WEBSITE IMPACT! Gallons of Water Lost since One Year from a Tiny Breakage of Pipe FIXED

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WEBSITE IMPACT! Gallons of Water Lost since One Year from a Tiny Breakage of Pipe FIXED

Mangaluru: Talk about magic that issues highlighted in are getting rectified in no time- so, once again has proved one more positive result after highlighting another civic issue -Talk about the power of media, especially Electronic media where we highlight the civic issues and within few hours or couple of days the concerned authorities who can’t bear the criticism about their negligence, quickly get into action and rectify the civic issues. In the past has highlighted various civic issues through our website, and there has been a tremendous effect with most of the problems being fixed in no time, from rectifying dilapidated roads, open drainage, non-friendly footpaths, dog menace, neglected garbage, illegal hoardings, potholes, dying trees etc.

And here we have yet another website impact result after Team Mangalorean had published an article (Ref: Tiny Breakage in Water Pipe Leaking Gallons of Water for over a Year at Kodialguthu Road ) on 30 September 2021, and action was taken by Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner Akshy Shridar within few days- thus the precious water is stopped from being lost in gallons–drop by drop, which has been since over a year. Even though a bunch of residents had complained to the MCC officials and Ward Corporator, there was no action. After one resident in that area residing in Abhiman Mansion Apartments contacted, Team Mangalorean highlighted the issue. And we are happy the issue has been rectified, with the action taken by the MCC Commissioner along with other officials. Thank You, Sir, for your quick action towards this issue.

This is the third water leakage issue that MCC Commissioner took action after Team Mangalorean had highlighted in the recent days, for which we want to once again extend heartfelt thanks to MCC Commissioner Akshy Shridhar and other officials who were responsible to rectify the broken water pipes leaking gallons of water on Falnir Road at two locations, negligence by the workers of Mangaluru Smart City Ltd. The water crisis looms large over the City, as gallons/litres goes down the drain every day during transmission/distribution/illegal connections, and through water pipe breakage during construction work or rusty old pipes.. This has been a long-standing problem and water loss is beyond measurement. And no proper action has been taken to stop this problem, while water is lost in huge quantities.

(Ref: Workers Break Water Pipe due to Negligence-Precious Water Seen Lost in Gallons at Falnir)

Mangaluru turns out to be one of the Smart cities in India, when it comes to checking water pilferage and leakage, our City is not even close to being considered as SMART? Apart from water leakage due to various reasons, it also happens as people are taking illegal connections by hoodwinking MCC Officials- and it’s a true fact. While Mangaluru City Corporation Officials bring awareness among the public to use water wisely with no wastage whatsoever, since water is precious. But on the other hand, if you look at all the precious water that is seen wasted due to faulty and rusty pipes, or pipes broken by workers during development work etc- the engineers and other officials at Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC0 or Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) turn a blind eye against it.



The water leakage due to a broken water pipe on Kodialguthu Road, right opposite to Abhiman Mansion was not taken care of for over a year even after nearby residents from Abhiman Mansion apartment and on Kodialguthu road have complained to MCC. While water is precious these days, losing water day and night through such carelessness and ignorance of the City Officials, is not a healthy sign. Yes, this leaking water pipe was losing gallons and gallons of water 24X7 and 365 days was something that the civic body should have attended long back, but never did, until Team Mangalorean did the needful by urging the concerned MCC officials to rectify the issue, and now the leakage has been fixed- and no more water lost in gallons.

Water leaks are becoming a bigger cause for concern with corporations/municipalities desperately trying to conserve more water, while trying to decrease the amount of clean water that is being wasted through burst water pipes. Apart from broken water pipes due to human negligence, Old water infrastructure has been a problem for MCC with old metal pipes rusting, loose bolts giving way, and clean water gushing onto the street or into drains, costing a fortune in revenue. So how much water does the city actually lose because of this? A LOT! The City’s creaking water system is leaking thousands of litres every day in regions currently facing usage restrictions as reservoirs run perilously low during hot weather. Many times MCC warns residents to limit their water usage during summer, but don’t bother to fix leaky or faulty pipes that leak out gallons of water.

Summers bring shortages, even for those served by the city’s plumbing. Everywhere, the steep ascent of demand has caused a run on groundwater. Well, owners drill deeper and deeper, chasing the water table downward as they all keep draining it further. And on the other hand, we have these faulty/leaky water pipes that lose gallons of water-what a waste? Team Mangalorean is happy that this issue is rectified, and would once again thank MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar for doing the needful at the earliest.


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