What is new science?

“There is no adequate defense, except stupidity, against the impact of a new idea.” — Percy Williams Bridgman (1882-1961) U. S. physicist, Nobel Prize, 1946.

Science is what the scientists do! That is the reality. Truth, though, is that science is trying to understand this universe. When scientists try to teach nature a lesson or two, mankind gets into trouble. The new science has uprooted some of the well entrenched laws of science for the first time in this century taking science closer to truth, in essence. Here is a sample of what some of the great minds in science had to say about the new science during a recent seminar at San Diego where I was also one of the speakers. “Science is changing in every way and the new science is making our future safer if only we could learn from it. The myths of thermodynamics have been uprooted completely,” wrote Late Prof. Rustum Roy, one of the greatest scientific minds of the century.

Patrick Flanagan feels that “the new science is the same old science but, we now have a better understanding of it: the cobwebs of old science are slowly but surely clearing, taking us closer to reality.” Marilyn Schlitz rightly feels that the new science “teaches us how to live and let others live as well as we are all interconnected through consciousness.” Fred Alan Wolf, a big name in the field of science education made easy through animation, says that “the new science teaches us that there are far more choices in science than what we were taught. The rigid walls around scientific laws are crumbling, but very slowly.” Hans Peter Duerr, Emeritus President of the Max Planck Institute in Munich, the grand old man of nuclear science, has shown that energy and matter are but the two faces of the same coin; so are mind and body. He feels that “there is no future and future can never be predicted, but the future has to be built by all of us. If we have the right attitude to life future becomes safer with our collective positive thoughts.” Duerr calls his new theory as a-duality although he himself admits that this word is much inferior to advaita of Indian philosophy. The message he wants to give to the world is that the new science should make us humbler and more tranquil.

Larry Dossey, an American physician-philosopher, feels that “human consciousness is not a vague philosophical concept but a scientific reality. One could stay healthy with a positive mental outlook; in the unlikely event of illness one could get relief much faster using the power of the mind or consciousness.” David Simon shows how the new science unravels the secret of our close interconnectedness. Claude Swanson has done extensive work in the filed of positive thinking and its effect on human well being. He feels that the human mind is the most powerful tool in healing and rightly so. Swanson?s idea has been reinforced by an elegant study done at four leading universities in Oxford, Cambridge, Munich, and Hamburg, led by Professor Bigel of Oxford (Science Translational Medicine March 2011) which showed that NONE of the powerful drugs had any effect on the patient when they were not coupled with the faith in the doctor, the Placebo effect. Human mind could alter the pharmacodynamics of any drug. Even an inert sugar pill could have the most powerful effect if the mind is pleased. The added advantage was that the sugar pill did not have any side effects. Dr. Erwin Laszlo feels that human beings are “closely interconnected and the power of love could be a great healer and comforter.”

Physics changed for the better even as far back as 1925 when Werner Heisenberg, still a student at the Zurich Polytechnic at that time, with Albert Einstein himself being his teacher, proclaimed to the world the greatest truth that uncertainty is the only certainty in this world. He showed that pq  is not the same as qp using his “Gadenken” experiments. A scientist can never visualize an electron! If he finds out its position he will not know its momentum and vice versa. This changed physics totally for good. This was further reinforced by his one time colleague, who succeeded Heisenberg as the Director of Max Planck, Hans Peter Duerr, showing that E=M. Conventional physics died a natural death when matter was shown to have no independent existence; the solid state physics being the study of matter. When there is no matter how could one study matter?

This brings us to the crux of the problem referred to in the first paragraph. Now scientists are bending over backwards to prove both Heisenberg and Duerr wrong as technology based on scientific principles has become the greatest money spinner in the world. “New ‘Double Slit’ Experiment Skirts Uncertainty Principle” avers Edwin Cartlidge of Nature magazine referring to an article in Nature of June 3rd 2011, wherein he says that “An international group of physicists has found a way of measuring both the position and the momentum of photons passing through the double-slit experiment, upending the idea that it is impossible to measure both properties in the lab at the same time.” Half truths and falsehoods like this could drag millions by the nose while truth, being bitter, could influence only half a score of men in a century felt Aristotle.

When one goes deep into that study and reads in between lines, the conclusion one could draw is also embedded in Edwin?s article somewhere: “What quantum physicist Aephraim Steinberg of the University of Toronto in Canada and his colleagues have now shown, however, is that it is possible to precisely measure photons’ position and obtain approximate information about their momentum,” in an approach known as ‘weak measurement.? Scientific arguments bend both ways. “Science is measurement and measurement is science “is what Mary Curie proclaimed years ago. How could approximate informations be taken as accepted measures?  Truth remains that uncertainty is the only certainty in this world!

Medical science is the worst culprit. We do not have even a semblance of hard science in medicine. It is a purely statistical science. On top of it, most of our studies are unreliable. One of the few researchers that exposed the medical world is Dr. John Ioannidis, a Greek doctor at Stanford University. “To prove his point, Ioannidis published two highly influential papers in 2005. In the first, he used a mathematical proof to show that with only small levels of researcher bias, less than ideal research methods, and a tendency to focus on exciting rather than likely theories, as many as 80 percent of non-randomized studies, 25 percent of randomized studies will be wrong. And indeed, these figures match the rates at which studies are later disproven. In his second paper, Ioannidis showed that of the 49 most influential studies of the last 30 years that were later retested, 41 percent were eventually proven wrong.”

Medicine is using the age old reductionist science of inanimate objects like physics and chemistry to study an animate, dynamic, conscious human being-a square plug in a round hole! Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Laureate, in his celebrated book Man the Unknown, had made a significant statement that “we do not have a science of man.” We need a new science of medicine which must be holistic, dynamic, and non-linear, taking human consciousness into consideration. That is exactly what our group has been working at for the last fifteen years at the World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences. ()

“Science is piecemeal revelation.”  — Oliver Wendell Holmes 1 (1809-94) U. S. poet, essayist, and physician.

Author: Dr. B. M. Hegde- India