WeRC Celebrates Joseph Pereira’s Victory in DC and Qualification for RAAM

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WeRC Celebrates Joseph Pereira’s Victory in DC and Qualification for RAAM

Mangaluru: We R Cycling Club organized the victory celebration of Joseph Pereira in the Deccan Cliffhanger Race and for being qualified for RAAM (Race Across America) at the Community Hall Bendur here, on December 13.

Vice President of WeRC Shyamprasad welcomed the gathering. The celebration cake was cut by Joseph Pereira on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar IPS said, “Today WeRC club is celebrating the victory of Joseph Pereira in Deccan Cliffhanger and qualifying for RAMM. It is a great moment for me to witness this programme. If we talk about the achievements of Joseph, he has pedalled more than 50,000 km in three years and in 2021 he has pedalled over 25,000 Km, he has completed 100 rides of 100 km in 105 days and 646 km in 33.45 hrs during DC. It is not easy to complete 646 km in 33 hours without sleep. But he has achieved it at the age of 62”.

Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar further said, “Today Violet said, my husband has completed 62 years yesterday but in any angle, he doesn’t look 62. There is no shortcut for success except hard work. It is good to see a wife celebrating the success of her husband and the husband supporting his wife in her profession. It is rare to find a couple like this. We are very proud that a Mangalorean has qualified for Race Across America. We are very happy that a Mangalorean will represent India in America. I am very happy to be a part of this celebration. I wish Joseph Pereira all the very best and success”.

Shashi Kumar also said, “During COVID only on rare occasions I used to see Violet during press meets and thought that she was from some national media attending only important meetings but she was hardly seen even for important press meets. I have heard many things about Violet from her colleagues that she is the only lady to reach the spot first if there are any incidents, anytime be it in the city or outside. Normally police and media don’t praise their colleagues but I learnt about Violet’s commitment to her profession and hard work from her colleagues”.

Crew Chief of Deccan Cliffhanger, Ashok Lobo briefed about the race with a Powerpoint presentation explaining the preparation for the race and the experience of DC.

Mayor Premanand Shetty felicitated Ashok Lobo, Brijesh, Nitin, Shivanand, Coach Gracian Govias, Sarvesh Samaga, Mubeen and Joseph Pereira on the occasion.

Addressing the gathering Mayor Premanand Shetty said, “We are very happy that Joseph has reached such a level in Cycling. I would like to congratulate Joseph on his achievement. I have seen how he pedalled during the Deccan Cliffhanger today. Joseph has already qualified for the Race Across America. When I spoke to him about RAAM, he said that the race is very tough and will cost a lot to participate in it. I request the good-hearted people to come forward to support Joseph to participate in the RAAM. He is eligible to get financial support from the government. Let Joseph be an inspiration to the younger generation. I wish Joseph all the very best”.

President of WeRC Sarvesh Samaga delivered the presidential address. Joseph Pereira thanked the DC Crew members, sponsors Ronald Colaco (NRI Entrepreneur Bengaluru), Vincent Fernandes Dubai, Vincent Cutinha (Chairman Ideal Chicken), Walter D’Souza & Brothers, Louis Lobo (Entrepreneur  Mangaluru) and Roy Castelino (Chairman, Roy Constructions) for their financial support for the DC.

Wilita Lobo and Harnish compered the programme. DJ Kiran Mangaluru mesmerised the gathering with his foot-tapping numbers.

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