Website Impact! Police Remove Damaged & Hazardous Tubular Traffic Cones near Bendore

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Website Impact! Police Remove Damaged & Hazardous Tubular Traffic Cones near Bendore, near to st Agnes College & opposite to Vas Bakery. A bundle of appreciation and thanks to Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar for taking action immediately after Team Mangalorean highlighted the issue in

Mangaluru: Talk about magic that issues highlighted in are getting rectified in no time- so, once again has proved one more positive result after highlighting another civic issue -Talk about the power of media, especially Electronic media where we highlight the civic issues and within few hours or couple of days the concerned authorities who can’t bear the criticism about their negligence, quickly get into action and rectify the civic issues. In the past has highlighted various civic issues through our website, and there has been a tremendous effect with most of the problems being fixed in no time, from rectifying dilapidated roads, open drainage, non-friendly footpaths, dog menace, neglected garbage, illegal hoardings, potholes, dying trees etc.

Following the report by Team Mangalorean (Ref: Total Disaster & Total Waste of Peoples’ Money! Broken Tubular Traffic Cones a Hazard) on 28 July 2021, it is nice to note that Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar had directed the concerned authorities in the Traffic Police Department to remove the hazardous traffic tubular cones in front of Vas Bakery/near St Agnes College-Bendore in the City- and all these damaged and hazardous were completely removed on 1 August. A BIG thanks to the Police Commissioner, DCP Hariram Shankar, ACP (Traffic) Nataraj and others involved in rectifying this issue.


There is a saying, “Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.” – But this quote didn’t suit our Traffic Police Department and the authorities because they keep on committing the same mistakes again. The mistake they did again was by installing new reflective traffic cones, in spite of many of them being totally damaged by buses, when these cones were installed a couple of years ago. In a bid to reduce traffic congestion in the City through better traffic management, the traffic police in the City started installing orange-coloured tubular cones. These cones have been replaced/installed at various busy spots of traffic movement and bus stops in the City. But many of these cones mostly installed in the parking areas across the city were seen falling like ninepins.


Most of these tubular cones were laid at bus bays so that the buses will move in the lane discipline and will help to ease traffic congestion when buses stop to allow the passengers to board. The aim was also to help in checking the parking of vehicles haphazardly as per a traffic police inspector. But many of these reflective cones got flattened by these reckless bus drivers who run their vehicles over these cones deliberately, without any fear of the traffic cops.

So what’s the use in installing these cones when they don’t last for long when we have ruthless and reckless motorists in the City intentionally damaging or completely destroying them. The traffic police had installed these cones at several places in the city to deter bus drivers from going berserk in traffic and disobeying lane discipline. Rows of the red cones had been embedded on the road near bus stops to form bus bays. The buses will be expected to stay to the left of the cones as they make their stops. But none of the City bus drivers followed the rules. Each cone costs around Rs 1300-Rs 1400, including installing charges. But when we look at all these damaged cones, why even money was spent on such cones which don’t last long? The funny part is that, when they had installed these new cones, they didn’t even bother to remove the broken/flattened cones, instead they fixed the new cones next to the damaged ones. Quite ignorant and careless work-period!

Another safety hazard, especially for two-wheeler riders is that these flattened cones when run over by their bike/scooter result in accidents and injuries- and incidents of such have already taken place. Some of these broken cones are left behind with sharp bolts, which may puncture your vehicle’s tyres-but no one has taken any action. If a tyre is punctured, will the traffic police bear the expenses? I bet not! But anyway, before such a thing could happen, Team Mangalorean is glad that the police have removed the damaged traffic cones. Thanks Galore to the POLICE COMMISSIONER & TRAFFIC POLICE DEPARTMENT!


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