‘Weekend Curfew is a JOKE & WON’T Serve Any PURPOSE Preventing Covid-19’?

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‘Weekend Curfew is a JOKE & WON’T Serve Any PURPOSE Preventing Covid-19’?

Mangaluru: Once again Mangaluru aka Kudla aka Kodiyal aka Mangalapuram, is seeing a TOTAL WEEKEND CURFEW starting today and Sunday, except essential services like medical shops, milk booths, newspaper stalls, are open, while other businesses are totally closed. Hospitals, medical stores, clinics, petrol bunks are exempted from the curfew. But ask any citizen, where nine out of ten will say “What’s the use of having weekend curfew with harsh restrictions and allow the rest of weekdays for people to take it easy, disobey Covid-19 guidelines and go by their will and wish?”. And that’s what has been happening and it’s true!

However, it looks like Weekend Curfew has received a very good positive response, unlike the earlier couple of total lockdowns that Mangaluru had seen. Wow, Mangaloreans are getting better at adhering to the orders and guidelines issued by the government and district administration. Even though the government and district administration had said that essential services like milk, medicine, fuel, and newspaper shops could be kept open, surprisingly other than just a few milk booths, medical shops, newspaper stalls, the rest of the shops were completely closed. Coming up with all these night curfew and weekend curfew, it’s really great that our netas and district authorities know the timings when coronavirus strikes and when it does not? What a JOKE?

And among many reasons that people have to say when they are stopped by the cops, is either they are taking food and medicine to patients in the hospitals/clinics, delivering medicines, going to a medical store, visiting a family member or relative in hospital. With such excuses given by all these people, Mangaluru should have at least 90% of sick people in hospitals or clinics?

The city streets wore a deserted look, with only a few two-wheelers and cars were seen moving around, and also a bevvy of morning walkers and joggers enjoying their exercise spree. And few prominent spots in the City like Nanthur, near Circuit House, Jyothi, Clock Tower, Kankanady Pumpwell, Bunts Hostel, among other places, cops were cracking down on motorists for violating the lockdown norms. Even though the motorists when caught were caught giving lame excuses, the cops didn’t heed to their silly reasons, instead seized their vehicles or gave stern warning or slapped fines. In the case of two-wheelers violating the rules, the cops seized their vehicles.

And for those who had scheduled weddings for today and on Sunday, they were permitted by the dist admin to carry on with their function, only at their homes with a restricted number of people. And for that matter, there were a couple of weddings that took place this morning, attended by only a few family members and guests. Otherwise, the money saved on having lavish wedding celebrations with a huge number of guests, now the newly wedded couple can use that money on a shopping spree or for their honeymoon expenses? No other functions/programmes are allowed- and the weddings have to follow the guidelines of government pertaining to covid-19, by wearing face masks and social distancing. Unfortunately, the happy photos taken today, with face masks on, for keepsake and for photo albums, will not be a good sign.

As per police commissioner N Shashi Kumar, “People are fully cooperating for the weekend curfew. There is a provision to buy milk and medicine. Whoever violates the guidelines or moves without any genuine reason, action will be taken against them and their vehicle will be seized. The police department has deployed a police force in the entire district to prevent people from unnecessarily coming out from their houses. Under the limits of the Mangaluru commissionerate, we have deployed 35 check posts to prevent people from roaming unnecessarily. Police officers are on rounds in their vehicles, nearly 5 to 6 cops are deployed at each check post. They will be working in two shifts. Police will book violators for violating mask rules and also cases under Epidemic Diseases Act will be booked.in the last one week. As many as 35 mobile squads and Covid marshals are also deployed”

But in the meantime, citizens say what was the need to have Weekend Curfew as a total curfew day, when relaxation of lockdown is permitted on other days of the week. Is it just a publicity stunt to show that the government and administration is working hard and doing one heckuva job in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Or is intelligence overloaded? But frankly speaking such curfews don’t not work here, as we have seen in the past. And with a bunch of police stationed at a few city busy spots, they will perform their duties by taking it easy as usual and that’s it. Can’t blame these cops, because they are fed up with the government and district admin coming up with their ideas every now and then of Curfew Nataka- and this weekend curfew is just one more example. What a joke!

Like I said it earlier, I still don’t understand the logic behind, by enforcing strict weekend curfew, does it mean that the deadly coronavirus is active and on the go only during the weekend- so that we all sit inside glued to our seats watching TV or sipping on our favourite cocktails and beer or just socializing with the family- and rest five days of the week, the Corona Virus will be taking it easy, inactive and weak, so that it won’t affect us. It is like making different holes in the door for different sized cats when they know all the cats can enter through the single hole… a void of logic. Nothing but a Total Joke, when it comes to this weekend curfew.


Is this weekend curfew Unscientific or Practical? With the district admin and government Imposing Night and weekend Curfews, but Do They Curb Covid-19 Spread? But do the night restrictions help arrest the coronavirus infection? Many feel night curfews are futile given the fact that crowded public places like markets, shops, malls etc. are already closed by 2 pm. Night curfew and weekend curfew leave alone the timing is fragmented, it’s a piecemeal approach, unscientific, and a band-aid on large gangrene lying elsewhere. These are a big no-no at present time. These curfews can be justified on some practical and some theoretical grounds. “Theoretically, the virus is less easily dispersed in the cooler night air and can hang closer to the ground in viral clouds. Low levels of ultraviolet light at night also increase virus survival outdoors,” says a physician, explaining the relationship between virus behaviour and the timing of the curfew.

In all cases, masks must be worn by everybody, without exception,” he concluded while laying emphasis on the essentiality and centrality of face masks in containing the infection. Physical distancing is an established non-pharmaceutical intervention to suppress the transmission of Covid. In this context, partial lockdowns such as night curfews or weekend lockdowns would not have much impact on transmission. I am unable to understand in what way the night or weekend curfew is going to stop the coronavirus spread. “We, as traders, are also concerned and want to cooperate with government but as far as night curfew clamping in concerned, we feel that it is not going to serve any purpose, rather it will have an adverse effect particularly on traders like restaurants, banquet halls, farm houses, shops” says Kamath,a trader in Bunder area

By the way, as a counterargument, the researchers should study how much percentage of corona spread might be avoided just during the weekend curfew. Anyways, it seems like today and Sunday will be a holiday for us and a working day for COVID-19. Oh well- the much-talked-about Weekend Curfew is here, and if you all are feeling bored, start chanting “Go Corona, Go Corona! or Taali Bajavo and Corona Baghavo! Let’s wait and see if the Corona cases have gone down a lot from Weekend Curfew? Nothing more I can say, but to wish you all a HAPPY WEEKEND CURFEW!

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  1. In one way the curfew is helping Mangloreans save the environment by not using their cars to pollute the air.

  2. Honestly night curfew reduces crime rate.
    Weekend curfew is very helpful. Peaceful weekends like Mangaluru was in 1960s.
    This should be followed throught in future.
    Monday to Friday people can work. Saturday, Sunday rest regenuvate your energy.

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