Website Impact! Ward Corporator Cleans Stretch of Street from Nandigudda-Marnamikatta

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Website Impact! Ward Corporator Cleans Stretch of Street from Nandigudda-Marnamikatta

  •  Website Impact! Ward Corporator Shailesh Shetty Cleans Stretch of Street from Nandigudda-Marnamikatta, after Team Mangalorean had published an article on 9 November Stretch of Street from Nandigudda-Marnamikatta Looks like Pacchanady Dumpyard? . Team Mangalorean also played an important role in arranging a Hitachi Earth-Mover which was sponsored by Ajith, the owner of Sri Ram Prasad Earth Movers, Attavar, Mangaluru, and supervised by Bharath and Earth-Mover driver-Kiran; and garbage pick-up truck supplied by Prakash Kurup, Senior Manager, Antony Waste Handling Cell Private Ltd. and their supervisor Manoj; and Mahadev-traffic cop of Kadri East Police Station for controlling the traffic during clean-Up; and Kevin D’souza, Joseph Theodore , Alwyn Theodore, and Rowan Stewart of ‘Bappal Friends’.

Mangaluru : Talk about the power of media, especially Electronic media where we highlight the civic issues and within a few hours or few days the concerned authorities who can’t bear the criticism about their negligence, quickly get into action and rectify the civic issues. In the past has highlighted various civic issues through our website, and there has been a tremendous effect with most of the problems being fixed in no time, from rectifying dilapidated roads, open drainage, non-friendly footpaths, dog menace etc etc

On 8 November Team Mangalorean had published an article (Ref:  Stretch of Street from Nandigudda-Marnamikatta Looks like Pacchanady Dumpyard?) for the kind consideration of Mangaluru City Corporation Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar, MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, and above all, the elected Corporator of this area/Ward, Shailesh Shetty, for neglecting and turning a blind eye for such a disgusting, filthy, stinky and ugliest situation that makes mockery of “Swachh Mangaluru”, and bringing a bad name for the so called ‘Smart City’? Team Mangalorean noe wants to extend heartfelt thanks to Corporator for taking quick action in arranging for the Clean-Up within 24-hours – and area now looks TIDY, until a few IGNORANT CITIZENS of Mangaluru dirty the place again?


Yes, Mangaluru is obsessed with cleanliness. But it wasn’t always so. Not too long back, you could dump your garbage almost anywhere in the city. But that was until the Ramakrishna Mission Math of Mangaluru stepped in to clean up. Six years ago, on 25 September 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the country to join hands for a ‘Clean India’. Among those who took the initiative seriously was this branch of the Ramakrishna Mission in Mangaluru which today has not only heralded a cleanliness ‘revolution’ but also altered the visual landscape of the city. After involving in Cleanliness Drive with a mission Swachh Bharath/Swacch Mangaluru’, for five years, the Math stopped their mission- and since then the City turned up dirty again. And this stretch of Nandigudda-Marnamikatta street was one among the filthy streets of Smart City.


This stretch of street from Nandigudda towards Marnamikatta or vice versa, was totally ridden with all kinds of waste, like- construction debris, kitchen waste, medicine waste, empty liquor bottles, rotten fruits and veggies, what not-you can notice all kinds of thrash lining the both sides of the street- and stray dogs were ripping open trash bags and feasting on the left over food waste. What a pathetic and sad situation was it to look at- and we call this a Education Hub, and a GROWING and SMART CITY? What a joke! This garbage lining up the said street has been there for months, and neither the corporator nor MCC officials had taken any action to rectify the problem, until Team Mangalorean highlighted the issue yesterday (9 November).

Adjacent to the stretch of this road is the Nandigudda Hindu Rudrabhoomi (Crematorium) , and people have dumped a large quantity of waste in the Crematorium property. Is this the respect they are paying for the deceased- too sad. Even dead animals, including rats and chicken and other meat waste is also dumped along the street , making the area much worse, with the foul smell-total unhygienic. Ignorant men also urinate on this stretch of the street-thanks to MCC for not providing toilets in the City?

Speaking to Team Mangalorean during today’s Cleanliness Drive area ward corporator Shailesh Shetty said, “Couple of weeks ago I had arranged a few people to clean the same area, and within few days people once again had dumped garbage and construction debris, which speaks of their ignorance and carelessness towards the Swacchatha of Mangaluru. Hoping at least now people will show some consideration and stop littering on this stretch of the street, so that we can maintain a clean and green Mangaluru. My sincere thanks to Team Mangalorean for helping me out in the Cleanliness Drive. Once again, my humble request to whosoever has been dumping waste here, and also to others, please don’t throw waste here anymore”.

Mrs Rakshitha Chettiar , the Health Inspector with MCC who was also present at the drive said, “I appreciate the initiative taken by the Corporator, and Team Mangalorean in rectifying the problem. We are trying all efforts to keep our city tidy, but a portion of the society still sticks to their old habits of littering garbage wherever they feel like, which needs to be stopped, and MCC officials are trying to catch those culprits who dirty the City, and impose fines on them severely. I have already put in a request with the MCC Commissioner for two CCTV cameras to be installed on the stretch of Nandigudda- Marnamikatta Street,and once we receive it, chances are we can prevent people from littering in this area. Thanks to the Corporator, Team Mangalorean, team of Bappal Friends and others for your kind efforts in keeping Mangaluru clean”.

So once again the efforts of Team Mangalorean has shown results, and we are happy at least for now,the stretch of this street looks tidy, hoping that people will stop littering the area. Let’s join hands to keep our City clean, just like two days ago, nearly 40 volunteers from Jeppu-Bappal joined in cleaning 1 Cross Bappal street, which is very near to the stretch of street from Nandigudda to Marnamikatta, ( Ref:  With Motto ‘CLEAN BAPPAL’ 40 members of ‘Bappal Friends’ Join Hands in Cleanliness Drive ) As we echo the guiding thought ‘Swachha Mangaluru Kanasu Alla, Neevu manassu madabekashte’ (Clean Mangaluru is Not a Dream, You just have to make up your mind).

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