What businesses have benefited most from mobile apps

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What businesses have benefited most from mobile apps

Before the development of smartphones, all of our business and hobbies online were dictated by entering websites through search engines and URLs.

But since then, apps have streamlined the process, allowing us to see what we want with just a touch of our fingertips. Here are the top businesses that have benefited more than any other from the development of smartphone technology.


Apps have been a godsend for retail executives. The fear of an advert being forgotten about during the time it takes to access a store or website has been eradicated with the development of smartphones. Now that our devices are in our hands almost constantly, we can access our favourite shopping sites with the tap of a button.

NJ21FKH AMAZON” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by eastleighbusman

Few businesses have benefitted from this more than Amazon, who have built an empire on accessibility and speed through their app and delivery service, taking items you see on your device to your door within a matter of hours. It doesn’t matter whether it’s clothing, beauty, electronics, or even groceries, app technology has changed the shopping industry forever and, in our view, for the better.

You’re never too far away from your nearest Amazon depot or driver, which can allow you to receive goods within 24 hours. It has changed the market dynamic forcing other companies to provide the same level of access to goods online with the same speed of transit.

As we spend more time on our devices than ever before it’s a good time to be in the retail business, even though it may affect our spending in physical shops. 


The gaming industry has also benefitted hugely from app technology. Instead of having to use console or desktop devices, many of the top games have been adapted for mobile. It’s so useful to have the best titles available at just the touch of a button and on one device. Console developers have been hard at work adjusting their games for mobile devices, ensuring that the look and feel of top titles such as FIFA and Call of Duty can be accessed on mobile devices.

The iGaming industry too has enjoyed a huge boost in audiences giving users the chance to play and win top casino games online such as slots and roulette without having to leave your chair. The best bingo apps offer numerous themes of games, providing the experience of a Las Vegas casino or using our favourite TV shows games. If you’re watching your favourite TV show and want to combine it with a game, there’s an app ready to provide the service.


Streaming has transformed the media landscape with a plethora of operators providing new content on a daily basis. As Amazon changed the way we shop, Netflix has changed the way we consume our shows and films, with a vast array of titles available through a subscription on our televisions.

Netflix” (CC BY 2.0) by stockcatalog

Now we don’t even need to leave the house to watch the latest releases from the cinema or wait a week for a new episode of our most loved shows. The success of Netflix has brought about a revolution as Amazon, Disney, HBO, and Paramount have joined and have flooded the market with top-tier content.

They’re all there in bulk and in demand at a click of a button, but the best part of it is we can now take them anywhere. If you’re going on holiday you can download them straight to your device and not have to worry about the WiFi. It’s perfect for the entire family to even watch different shows at the same time. Streaming apps have changed the dynamic of the usual viewing routine forever.

Although there have been a few issues regarding finance recently, all of the major streaming companies are recording multi-billion dollar turnovers. It is allowing these companies to push to new frontiers to make vastly expensive TV shows such as Amazon’s Rings of Power, which reportedly cost $465 million for the first season alone. Without the competition and ease of access, it’s doubtful that these companies would be pressed into spending so much to gain audiences. So, streaming apps have worked out well for both consumers and the operators themselves. 

Looking Ahead

The future of these businesses is very exciting for sales teams and app developers. Shopping promises to be even more direct with the use of drones being able to make deliveries without entering a delivery truck.

Amazon has launched their own in-person shopping service that uses details from the touch of your phone and its other sophisticated systems to allow you to walk out as soon as you take the items off the shelf. We’re excited to see the next development in online shopping, while gaming and streaming continue to go from strength to strength.

Netflix broke down the barriers and now the floodgates have opened there is a plethora of content. It will be interesting to see how this can be refined to new markets and new technologies, including smart glasses and smartwatches. The sky is the limit.

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