event

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‘We Don’t Practice What We Preach’? Public Fumed on Udupi DC Not Wearing Mask at Event

‘Why Can’t They Practice What They Preach’? Answer: “We Don’t Practice What we Preach! Public Fumed on Udupi Deputy Commissioner (DC) G Jagadeesh Not Wearing Mask at a Mehendi (The art or practice of applying temporary henna tattoos, especially as part of a bride or groom’s preparations for a wedding) function of the daughter of Additional Superintendent of Police on Friday 23 April evening.

Mangaluru: There is a saying ‘Why Can’t You Practice What You Preach’, Practicing what you preach is a necessity. If your actions do not match up with the beliefs that come out of your mouth then you are either lying to the world or lying to yourself — either way, it’s wrong. If your actions do not match up with your own beliefs then you are literally a walking contradiction. But while looking around ourselves, neither our elected netas nor district administration or MCC officials DON’T PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH?. And we have seen many such examples in the past when it comes to netas using flex banners/hoardings for their publicity or organizing huge political parties or religious functions for their benefits flouting Covid-19 guidelines.

And nothing much is done to take action against such people. Who will take action on them when they themselves order such rules and they themselves violate them? And here is an example where the Deputy Commissioner of Udupi G Jagadeesh has violated the Covid-19 guidelines by posing for a photoshoot during a mehendi function of the daughter of the Additional Superintendent of Police on Friday, April 23 evening. And coming to know about this, the public have raised their voice and have used social media to criticize the DC. This comes close on its heels following a bunch of criticisms DC faced after people were fumed about DC’s action on girl students travelling in a bus, not following social distancing and not wearing masks. There was widespread criticism expressed by the public on social media on the action of deputy commissioner (DC) G Jagadeesh, who made standing passengers in buses to get down citing more people than Covid protocol, that took place on Monday, 19 April.

Deputy Commissioner G Jagadeesha (Standing Second from Left) in the photo

On Monday, DC had carried out a surprise drive against those not wearing masks, and while he stopped busses for checking, he made passengers in the overcrowded busses to get down saying that the passengers were more than the limit specified in Covid protocol. This had caused inconvenience to many passengers who travel daily to Udupi, including students. Angered with DCs move, the public had posted a video that went viral on social media. The public had also questioned the DC, “You made the video and went home. Who will make alternative arrangements for the girls who are left halfway to reach home?”.

And in just a few days following that video, fumed people have once again posted photos/video on social media expressing anger against Deputy Commissioner G Jagadeesh for not wearing the mask while posing for a group photo while he had attended the Mehendi programme of the daughter of Additional SP yesterday. The netizens have questioned the DC, whether it was right on his part to flout the Covid-19 guidelines by not wearing the mask, while on the other hand, he goes around the streets urging people to follow the pandemic guidelines, by wearing masks and following social distance. Seems like a perfect example -“WE DON’T PRACTICE, WHAT WE PREACH”?

Wow- this looks like the second instance where the DC is being criticized by the public for flouting the Covid-19 rule by not wearing the mask, he being a role model as a responsible government official, and that too when people are going through hard times during the second wave of the pandemic. A social media post reads- “Today Mehendi in the house of additional SP. Hundreds of people. DC not wearing the mask. Marriage is the day after tomorrow at Amrit Garden, Udupi. It seems 600 people are attending. Many poor people have postponed their marriage functions because of fear of the law. Many have spent hours together at the tahsildar’s office to obtain passes. Is there no value to commoners in this district?”. Probably there could be more posts on social media after the wedding- whether the wedding had ONLY 50 PEOPLE or 600 plus guests? Stand by!

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  1. We can’t accept this type of law and order for normal people. First, suspend officers violating the rules.

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